10 Popular Mobile App Payment Gateways – A Complete Guide

10 most popular mobile app payment gateways itechnolabs

Imagine a world without credit cards in this digital era is nearly impossible. With the onset of using digital money and payment methods, we now spend more money than plastic money. Along with credit cards, mobile payments via many money payment apps have already monopolized the payment market. If you are not much aware of the mobile app payment gateways and want to know what it is and what are the most popular mobile app gateways available in the market, then this article is a complete guide. 

Before diving directly into the topic, it becomes essential to clear the basics and move ahead. Let’s first understand what a payment gateway means. 

What is a Payment Gateway 

Payment gateways are the only ways considered when any consumer purchases mobile applications. Simply put, it is a mediator between the customer and the payment processor. A meditator is required due to security reasons. Hence, mobile app payment gateways ensure that secure transactions of the data(Eg: PIN) are taking place via encryptions. 

10 Most Popular mobile app Payment Gateways

Here below are some of the world’s leading payment gateways that would demand your attention:

1. PayPal

The world’s most well-known mobile app payment gateways PayPal, processes about 8 million transactions daily. PayPal offers a variety of alternatives for both individual and business customers to ensure efficient money transfers and generate cash from purchases.


Service: Serving over 190 countries, 26 currencies, and five distinct card kinds are supported.

Depending on the account type, versatility includes the ability to process mobile payments, set up recurring billing, and set a high transaction limit of $10,000.

Customizable nature – Different account kinds come with various capabilities for various needs, such as receiving checks via a smartphone camera.


PaPal generally charges 2.9%+$0.30 per transaction

2. Braintree

Many reputable mobile enterprises worldwide use Braintree, a well-liked full-stack mobile app payment gateways solution. Offering straightforward solutions and a complete mobile payment solution



Software development kits (SDKs) from Braintree are simple to use, implement, and get up and running with. Generally speaking, your developer will charge you less to integrate an SDK, the easier it is to use. As your business expands, they offer support for Microsoft Windows Phone, Apple iOS, and Google Android.

Recurring Billing – Braintree offers specialized capabilities, such as the opportunity to get push notifications and create discounts and promotions to help with recurring or subscription-based billing.

Security – Free of charge and with every account, Braintree offers top-notch fraud protection services.

Large-Scale Payments: Dwolla provides a comprehensive range of payment alternatives, such as the capacity to pay thousands of people simultaneously (for example).

Partners receive devoted both integration and post-integration support.

Pricing:  Braintree charges start from 2.9%+$0.30 per transaction (following the first $50,000) also, it charges $15 as a chargeback fee.

3. Dwolla

Dwolla another great mobile app payment gateways, holds the following features for the market:


Large-Scale Payments: Dwolla provides a complete range of various payment options that include the capacity to invoice to a limit of 2,000 people or others. (For e.g.: [Payroll of a company). It provides buttons, plugins for shopping carts, recurring payments, and customized forms.

Support: Partners receive focused pre- and post-integration assistance.

Pricing: The transaction fees charged by Dwolla are not fixed; instead, they are quote-based.

4. Zooz

Zooz is another very exciting platform for mobile app payment gateways. With an already established name in the market, the features of this payment gateway are much simpler and more interactive.  

Time Saver – is an excellent time-saver because it integrates quickly into a mobile app. Customers will find the in-app payment method straightforward, and returning users can keep their card information.

 Customizable – Zooz payment screens can have customized designs and are highly optimized, allowing businesses to add their own identity to check out sites.


Zooz services are continuously evolving based on data produced by consumer insights.


Zooz charges fees or the prices vary as per its customer needs. It depends on the types of goods being sold, the currency used, etc. 

5. EziDebit

EziDebit is also a reputed mobile app payment gateways that suits any business size. It offers a variety of services to various kinds of businesses. Some of the important features are described as under:


Scalable – Its scalable service architecture makes it an excellent payment handler for small firms and expansive platforms. Direct debit payments are accepted, and payments are handled immediately for maximum transparency.

Ecommerce compatibility -Ezidebit is tailored specifically for e-commerce companies and may be used independently and in conjunction with several well-known commercial software programs.

Secure Integration- Users have a lot of freedom thanks to secure integration, 

Transaction fee:

The transaction fee of the pricing for Ezidebit varies from user to user as per the services opted for by the user. 

6. Shopify

This payment gateway needs no introduction. It’s one of the world’s famous payment gateway being used and trusted by users. 


Look and Feel:

The user experience while using Shopify is incredible. The look and feel of the gateway are being provided via different themes to help users get a customized experience. 

Features: API-based fast meshing includes shopping portals along with great partnership programs.

An amazing aspect of Shopify is a fully managed storefront with product-order management, administration of categories, profiles of customers, and some additional features. It is simple with a secure shopping cart, payment method, and shipment administration.

7. JudoPay

JudoPay is also a prominent mobile app payment gateways used by users worldwide. 

Some of the features are highlighted as under:


Seamless Integration: JudoPay provides APIs and focused support to make it incredibly simple to integrate various mobile payment channels with apps quickly. To make customers feel comfortable with the payment procedure in the app environment, the user experience can also be customized. APIs support the platforms iOS and Android

Mobile Payments: One-touch mobile payments are possible, and returning customers can choose to save their card information securely. 

Top-notch Support: JudoPay is known to provide great support services during the integration process at every stage that includes online, via emails, and over the phone.

8. Stripe

A recently landed mobile app payment gateways in Australia, it was designed to help developers to play around with the APIs of the company just to create the products best suited for the customers. Read under some of the highlighted features:

Seamless Support:

In addition to having open email support channels, Stripe now maintains an IRC channel where developers may speak and receive real-time assistance from engineers.

Data Profitability:

Just like PayPal, it allows users to migrate their credit card data to the new payment gateway. 

Technology diversification:

It can also be used under bitcoins payments for more than 130 countries.

Transaction fee:

The fees or charges are from 2.9%+$0.30 per transaction (following $1 million) with $15 as chargeable fees. 

9. Authorize.net

It’s another one of the most reliable payment gateways used by its users. While using this gateway, you will have a separate merchant account. Some of the highlighted features are as under:



Authorize.net provides the gateway software for both the websites and the apps.


What is more demanded from payment gateway software that provides built-in fraud detection, information management, and recurring built technologies? 

Transaction fees:

The user can have a monthly gateway fee of $25. Without a merchant account, you must give $49 for the registration.

10. PayU

One of the most straightforward payment options created to fill the holes left by more complicated service providers is PayU, the creation of an Indian payment processing company. The features are as under:

Top- expert community:

PayU accounts for some of the best conversion rates (12%), with over 45 payment methods (It includes net-Banking, Wallets, Amex, Rupay, and International Cards). The PayuBiz’ APIs & SDKs which connect this platform to any website, application, or any-related third-party system, These are some of the reasons why the expert community loves PayU.

One-Tap Payments:

PayU recently achieved a significant technological advancement by enabling second-time customers to forego entering their CVV again, becoming one of the few providers of this kind to support OneTap payments.

How To Choose a Payment gateway?

If you are confused and need some guidance to reach a correct decision. To assist you in making that wise choice, consider the following inquiries:

  • Do you require a hosted or integrated payment gateway?
  • Does it make your consumers’ lives easier?
  • Is it recognized in the nations where your clients live?
  • Does it provide strong security?
  • What pricing schemes are there?
  • Who controls the data of your clients?
  • Does the supplier provide adequate customer service?
  • Lastly, does it position your company for the future?

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Do You Want to Integrate Mobile App Payment Gateways in Your existing application?

do you want to integrate mobile app payment gateways in your existing application itechnolabs

Finding a Mobile App Payment Gateways that meets your best needs can be challenging at first. You will, however, have a better understanding of what you require once your criteria have been “defined.” Don’t try to fit into such traps as these are immensely complicated and singular businesses. And it’s not good to get into someone else’s BOX.

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