15+ Crazy Cross-Platform Apps Built With Flutter

15+ crazy cross-platform apps built with flutter itechnolabs

Since its initial release, Flutter has certainly made the hearts of everyone Flutter! It has raised the quality of cross-platform development and has eliminated the shortcomings that were previously present. Up until now, React Native was one of the most popular cross-platform frameworks however Flutter has put up a strong challenge to the well-established framework.

One of the biggest drawbacks of cross-platform development was that when in comparison to native development it felt as if the native user experience was absent. But, except for Flutter, the framework can connect to components of native on the platform, and it’s impossible to distinguish between native apps and one built with Flutter.

Let’s now discuss the things you can do with Flutter.

Flutter was first launched as a mobile application development platform. In the next few days, a stable version was launched and developers could not stop talking about the benefits of using Flutter for developing beautiful apps.

When the framework gained its dominance in the development of mobile apps After that, the Google team shifted towards the web. The launch of the Hummingbird project signified the introduction of Flutter into web development.

The Google team, known for its ingenuity hasn’t confined itself to mobile and web. Flutter on desktops and embedded devices are also on the way. Soon, the Flutter group will have the ability to realize its dream of implementing the entire system UI.

We’ll help you become familiar with the different kinds of apps that you can create by employing an experienced Flutter development firm.

Particular Types of Cross-Platform Apps Built With Flutter

particular types of cross platform apps built with flutter itechnolabs

The main benefit of Flutter is that it lets you build a beautiful and interactive application from a single source code base that runs on any major operating system. Furthermore, it is ideal for apps that have to render brand-new designs.

In short, You can create applications with a lot of features that utilize device elements such as geolocation and network storage cameras, and third-party SDKs also. We have provided useful information on how Flutter works magic with a particular type of app. Let’s begin;

1. Flutter for Gaming Apps

Flutter’s goal is to provide 60 fps (frames per second) and 120 fps on devices capable of updating at 120Hz that are difficult to compete with other SDKs. In addition, Flutter provides game engines such as Flame, SpriteWidget, Quill Feathers, Flutter, and flutter_unity_widget to create high-performance 2D, 3D, lightweight, and simple games with a faster speed.

2. Flutter for apps on demand

On-demand delivery services for groceries food, transport, and other items are very popular in the current economic climate. Flutter’s features, such as code reuse, platform-specific and customizing widgets, as well as native-like performance, permit the creation of amazing final products in a short amount of time and at an affordable cost.

3. Flutter to exert ML in applications

Firebase’s ML Vision 0.9.7 is a Flutter-based plugin that utilizes Firebase ML capabilities, which include all of Firebase’s cloud-based ML features and the ML Kit. This library is standalone and devices that support ML are compatible in conjunction with and without Firebase. It incorporates Google’s machine-learning expertise into Android and iOS applications in a powerful and user-friendly application. With the help of this kit, developers who are new or experienced can quickly build MI-based functions in the app, which include speech, face as well as text recognition.

Some of the most effective Cross-Platform Apps Built With Flutter

some of the most effective cross platform apps built with flutter itechnolabs

The list contains some well-known companies in the market including Google being the best of them all. There are numerous other Flutter mobile applications on the market and they deserve our attention, but we’ve chosen these as a way to demonstrate the extent to which you can develop your app with Flutter as your app development platform!

You may be wondering what’s so special about mobile apps created using Flutter.

Here are some facts that you should be aware of. Every app has at a minimum:

  • 4.0 score from iOS and Android
  • 5,00,000 downloads have been downloaded on Android and iOS
  • 11,000 reviews for the store on App Store

1. Google Ads

This app lets you manage Google ads directly through your phone. It is an emulation of a desktop-based service that lets you check the effectiveness of your advertisement anytime, even if you’re away from the office.

The app has options like campaign statistics Keyword editing, the ability to modify your budgets and bids as well as real-time notifications. It also lets you call Google experts. It’s an easy and stunning application.

2. Alibaba

Alibaba is most well-known as one of the most significant eCommerce companies in the world. They’ve made use of Flutter to develop the foundation of their application. Alibaba’s app allows users to purchase products from suppliers around the globe, with the ease of a mobile application.

3. Hamilton

It’s the official application for the smash Broadway musical Hamilton. Hamilton is a musical that has been a huge hit. The Hamilton app was developed with the user in mind who is looking to keep up with the latest news in music.

The features that are included include karaoke for users who want to sing along with their favorite tracks, access to various Hamilton lotteries, and a daily game of trivia along with exclusive slideshows and videos. Because it’s developed with Flutter, the result is a stunning user experience.

4. Reflectly

This is an artificial intelligence-driven personal journal application that uses cognitive behavior treatment and positivity psychology to assist users to manage stress, and negative thoughts, and maintaining a positive outlook. It lets users write down their thoughts and maintain their mental health.

Thanks to this application, users can get a detailed view of the way they are feeling as well as gain insight from experts on self-help strategies to deal with mental health issues.

5. My Leaf

It’s an open-source application designed as a third-party alternative in place of the NissanConnect app that manages the Nissan Leaf. Nissan Leaf car.

The app can help you determine the status of your battery and initiate remote charging. locate your vehicle’s last location and display the current state of climate control of your vehicle.

6. Groupon

Groupon is a well-known American international marketplace for online shopping, had two apps, one for customers and one for merchants. They decided to incorporate Flutter with their current merchant app rather than writing it completely from scratch. The app was downloaded around 500 thousand times, compared to the app for customers that had more than fifty million times.

7. eBay Motors

eBay is among the companies that utilize Flutter in the production of their apps. The company makes use of Flutter’s Google cross-platform toolkit for app development speed and speed to develop the Android and iOS application. eBay motor lets car lovers purchase and sell cars through their phones.

8. Philips hue

Philips hue is among the most creative apps created by Flutter. It lets users manage intelligent lighting in their homes. It is specifically designed for customers of Philip’s using lighting as well as accessories and bulbs which allows them to control their lighting modes following their moods.

9. inKino Cinema

inKino is another application built using Flutter and Dart, which allows users to look up showtimes and movies on Finnkino Cinemas. In essence, the mobile applications available for Android, as well as iOS, are developed using Flutter. The PWA utilizes AngularDart. However, the Dart project shared around 40% of its code with Flutter and its web-based platform.

10. Flydireckt

It’s an app that’s dynamic for passengers on flights that lets them find direct flights, look up weather forecasts and estimates, and calculate the amount of luggage without delay. Flydireckt is an ideal solution for frequent travelers and digital nomads.

11. Birch Finan

Birch Finance helps users track and manage their credit card accounts and their rewards. Despite it being built using Flutter, the app comes with an AI-based recommendation feature that informs users of which credit card is best suited to their spending habits and earns more rewards.

12. Hookle

Hookle is a fantastic tool that lets you manage multiple social media accounts from one location. Hookle is built on Flutter, which is built on top of Flutter to give you features including scheduling, making, and publishing content across various websites for social networking.

13. Platypus Crypto

Platypus Crypto is an open-source, cross-platform, ads-free, and user-friendly application that lets you keep abreast of what’s happening across the Crypto world, with a thorough analysis. It is built using Flutter SDK It also provides real-time weekly reports including market cap values, as well as the current price of various cryptos.

14. KlasterMe

KlasterMe is an extremely interactive platform that allows users to create and share different kinds of digital media. KlasterMe’s Android and iOS applications built using Flutter make it simple for users to create stunning images and write articles while on the move.

15. Realtor.com

Realtor.com is an award-winning and well-known real estate application that assists people in finding their ideal home with exceptional customer service. They’ve included Flutter into their app which allowed them to display information, use a map function with support photos, as well as graphic elements to enhance the user experience.

16. PlantBuddy

This tiny application created using Flutter can turn you into an actual Plant Buddy. Plants require water as we do, yet we frequently neglect to water our plants which is why we wonder why they’re not growing. This app will solve this issue once and for all. It allows you to set watering times in advance and remind you when it is time to water the plants.

17. Sua Musica

Sua Musica is a Latin American music platform. The company completely rewrote its program in Flutter and launched its Android and iOS application in 2020. The cross-platform SDK allowed the team creates an outstanding user experience, which can be seen in the current version.

18. Grab

A well-known app for food delivery, Grab used Flutter SDK to develop its merchant app for restaurants and hotels. This app allows local businesses to include menu items on the Grab app, manage online orders, as well as monitor earnings.

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Do You Want Your Cross-Platform Apps Built With Flutter?

do you want your cross platform apps built with flutter itechnolabs

With all the examples above and the discussion, iTechnolabs can affirm that Flutter truly is the whole package! Not just us, but many of the most famous companies have demonstrated this.

iTechnolabs believe that Flutter can be a great option, particularly when:

You’d like to create your MVP;

You must promote your app fast;

Both platforms are essential with stunning user interfaces that are efficient and reliable.

Flutter lets you use more features with less code, and advanced expressive language. Flutter is expanding rapidly and is getting interested in the development of apps for mobile. The number of developers using Flutter is on the rise due to its growing popularity. It has also become simpler to engage Flutter programmers from your preferred choice to work on your project.

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