10 Benefits of Using iBeacon For iPhone App Developers [Updated]

10 benefits of using ibeacon for iphone app developers itechnolabs

Technology is evolving quickly, and the app development segment is not far from leveraging the same. Developers are no longer confined to using their beacons in a specific location or within their apps, thanks to the introduction of iBeacons. iBeacon is a beneficial new technology. iBeacons provide a plethora of incredible advantages.

By enabling users to be more accurate in location-based services, increasing efficiency, and lowering costs, it is easier to identify someone who requires assistance. They are also convenient because the individual seeking assistance does not have to keep in touch with an operator from one location or another. This is the reason several iPhone App Developers are leveraging iBeacon within their development process. Still wondering why? Take a closer look at the impeccable benefits offered by iBeacon For iPhone App Developers.

iBeacon: A Must Known Thing For iPhone App Developers

ibeacon a must known thing for iphone app developers itechnolabs

Before we dive into the benefits of iBeacon, let’s know what exactly it is. Well, iBeacons are small devices that use Bluetooth technology to deliver signals to mobile devices and are also known as location beacons or indoor positioning systems. These signals will inform your phone of the distance and relative direction of the iBeacon. The technique is just one of several that are used to detect the proximity of Bluetooth-enabled devices to one another.

And while iBeacon Australia isn’t limited to iPhones, Android phones with Bluetooth integrated into it may also use this technology.

To begin, iBeacons are little devices that broadcast Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals. These signals can be received by intelligent devices such as the iPhone 11, iPads with iOS 14 or above, and the latest Android phones with Android 10 or higher, which means iBeacons may trigger events in mobile apps if you know how to deal with them.

These events might be anything from displaying discounts to opening other applications on your phone. Still, it all depends on your creativity and imagination and how you incorporate them into your app.

Benefits of iBeacon Driven By iPhone App Developers 

ingenious benefits of ibeacon driven by iphone app developers itechnolabs

Some of these applications are excellent for capturing people’s attention or generating a captivating interaction in your app. Still, others are more inventive methods to use iBeacons to help you solve problems. Now that you are aware of what an iBeacon is, the next point of focus is how iBeacon is transforming app development. Here are some creative ways to use iBeacon technology benefiting iPhone app development:

1. Aid in Developing Notifications

You might deploy iBeacon at tables where customers place orders if you own a fast-food business. The gadget would then alert your mobile app when someone is seated someplace with an order ready. For example, instead of sending push notifications to all tables (which would increase expenses), this beacon could broadcast its unique ID (UID) to your mobile app through the BLE signal.

This would notify the app that someone is sitting at that specific table, allowing you to send push alerts to your clients based on their orders. Another use for this is in the service industry, where you can utilize iBeacons to notify clients when their vehicles are ready.

2. Location Tracking Apps Using Beacons

As iBeacon sends Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals without requiring them to be close to each other or within range of a Wi-Fi or cellular network. The signs can travel through walls and even follow persons who are totally inside a building since they can broadcast at a distance of close to 100 feet.

For example, a beacon in a specific position – in front of your store or office window – may tell the app when someone passes by or walks by. Recognizing when someone enters and exits an area makes it considerably easier to follow consumers in a store. This is also why iBeacons are being deployed in malls and retailers that wish to know if customers have visited their establishments.

3. Informing Visitors of Events

iBeacons might potentially be used to send out timely alerts about events that take place in a particular location. As an example, imagine you have a restaurant app. You may install a beacon developed by app developers at the entrance to your restaurant that sends out a signal when there are open bookings.

Your software would then send out push notifications to let users know about their availability after receiving the signal, which may be in the form of an iBeacon. Another example of how cash registers may aid company operations is when you own a restaurant. Instead of having personnel stationed at each record, you might utilize iBeacons to identify if someone is waiting to assist clients with their purchases.

4. Notifications of Shipment

iBeacons can identify if a package has been transported from the company’s warehouse in the same manner, they may be used in malls and stores to discover which consumers visited a store or specific locations. This is why the logistics and shipment industry is looking to develop it. 

In this case, a beacon is put at a specific site where a consumer drops off their merchandise for distribution to another area where they have expressed interest. When the box is sent, the beacon will notify your app that your delivery is finally on its way.

5. Creating A Navigation App

Another benefit of iBeacon For iPhone App Developers is they may also be utilized in navigation apps, allowing users to navigate through a store or mall without getting lost simply. Once you’ve decided on the values you want to enter, the app will recommend things based on your preferences. The app may also be used as a retail guide and for other pertinent information.

You could also utilize this app to assist users in finding certain things in the shop. For instance, if you want to assist customers in finding jeans that are simple to move in, you might inform them that specific pants are great for cruising around.

6. Betting Apps for Restaurants/Bars

If you own a restaurant or bar, you can develop apps using iBeacon. This app lets restaurant owners inform customers when it’s time to pay their bills. Another clever use of beacons in this example is to set up betting games in your establishment where customers wait until it’s their turn to pay, and the winners get complimentary beverages for their wait.

This would encourage kids to remain and play with one another, making it more participatory rather than standing in line and allowing everyone to become bored and go without paying (which happens a lot).

7. Developing Location-Based Games

iBeacons may be used to facilitate location-based games. This is especially beneficial for children since it encourages them to go outside and have adventures or play in the neighborhood.

They would be able to play games using iBeacon to uncover hidden treasure chests or eggs in their favorite areas throughout the neighborhood. They may even use their iPhones as playing cards, allowing them to compete against other players utilizing iBeacons worldwide.

8. Creating Location-Based Art

Another excellent iBeacon app example is leveraging beacons to create artwork for individuals. Your app might notify others of your location so they can provide creative feedback through a photo or video of what your artwork would look like.

This would enable artists to create interactive artwork that individuals might receive and enjoy at home. The iBeacon technology has a lot of promise and can be beneficial in various ways, which will provide you with more information on how they function and what they can achieve.

9. Locating Local Savings

The iBeacon-infused app might also be utilized to assist shoppers in finding local offers that are available in retailers. Based on what they do and where they travel, they would receive relevant offers such as discounts.

It is tough to get this helpful information, but with iBeacon Australia, you can ensure that you deliver the correct offers to the proper areas. Customers will be more willing to visit your shop or locations if they know they will receive a good bargain on the things they require.

10. Apps for Interactive Portable Art Galleries

An interactive art exhibition application may likewise be created using iBeacon technology. Suppose you have artworks available for rent or purchase. In that case, the application will notify you if any are currently available and where they are situated so you may go and acquire them.

This is an excellent approach to increase interest in the work you offer for sale. This provides another degree of engagement, making it more appealing for consumers to buy or rent your artwork.

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Are You Looking for iPhone App Developers for iBeacon integration?

are you looking for iphone app developers for ibeacon integration itechnolabs

Overall, the future of iBeacon technology appears to be quite bright. It is still a developing technology, but when you consider how valuable it is and how many ways it may aid people in their everyday lives, you can understand how useful it is. Consider how many areas beacons may be beneficial and how they will likely become the usual means of interfacing with computers shortly. So, consider the above post to know benefits of iBeacon For iPhone App Developers if you appreciate having exciting technology that will improve your development processing and your clients’ experiences with your service, iTechnolabs can help you. We are amongst the top iBeacon app development company offering robust development solutions for businesses of all sizes. 

Frequently Asked Questions iBeacon For iPhone App Developers

  1. What are the various iBeacon app development services?

The diverse services for iBeacon app development are stated below –

  • Diligent iBeacon consultancy based on exceptional market knowledge
  • Stunning UI/UX designing based on extensive branding research
  • Agile development in alignment with your business requirements
  • Precise location-based iBeacon development solutions
  • Efficient deployment of iBeacon services across app platforms

You can outsource iBeacon app development services to iTechnolabs at a price that meets your budgetary expectations. 

2. What are the top iBeacon app development companies?

You can hire iBeacon developers from the leading companies mentioned below –

  • iTechnolabs
  • Orange Mantra
  • Spec India
  • Multidots
  • Seamgen
  • Mindinventory
  • Hyperlink Infosystem
  • ClearBridge
  • iMOBDEV Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 
  • Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd.
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