8 Mobile Trends Booming in 2021

mobile trends booming in 2021 itechnolabs

With the change in time and growth, a drastic change can also be seen in the mobile app development sector. As technology is advancing, consumer demands change; every other change directly impacts the mobile application trends. Hence, to grab your cup of success in the industry, you need to update yourself with the trend. 

Keeping up with the trend for resellers, influencers and producers is essential as many of these are mostly the users. Are you ready to face the change in 2021?

Mobile Trends Booming in 2021

In this article, we have listed a few mobile trends that are ruling the industry in 2021. All the listed trends are based on our factual research. 

1. Internet of Things (IoT) 

Previously IoT was nowhere in the game of mobile app development and now there are uncountable opportunities for IoT. People are habitual of technology to make their daily life better. Taking the example of innovative home technology is not a bad idea to prove the importance of IoT.

Internet of Things in Mobile Trends Booming itechnolabs

In 2021 the Global IoT market expects to hit $222 billion, where $161 is a part of the software, such as mobile apps. 

IoT Grow Chart itechnolabs

Even the graph is showcasing IoT booming in the future years with software acing the way. 

Also, Statista has mentioned by 2025 that the revenue generated from technology linked with IoT will exceed 1.6 trillion. 

In 2021, there will be more app development considering IoT and automobile, household and healthcare sectors are the sectors to stay updated of. 

2. 5G Technology

5G rollout will be going to make a significant change in app trends in 2021. For resellers, creators and developers, the technology ought to change how the apps are created and used. This can clearly be seen in the growth report of the 5G insider article report. The growth is witnessed in the upcoming 4 years.

5G Technology in Mobile Trends Booming itechnolabs

In 2021 there is a sure shot growth in 5G connections usage by 3.5 times more than that was in 2020 and it will increase with the fastest pace, almost triple by 2022. 

How will this impact mobile app development?
Efficiency and speed both will improve insanely. Also, the speed of 5G will be about 100 times faster than what we were using 4G in 2020. The speed will depend from operator to operator. 

The introduction and entrance of 5G is ultimately boosting the functionality of the app. Hence the fast speed and performance will help the app developers to add top-notch features in the app without thinking much about the performance. Also, while developing the mobile apps, the mobile app developers should use 5G speed at trial and development. 

3.Wearable Devices Development

The graph of Wearable technology is going upwards for years now. Hence, it has made a great name in the market. And, it is necessarily not a market breakthrough. We have been familiar with fitness bands, trackers and smartwatches for a long time now. Still, Wearable technology-based devices need to reach their expected potential. This penetration of the Wearables technology in the US can easily be seen in the graph by eMarketer.

Wearable Devices Development in Mobile Trends Booming itechnolabs

Although we cannot suspect a great jump over the years, steady growth of wearable app development technology has been remarkable. It has been changing slowly and continues with the change with the development of mobile apps. 

This year, we can predict the development of more mobile applications considering wearable technology. Users will get the control of downloading thousands of apps just right from their wrist. 

4. Mobile Commerce

Our list of Mobile app trends in 2021 will remain incomplete without mentioning mobile commerce. This trend was leading the domain 2019 and 2020 and maintain its talk and usage in 2021.

Mobile Commerce in Mobile Trends Booming itechnolabs

It looks like the majority of people are taking the help of mobile apps to enhance their revenue. From personal brands to large retailers and individual creators, there is a massive sum of money that can be made in this space. The functionality of mobile eCommerce is the best feature for the resellers of a mobile app to show during client pitching. 

Currently, we’ve not reached a certain point where we need mobile commerce applications to stay upfront in the competition, but this is our new future. Every business, small or big selling products or services online, wants to compete with industry king Amazon. Hence, to stay in the competition, you should know what makes them stand out and replicate it; that’s an app at a first call. This article could be helpful for further knowledge Why Mobile App Development is Important for eCommerce Business?

According to Statista, over 72.9% of eCommerce’s total sales will be part of mobile devices by the end of the year. And, apps are a great part of the growth of current & future success of mobile commerce. 

5. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

MI and AI both have already made their different space in mobile application development for years. But we are still learning these technologies from scratch to learn their actual usage. Wherever you hear the name AI, we are sure Alexa and Siri must have crossed your mind path. However, the use of AI is far more in the case of app development. Artificial intelligence plays vital role for designing the mobile applications, this article can explain in brief How AI helps you in Developing Mobile Apps?

artificial intelligence in mobile trends booming itechnolabs

The best AI features that can be performed on the mobile app are:

⦁ Predictive maintenance
⦁ Image recognition
⦁ Text & image classification
⦁ Face detection
⦁ Speech recognition
⦁ Sentiment recognition & classification

AI is the best technology for better and brighter app development and enhances the performance of apps at every stage. From backend usage to frontend experience, AI is changing app usage in 2021. 

6. Integration of Cloud Computing

As cloud technology is old in the market, it has not conquered the mobile app sector with its complete potential yet. There is a wide range of mobile development possibilities, but the technology will be explored more this year.

Integration of Cloud Computing mobile trends booming itechnolabs

The mobile app performance will improve from the user’s end with the help of cloud storage technology. Data can be stored and complex tasks can be carried out quickly on the cloud, with a surety of storing the data on the user’s device only. 

It is not only a streamlined development process but is also a cost-effective development solution. 

Till 2021 ends, more than 83% of business workload will be going to be cloud-based. If you are an agency that is building internal workforce applications or business apps, you should not get out of trend and keep a strong eye on the cloud in 2021.

7. Instant Apps

The introduction of Instant apps has been done in the market years back, but the peak in the development and usage can easily be seen in 2021. 

To make the app discovery better, Android studio permitted developers to develop instant application experiences. The technology is worth the experience; users need to click on the app to see the functionality and do not need to install it.

Instant Apps in mobile trends booming itechnolabs

There are size restrictions in the Instant app that is a drawback that does not allow the installation of the entire app version. But shortly, this will also be going to change and improve. 

The users of the app demand the best user experience. Hence, enabling them to take the tour of the app without downloading it is a great user experience. 

A company named Hollar has increased its conversion by 20% with the introduction of the instant app. Almost 30% of the traffic was coming from their instant app. 

If you plan to develop an app this year, do not miss on having the instant version of your app on the Google Play store to increase your revenue.

8. Augmented Reality

You know what? AR is already winning the market in 2021 and going to see a peak in the future and used in many cases. 

The most famous game Pokemon Go is an excellent example of AR in mobile application gaming. The definition of AR is being more practical and is used more efficiently in multiple things.

augmented reality in mobile trends booming itechnolabs

L’Oreal has created the app which is making its customer’s life easier. It shows different hair colours and styles within no time with the help of AR technology. Also, the virtual makeup app helps users see how the makeup is looking over them before booking their package. 

This is now trending on social media platforms like Instagram, where a gramer or any content creator can create their creatives and make their following rich. 


Mobile app development is constantly evolving. If you are looking to build an app using the information from the past years, staying in competition can get tricky. 

As a business or business app developer, you do not need to use every trend to develop the app. But understanding what you need in your app according to the current competition is essential. Stay attentive to the trend and work with what makes your mobile app development better.

At iTechnolabs, we have years of experience in the app development business and stay updated with the market trend. If you need more information on the mobile app development trends, connect with us now!

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