A Step by Step Guide to Hire AngularJS Developers

step by step guide to hire angularjs developers itechnolabs

Angular is a coding language that is fast gaining popularity among businesses and companies who want to create their own website or web application. It has a lot of benefits like an organized framework, better speed and efficiency, and allows cross-platform development. 

Angular is a crowd-favorite because it lets you create both a web app and a mobile app with its cross-platform development feature. Many leading brands and businesses are already using this platform. 

In order to leverage the benefits of Angular for your business, you need to hire angularjs developers who would design a website for you. Here is a comprehensive guide on the best practices to hire angularjs developers.

What exactly is Angular, and how is it used?

what exactly is angular itechnolabs

Angular is a coding language platform that creates frontend interfaces. It usually helps build single-page web applications. The frontend is what clients see when they first open a web page

.How compelling your frontend experience determines how many clients will stay on your website, and how many more would consider paying a visit. That is why, developers prefer creating a user-friendly and interactive frontend for websites, as this attracts more clients.   

Big companies like Microsoft, Google, PayPal, Upwork and Samsung, all use Angular for their website to create an interactive platform. 

What are the benefits of Angular?

what are benefits of angular itechnolabs

Before you set out to hire angularjs developers, have a look at why this coding language has become so popular.

  1. Better Readability: Angular uses Typescript, which manipulates Javascript to make it more readable and easy to follow.
  2. Dividing into modules: Angular lets developers divide the codes into smaller chunks called modules. The app becomes more functional when divided into chunks. These components can also be reused.
  3. Easy testing: Since the application is already divided into parts, you can test each part out when testing the entire application in order. This reduces the risk of having a bug left on your application.
  4. Can be easily maintained: Angular uses a simple MVC that requires less coding to connect the modules. Fewer codes imply that your website is less bulky, and has a faster speed. When your website does not take long to load, you can ensure customers stay on your website and not abandon it.
  5. Uses a default configuration: Developers can simply use a lot of readymade UI component templates, which ultimately speeds up the process of website development.

The major differences between AngularJS and Angular

major differences between angularjs and angular itechnolabs

Angular is a broad term that denotes all the versions of it that have been published since its inception in 2010. Angular JS was the initial version of Angular. Since then, newer versions like Angular 2 have been published, which have fixed the issues with the first version. Both versions are used to develop dynamic and interactive websites.

There are mainly three major differences between Angular JS and Angular 2.

mainly three major differences between angularjs and angular itechnolabs

  1. The Language they use: Angular JS uses Javascript while Angular 2 uses Typescript. Typescript is a more advanced form of Java that has certain advantages like easy readability and cross-platform development. These features have made Angular 2 more popular among developers. 
  2. Directives they use: While Angular 2 uses components, Angular JS uses controllers. Controllers let developers decide how an interface will behave when someone clicks on it. Components have a similar function, but since they divide it into smaller components, it is easier to use.
  3. A better performance: With improved algorithm and speed, Angular 2 functions much faster than Angular JS. Angular JS could not operate on mobile phones. But Angular 2 does operate on mobile phones. Also, there had been some performance and compatibility issues with Angular JS that Angular 2 fixed.

Things to ensure before you hire AngularJS developers: a comprehensive checklist

things to ensure before you hire angularjs developers itechnolabs

Deciding to build the front end of your website with Angular can massively transform and increase your company’s revenues, but only if you hire an experienced and knowledgeable developer to build your website.

Consider whether the developer can skillfully integrate Angular with other technologies if he can keep the coding to a minimum and save resources, and if he has previous experience of working on similar projects.

  1. Proficiency in Javascript: Javascript is one of the most integral features for an Angular developer. The implementation of functionality is done fully by Javascript. So, if you want to build a dynamic website with lots of features, audio, video and animation, being proficient in Java is a must. 
  2. Proficiency in Debugging and Testing: Angular developers might have to use some default codes made by others apart from them. That is why being able to quickly detect problems and correct them is an essential skill for angular developers. It is an added bonus if the angular developer understands testing tools like Jasmine, Karma, and Protractor.
  3. Knowledge in Typescript: Knowing Typecrsipt is crucial, as most Angular platforms run on using this programming language. Although Java used to be the programming language of choice, especially for earlier versions of Angular, Typescript has taken over as it provides a more manageable framework, necessary so for larger projects. 
  4. Being able to choose the right stack: Angular is a front-end development platform that can help you build a dynamic website. An Angular developer needs to know about backend development as well and understand what is compatible with Angular. Angular is best compatible with Node.js, and a developer can effectively create frontend-backend development with these frameworks.
  5. Having experience of using JavaScript Built Tools: Websites build using Angular need to be continuously updated. For the customer’s convenience, developers must constantly fix bugs and automate packages, invalidating caches. This process can be tedious and prone to error, and using Javascript built tools will efficiently automate the process. So, having knowledge of them is essential for an Angular developer.
  6. Being knowledgeable about version control: While developing a website using Angular, Version Control Systems must be used, as it has several benefits. It simplifies the development process. Moreover, managing code becomes so much easier, as a new team member has the option to review old codes. 
  7. Being experienced in Git: Git is basically a project management tool that keeps track of all the changes you make while working on a project. If a developer accidentally deletes a code, Git will help him quickly recover it. Git will keep track of all the recent changes the developer made to a code, share this information with his team members, and keep a backup of it. It is a great option if you want to experiment with codes without worrying about them getting deleted.
  8. Creating a compatible website: The internet is no longer limited to the personal computer and has now proliferated to laptops and mobile phones. Thus, it is necessary to create a website that is compatible with many different devices. This is a skill you cannot miss when deciding to hire angularjs developers.

Consider your budget

When proceeding to hire angularjs developers, you must keep in mind your budget and how much you are willing to spend. Based on your preferences, you can hire a freelance Angular developer, a full-time professional Angular developer, or a company specializing in Angular development.

Hiring a professional Angular developer can cost you anywhere between $10 and $150+ per hour. Obviously, these rates will vary based on the experience and skill set of the person you are hiring, the services he is providing, and your location.

An angular developer in Canada can easily charge up to $10,000 per month. There are some benefits of hiring a full-time angular developer. They will always be available and willing to work with your team. They will also be quick in incorporating feedback. Simply said, they will be more cooperative. 

But hiring a full-time angular developer might not be the best option for new startups and businesses. Hiring someone full-time means you have to do a lot of legal work, give that person office space, and pay taxes. These additional expenses might burden a newly-formed startup, which brings us to the next option: hiring freelancers.

Outsourcing your developer might be the best option for your business. Firstly, it is mostly on the affordable side, as freelance angular developers charge somewhere around $30-80$ per hour. 

Secondly, you only pay for the work you receive. Moreover, with time, you might eventually build a strong relationship with the freelancer and incorporate him into your team member. However, there are a few downsides to hiring freelance developers as well. 

The freelancer you are hiring might live in a completely different time zone, and this might make it difficult to communicate. Make sure to recruit people only from credible platforms.

Lastly, you can hire frontend development company that build websites based on angular development. When you hire a company, you usually have multiple developers working on your project. This is a huge advantage, as this will pinpoint bugs and fix them easily when a group of professionals are examining your website. 

But the downsides are similar to hiring a professional. Hiring a company can be expensive.

Do you want to Hire AngularJs Developer for Your Organization ?

do you want to hire angularjs developer for your organization itechnolabs

The bottom line

Angular is a versatile platform that has fast gained popularity among both large companies as well as new startups. To tap into that platform’s immense potential, you need to hire angularjs developers who could help you develop a website based on this platform.   

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