Why You Should Hire UX Designers for Your Startup?

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Business executives now understand the importance of UX design for the success of their organizations, leading to a surge in demand for UX design services. Undoubtedly, they know the loss that will result if a positive user experience is not present. Increasingly, UX designers have become as vital to an organization as software developers and perhaps even more significant in some cases.

A UX designer can assist you in identifying your customers and understanding their problems and needs so that you can propose more effective solutions to those problems. Ultimately, this leads to greater customer satisfaction and greater customer loyalty, all of which are crucial to your business’s success. Hence, most startups aim to hire UX designers in their team who have the same mindset and passion for work.

Who is a UX Designer?

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In simple terms, a UX designer’s primary responsibility is to create a product that provides the best possible user experience. In addition to making the products and services as usable and enjoyable as possible, the UX designer strives to humanize technology as well.

 As a UX designer, you also serve as the voice of the user, linking the user’s needs with all those involved in the project (such as the development team and business stakeholders), while ensuring that all business requirements are also met. Despite all the rapid advances in technology, the UX designer acts as a negotiator and also reminds workers that these products are designed to serve the needs of people, so the human factor is essential. Therefore, more reasons to hire UX designers for your upcoming startup or project.

What Does A UX Designer Actually Do?

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There is no single or direct answer to this question. There are a number of different roles that UX designers take on, not only depending on the company, but also from project to project.

Yet, there are certain roles that a UX designer is expected to fulfill. Some of the core responsibilities include user research, identification of user personas, defining the information architecture, developing flow diagrams and wireframes, and creating prototypes.

Users are the primary focus of the User Experience discipline. In other words, the needs of the user are always at the center of the design process. Hence, a UX designer’s primary responsibility is to focus on user journey, usability, and functionality.

What Do You Need To Know Before Hiring A UX Designer?

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In reality, there is never a scenario in which a UX designer is not required. During the interview process, you make the first contact with the candidate. It would be a mistake to assume that the candidate is the only one who needs to prepare. Listed below are a few topics to consider in order to increase your chances of success during an interview:

  • Product Information

Let’s begin with the basics. It is never sufficient to give a brief description of the project, but the following key points should be mentioned: 

  1. What your product is about;
  2. What problems it addresses;
  3. Who your target audience is;
  4. What your business objectives are;
  5. What stage your product is at;

Why is this relevant? Designers place great emphasis on these details. As an example, if the ultimate goal of the product was to maintain user engagement, the UX designer should devote all of his or her efforts to researching how to improve engagement rates.

  • Design Requirements

Once the core has been shared, you can concentrate on the design. When you are launching a startup without products, describe how you envision the product’s features, who inspires you, and what your no-no criteria are. It may be necessary to share what does not work for users if the product is already available. Changes that need to be made, the things you have tried but failed at. Lay everything out on the table.

  • Scope Of Work

One of the questions that designers are interested in is “What will my responsibilities be?” Presenting an accurate description of the project scope is one of the most helpful things you can do when recruiting. It not only reduces uncertainties, but also allows for more creativity once the scope has been defined.

  • Cooperation Model

A UX designer does not necessarily have to sit next to you in the office when you hire them. Outsourcing is also a viable option, especially for startups. Most importantly, outsourcing saves on costs and takes the hassle out of recruiting. There is only one thing left: a cooperative model. It is possible to outsource the design team, hire a separate specialist, or connect with a freelancer. 

How UX Designers Can Help You With Your Startup?

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The following reasons to Hire UX Designers to help you with your startup are mentioned below:

  • Analyze The Need For Your Product

Recent data suggest that 90% of brand-new startups failed in 2020, and only 1% become successful. The primary reason for startup failures is the “lack of a market need”, but there are several other factors involved as well. Many of these startups provided a service or product that had little or no market need. Therefore, there is a lack of research into the actual problems that customers face, and there is a need for a proper solution to resolve those problems.

In the process of UX design, it is crucial to understand the problem and the users. Furthermore, UX designers conduct user research, meet with potential users, observe them and observe how they respond to issues in the real world. By running through competitive analysis, a UX designer can discover the needs of users and the methods that are already in place to address these needs. After completing this analysis, the team can determine the specific goal and problem they need to resolve in order to assist the customers in the market.

Rather than just creating products that people want, create products they need. Focus on solving problems instead of chasing ideas.

  • Product Design (Research, Design, User Testing)

It is the UX designer’s job to provide guidance on the proper UX design process for the product that you plan to launch. An idea is developed, user research is conducted, personas are defined, sketches and wireframes are created, and prototypes are built. The developer conducts user testing to identify opportunities for improvement during the development phase.

It is essential to incorporate user input at every stage of this user-centered design process. By involving the users in the process from the outset, it enables you to recognize the real pain points and address them as early as possible.

  • Brand Design

Branding plays an influential role in business. In fact, it can have a profound effect on your business. In fact, brand identity will assist your customers in recognizing you in this crowded digital world. As a result, you will successfully build trust with your esteemed clients. An impressive brand design is built by working with a UX designer who can be involved with the entire brand design process, including choosing the logo, colors, guidelines, icons, and typography, as well as your seating area and office environment. Therefore, by establishing a brand, you can present yourself consistently across all online platforms.

UX designers will understand your organization and the needs of your customers. As a result of their knowledge and understanding, they assist you in the creation of an effective branding strategy for your organization.

  • Effective Online Presence

Having a robust online presence is crucial to the growth and success of a startup. A website enables you to promote your business and services to the public. By maintaining an online presence, you can access a more extensive audience all the time, anywhere in the world.

After you Hire UX Designers on your team, they will enable you to develop a user-friendly website for the promotion of your company. A well-crafted website with clearly written content will entice customers to make a decision regarding the offers you provide. In order to achieve a robust online presence, you should utilize all the available channels on social media and present yourself.

In addition, UX designers provide content appropriate for social media platforms and ensure that they are posted regularly on different channels. Hence, getting to know your potential customers and their choices will enable you to better communicate with them.

3 Tips To Hire Good UX Designers

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  • Focus On The Experience Not The Portfolio

An experienced UX designer is essential to creating a world-class product. A candidate must devote as many hours as possible to researching, interviewing, testing, and surveying. A portfolio offers insight into the projects that a designer worked on, as well as their design taste, but it is ineffective for determining a designer’s proficiency in user experience design. Therefore, you should focus on the experience, not on the portfolio, regardless of how impressive it is.

  • Check The Candidates’ Mindset

Clearly, this one is at the top of the list. Why? Due to the misalignment of the vision in many previous projects. Meanwhile, a dozen other companies have flourished since they shared similar goals. 

However, how can I determine the mindset? You may wonder. As difficult as it is, the following considerations should be taken into account: 

  1. If you are inquired about the objectives and success criteria of your project;
  2. If you are asked to suggest solutions rather than simply point out the problems;
  3. Find out about the candidate’s professional background;

When clients are asked about a product’s goals and vision, existing design issues, and how they have attempted to resolve them, they are amazed. Most clients have shared that they were impressed by the approach, curiosity, and dedication that were used to arrive at an agreement. Take note of the mindset and make sure that it corresponds with your own. 

  • Ask About Your Product

Lastly, you should ask how a person perceives your product. Those designers who demonstrate a vision of your product, propose ideas, and suggest possible solutions are those you should pay attention to. Often, people are good at describing their previous experiences, but suggesting improvements for a product to come is more valuable. Therefore, challenge candidates and ask about the product they envision.

Do You need to Hire UX Designers for Your business?

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Designing UX effectively requires not only being adaptive, but being a strategic thinker as well as getting into details. While keeping things as simple as possible. Certainly, such a person is difficult to find, although it is definitely possible to Hire UX Designers who meet your requirements and business objectives. 

Consider the experience level of each candidate, the mindset they possess, and the solutions they propose. Besides, it is great to have talent, but you really need someone with whom you can work with. Moreover, remember that it is not just you who is making the decision, so prepare well and do your homework.

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