Advantages of Using AWS as Your Cloud Platform in Real World 2024 [Updated]

advantages of using aws as your cloud platform in real world

Amazon Web Services or AWS is the cloud infrastructure and web services domain of Amazon.com – which we all know is the world’s most prominent and most influential retail giant. There are plenty of Advantages of Using AWS, but the primary purpose of AWS is to extend on-demand cloud computing services to individuals, companies, organizations, and even governments. In a layperson’s language, AWS can be understood as an online platform that disseminates scalable and cost-effective cloud computing solutions such as compute power, content delivery, database storage, and so forth. The technology of AWS is implemented and devised at ‘server farms’ throughout the world and maintained by the subsidiaries of Amazon. The crux of AWS is premised on procuring large-scale computing capacity more quickly and with less cost than building an actual physical server farm. Before getting into the nitty-gritty of AWS, let us first understand the entailments of cloud computing.

What is Cloud Computing?

What is Cloud Computing itechnolabs

Cloud computing is an on-demand delivery of Information Technology resources through the internet via a pay-as-you-go pricing system. What makes cloud computing unique is that stakeholders can access technology services from a cloud provider, a web service such as AWS, rather than buying, owning, and maintaining physical data centers and services. We can gauge the significance of cloud computing from the fact that it provides companies, individuals, or organizations access to a myriad of technologies so that thoughtful innovation becomes a tangible reality. Cloud computing helps to deploy technology services in a few seconds and facilitates the implementation of ideas of massive magnitudes at an accelerated rate.

What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

What is Amazon Web Services itechnolabs

AWS or Amazon Web Services is a cloud service that extends services in the form of building blocks which users can effectively utilize to create and deploy any application in the cloud. The platform is meticulously designed for the stakeholders that incorporate it, and AWS benefits its udders by extending services low and without upfront costs. The seamlessness of the platform removes the worries of security, databases, services, and likewise. Before underlining the advantages of using AWS, let us trace its brief history. 

Amazon Web Services or AWS came into inception in 2002 to offer web benefits to IT framework administrations for public use. AWS cloud computing gives an accessible, versatile, and incredibly reliant framework platform in the cloud. In 2004, AWS cloud products were launched, and in 2012 the platform had its first customer event. And finally, in 2015, AWS achieved revenue of USD 4.6 billion. After various successful events, AWS finally released 100 cloud services in 2019. The beginning of AWS can be traced back to a challenge that Amazon faced regarding e-commerce infrastructure scalability. In its quest to discover a solution for the technical outages, the retail giant came up with AWS. Unsurprisingly, AWS held one-third share of the industry’s revenue, thereby making it the biggest provider of cloud infrastructure in the whole wide world. 

Features of AWS

The various features that make AWS unique are –

  • Amazon DynamoDB – it is a NoSQL management database system.
  • Amazon EC2 can be deemed as an adaptable virtual server in the cloud.
  • Amazon Aurora is a high-execution relational database management system (DBMS).
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) – it is the accessible capacity in the cloud.
  • AWS Lambda service that runs code without concentrating on services.
  • Amazon RDS – relational database management for MySQL, SQL Server, Prophet, and the like.
  • Amazon Lightsail – the introducer and purveyor of virtual private servers.
  • Amazon SageMaker – a cloud machine learning program that develops, trains, and sends AI models on a scale.
  • Amazon VPC – which refers to ton isolated cloud assets

Presently, Amazon extends 170 AWS services to developers to access them from any location or time. Moreover, AWS has customers in over 190 countries globally, and various tech giants like Netflix, Facebook, Adobe, etc., form its customer base. 

Applications of AWS

The various advantages of using AWS are directly related to its many applications. Industries of varying sizes can use AWS for innumerable purposes.

  • Storage and Backup – One of the top reasons businesses use AWS is because it extends various types of storage to choose from. The repositories are accessible and can be used for several critical business applications. The Amazon Simple Storage Service feature enables stakeholders to seamlessly store mammoth-scale data and backup services. Likewise, the AWS Backup facilitates the backup of massive data stored in other AWS services. It is noteworthy to mention that AWS stores in three distinct zones so that if one falters, the user can still access their data. The reliability associated with AWS storage and backup is, thus, unmatched. 
  • Websites – Organizations, individuals, and governments can host their websites on the AWS cloud. The wide assortments of website hosting options that foster the creation of top-notch customer-oriented sites make AWS a class apart from the rest. The various features of AWS, such as LightSail account for everything, ranging from a virtual machine, SSD-based storage, data transfer, DNS management, and so forth, help in the successful launch and easy management of a website.  
  • Mobile Applications – One of the fascinating aspects of AWS that makes it a class apart from the rest is its ability to launch and scale mobile, e-commerce, and SaaS applications. The API-driven code on AWS allows udders to construct scalable applications without relying on other OS and other systems. AWS has various consistently accessible and robust features with high compute, storage, database, and application services. People can take advantage of the auto-scaling and managed relational database service for the better performance of apps.
  • Social Networking – We all know that social networking is an integral part of all businesses in today’s times. Digital marketing stratagems become easier with AWS as companies can connect with customers and other stakeholders, communicate with them, and develop their networking platforms. Features such as the AWS social networking engine can be effectively utilized for user performance and scalability to construct and maneuver a suitable social networking site and earn profits. 
  • Big Data – One of the biggest challenges companies and businesses face these days is Big Data. They struggle to store large amounts of data via traditional techniques. It is in such a context that AWS comes into the picture. With the immaculate storage facilities of AWS, companies can manage to store their Big Data even if the limit increases suddenly. Likewise, AWS is equipped with features for the retrieval and processing of Big Data.
  • Gaming – It is a well-known fact that gaming applications need a lot of computer power to run AWS makes it easier and more hassle-free to deliver the best gaming to gamers all over the globe.
  • Enterprise IT – Unsurprisingly, AWS is the one-stop solution for any IT business. The excellent features such as safe storage, flexibility, scalability, and elasticity support IT companies to innovate and revolutionize faster. Opting for AWS heightens the profitability of IT enterprises.
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Benefits of Opting for AWS as the Cloud Platform in the Real World

  1. Easy to Use – It is undisputed that shifting from on-site stockpiling to the cloud is challenging. But, the procedure becomes relatively easy with AWS. The cloud powerhouse has a plethora of information and data on its website, including documentation and instructional videos, so that everyone – from non-specialists to experts – can use AWS easily. Moreover, AWS has several partner networks of expert firms that help clients structure, engineer, and manufacture, migrate and deal with the workloads and applications on AWS. 
  2. Budget-friendly – The second advantage of using AWS is its relative cost-effectiveness. AWS is equipped with economical pricing that is much more affordable vis-à-vis on-premises services costs.
  3. Automation – Amazon Web Services or AWS utilizes an automation system that performs many tasks automatically when required. As such, the workload among users is reduced. The sophisticated automation features of AWS can predict and prevent failures even before they occur. 
  4. Adaptability and Flexibility – The adaptability of AWS makes it a top-favorite among users. Whether the user is a newbie or a pioneer, AWS possesses all the assets required to enhance the IT network. The platform helps users scale their investments up and down, implying that businesses don’t face any apprehension regarding volume and size. Likewise, Amazon Machine Images enables users to turn up clones in several areas for various situations in just a few minutes, eradicating the need to rehash the set-up stages every time.
  5. Safety – Another significant advantage of using AWS is its security features. The platform fosters immaculate safeguarding of businesses from potential information leaks, and the risk of getting hacked is minimized. AWS has designed a world-class security framework that is physically and virtually tight-knit.
  6. Global Influence – Amazon Web Services is a worldwide leader in cloud computing. The platform has its network spread out across 190 nations worldwide and supports over a million active clients. The efficiency and seamlessness of AWS are unmatched. Thus, running applications on AWS means that they work faster, quicker, and safer.
  7. Scalability – Opting for AWS tools such as auto-scaling and elastic load balancing to applications can result in t scaling up or scaling down on demand. Users can access additional compute and storage resources at the user’s discretion.
  8. High Performance – AWS is meticulously designed to handle massive traffic and automatically elevate its resources as and when needed. Likewise, CloudFront, a high-speed content delivery network owned by AWS, facilitates the safe delivery of data, videos, and other applications to customers globally with minimal latency and mind-blowing speed.
  9. Improved Disaster Recovery – In the traditional sense, disaster recovery or DR has always been a significant concern for businesses with big in-house IT functions. But, the standard protocol previously was to have an alternative backup in another physical location. But, the procedure is too costly and cumbersome. The AWS cloud computing features enable users to minimize the hassle of orchestrating disaster recovery (DR) scenarios and achieve higher service levels. 
  10. Innovation and Improvement – The supportive customer care providers of AWS make using the platform easy and seamless, and more relaxing for novices. Likewise, immediate guidance helps customers improve their services on the cloud computing journey. Moreover, the pace of technological development mandates the usage of a web service that is revised and updated, and that is precisely what AWS offers. It implements various new technologies and applies them to its cloud platforms. 


In conclusion, Amazon Web Services is one of the best we have right now. The future scope and possibilities offered by the platform are paramount. The usability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness make AWS one of the best platforms in the world. With a customer base that encompasses millions, AWS is easily the fastest-growing and most convenient cloud computing platform for both pioneers and novices. We can discuss the many advantages of using AWS as the cloud platform in the real world.

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