How to Make an Appointment Booking App Like Practo in Your Budget?


In today’s fast-paced world, where time is of the essence, people are constantly seeking convenient solutions to manage their day-to-day activities. One such essential activity is booking appointments with doctors, which can often prove to be a tedious and time-consuming process, causing frustration and inconvenience.

Fortunately, there are innovative appointment booking apps that have revolutionized the healthcare industry, making it easier than ever to find and book appointments with doctors. Practo, a widely recognized and highly popular healthcare platform, has emerged as a go-to solution for millions of users worldwide.

With Practo, users not only have the convenience of finding and booking appointments with trusted doctors but also gain access to a range of other features that enhance their healthcare experience. From the ability to order medicines online to maintaining comprehensive medical records, Practo offers a holistic approach to healthcare management.

One of the key factors contributing to Practo’s immense popularity is its user-friendly interface, designed to ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience for all users. Whether you are tech-savvy or new to digital healthcare platforms, Practo caters to users of all backgrounds, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals.

How Practo Came Into Existence?

Practo is the brainchild of two friends, Abhinav Lal and Shashank ND, who, while studying at the National Institute of Technology in Karnataka, India, witnessed the numerous challenges people faced when trying to book appointments with doctors. They observed that even for a simple check-up, patients had to endure long queues and make multiple visits to hospitals and clinics, resulting in inconvenience and increased expenses. Motivated by this firsthand experience, they embarked on a mission to create a platform that would revolutionize the process of finding and booking appointments with doctors. By leveraging their knowledge and expertise, they aimed to provide a solution that would simplify healthcare access for individuals, ensuring convenience, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Thus, Practo was born, with a vision to empower patients and transform the way healthcare services are accessed and delivered.

Why Make an App like Practo?

With the ever-increasing demand for digital healthcare services, platforms like Practo have become indispensable. Practo not only offers a convenient one-stop solution for all healthcare needs but also provides a seamless experience for online appointments and consultations. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, Practo has revolutionized the way people access and manage their healthcare needs.

With the ability to connect patients with doctors in a matter of seconds, Practo ensures that individuals receive timely and accurate medical advice. Furthermore, the platform’s user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it easy for anyone to navigate and utilize its features.

Developing an app like Practo can be a game-changer in the healthcare industry. By incorporating advanced features such as AI-powered symptom analysis and personalized health recommendations, the app can truly transform the healthcare experience. Additionally, the app can offer a range of services including virtual doctor consultations, electronic medical records, and medication reminders, ensuring that users have all their healthcare needs conveniently accessible in one place.

In a world where convenience and efficiency are paramount, an app like Practo can empower individuals to take control of their health and well-being. It can bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers, making quality healthcare accessible to everyone, regardless of their location or circumstances.

So, whether it’s scheduling an appointment, getting a second opinion, or managing your health records, an app like Practo can streamline the entire process, saving time and effort while ensuring the best possible healthcare outcomes. Embracing such innovative platforms is the way forward in the ever-evolving landscape of digital healthcare.

  • 43% of Millennials Prefer Using  Patient Portals from Their Smartphone.

As a testament to the growing demand for digital healthcare solutions, a survey found that 1.43% of millennials prefer using patient portals from their smartphones. This highlights the need for mobile-friendly apps like Practo, which cater to the tech-savvy generation and make healthcare more accessible and convenient. With the rise of telemedicine and virtual consultations, an app like Practo can play a crucial role in meeting the evolving needs of patients. It can break barriers and bring healthcare to people’s fingertips, empowering them to make informed decisions about their well-being.

  • With the Fast Growth, Mhealth App Market Is Expected to Reach $111 Billion by 2025.

The global mHealth app market is expected to reach $111 billion by 2025, showcasing the immense potential of healthcare apps like Practo. These apps have revolutionized the way we access and manage healthcare, with features like real-time consultation, medication reminders, and health trackers. With such a vast market opportunity, developing an app like Practo can be a lucrative venture for healthcare providers and entrepreneurs alike. It not only caters to the current demand but also opens up possibilities for future expansions and enhancements.

  • Out of 100 Health Apps, There Are Only 15 Related to Medical.

Despite the immense potential and growing popularity of mHealth apps, only 15% of them are related to medical purposes. This indicates a significant gap in the market that can be filled with innovative solutions like Practo. By providing a comprehensive platform for booking appointments, managing medical records, and accessing virtual consultations, an app like Practo can bridge this gap and provide users with ease and convenience. Moreover, the app can also incorporate features like health tips, symptom checker, and emergency services to cater to a wider audience and promote overall well-being.

  • In a Survey, 42% of Users Admitted to Choose Online Appointment Booking Rather than Booking via Phone.

In a survey conducted by Accenture, 42% of patients admitted to preferring online appointment booking over traditional phone booking. This indicates the growing trend towards digital solutions in the healthcare sector and the need for apps like Practo. By providing users with a convenient and hassle-free booking process, these apps can not only improve patient satisfaction but also optimize scheduling for healthcare providers.

Additionally, by allowing users to view doctor profiles, read reviews, and compare prices, an app like Practo can empower patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare. This not only promotes transparency in the industry but also enhances trust between patients and healthcare providers.

  • Safe to Use

To ensure safety and confidentiality, an app like Practo can integrate features like secure logins, data encryption, and multi-factor authentication. This not only protects sensitive personal and medical information but also complies with regulations like HIPAA.

  • Time-Saving

With the ability to book appointments at any time and from anywhere, an app like Practo eliminates the need for patients to physically visit hospitals. This not only saves time but also reduces the burden on healthcare staff. Additionally, users can receive reminders for upcoming appointments and access their medical records on the go, making healthcare management more efficient.

  • Convenient

In addition to the convenience of booking appointments online, an app like Practo can also provide users with features like virtual consultations, e-prescriptions, and online payments. This not only caters to the busy schedules of individuals but also makes healthcare more accessible for people with disabilities or living in remote areas.

  • Insightful

With the ability to track and analyze patient data, an app like Practo can provide valuable insights for healthcare providers. This includes information on popular services, peak appointment times, and patient demographics, which can help providers improve their services and make data-driven decisions.

  • Smart Service

    By utilizing emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, an app like Practo can provide personalized recommendations and health plans based on a patient’s medical history. This not only improves the overall user experience but also enhances the effectiveness of healthcare services.

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10 Salient Features of Practo to Consider While Making an App

When planning to build an app like Practo, it is important to consider the features that make it a success. Here are 10 salient features of Practo that you should keep in mind while developing your own healthcare booking app:

1. Easy App Onboarding

The first step to using an app like Practo is creating a profile and providing basic information. This process should be simple and user-friendly, allowing users to quickly start exploring the app’s features.

2. Convenient Doctor Selection

One of the standout features that sets Practo apart is its extensive and meticulously curated database of verified doctors. This comprehensive database empowers users to effortlessly search and select healthcare professionals based on various criteria including their location, specialization, availability, and real user reviews. With Practo, finding the right doctor has never been easier or more reliable, ensuring peace of mind and quality care for every user.

3. Easy Medical History Check

Another crucial feature of Practo is the ability to store and access medical records in one place. This not only makes it easier for patients to keep track of their health but also provides healthcare providers with a comprehensive view of a patient’s medical history, aiding in accurate diagnosis and treatment.

4. Doctors’ Insights

Practo, a leading healthcare platform, offers a unique and comprehensive feature that empowers doctors to update their profile page with relevant and detailed information. This includes their qualifications, specializations, achievements, and even personalized messages for patients. By providing such extensive details, Practo ensures that users can make well-informed decisions when selecting a healthcare professional. Moreover, this transparency and attention to detail further foster trust and confidence in the medical professionals listed on the app, creating a seamless and reliable healthcare experience for all users.

5. Online Consultation

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, online consultation has become a crucial and highly sought-after feature in healthcare apps. Practo offers a secure and hassle-free platform for patients to consult with doctors remotely, avoiding the need to travel and wait in long queues at clinics or hospitals. This not only saves time and money but also allows users to access quality healthcare from anywhere at any time. With the option of online consultation, patients can easily book appointments and receive medical advice and prescriptions from the comfort of their own homes. This feature has become especially useful for patients in rural or remote areas with limited access to healthcare facilities.

6. Convenient Booking

With Practo, booking appointments is made effortless and convenient for both patients and doctors. The app allows users to search for doctors by location, specialty, availability, and even ratings from other users. This not only makes it easier for patients to find the right healthcare professional but also helps doctors in managing their schedules efficiently. With integrated calendars and reminders, patients can receive timely notifications of their upcoming appointments, reducing the chances of missed or delayed consultations. Moreover, Practo also offers features like live wait time and virtual queuing to minimize waiting times at clinics or hospitals.

7. Health Articles and Features

Apart from booking appointments and consultations, Practo also offers a wide range of health-related articles and features to educate users about various health conditions, medications, and lifestyle choices. These articles are written and reviewed by healthcare professionals, ensuring reliable and accurate information for users. The app also includes features like symptom checker, medicine reminders, and health trackers to help users manage their overall well-being. This not only makes Practo a one-stop solution for all medical needs but also promotes proactive health management.

8. Booking Calendar

For healthcare providers using Practo, the app offers a comprehensive booking calendar that allows them to manage their schedules and appointments efficiently. The app automatically blocks off unavailable time slots based on the doctor’s availability, reducing the possibility of double bookings or conflicts. Doctors can also customize their calendars according to their preferences and set limits on the number of patients they can see in a day.

9. Push Notification

Practo uses push notifications to keep users informed about their appointments, health-related articles, and other important updates. This feature helps in maintaining a consistent communication channel between doctors and patients, ensuring timely access to information. Users can also receive alerts for upcoming appointments or changes in schedules, making it easier to manage their healthcare needs.

10. Easy Payments

The app provides a secure and hassle-free payment system, allowing users to make payments for appointments or medications directly through the app. This feature eliminates the need for carrying cash or physical cards, making it convenient for both doctors and patients. Users can also store their payment information securely on the app for future transactions.

6 Smart Tips to Lower the Budget of Practo Like App Development

Developing an app like Practo doesn’t have to be expensive. By leveraging cost-effective development tools and technologies, businesses can create a user-friendly platform for seamless healthcare access and appointment booking. This not only enhances convenience for patients but also opens up new opportunities for healthcare providers to expand their reach and improve overall patient care.

Reduce Domains of Specialization

By strategically limiting the scope of specialties offered on the app, businesses can not only reduce the cost of development but also optimize resource allocation. By focusing on a specific area or sub-specialty, businesses can allocate their marketing efforts more effectively, reaching their target audience with tailored messages and increasing user engagement. This targeted approach allows businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their users’ needs and preferences, resulting in a more personalized and satisfying user experience. Ultimately, this can lead to higher user retention and overall success in the market.

Save on Geographical Boundaries

While it may seem appealing to expand the app’s reach globally, this can significantly increase the development and maintenance costs. By focusing on a specific geographical region or city, businesses can target their resources more efficiently and reduce overall expenses.

Include Less Add-ons

When considering the development of a product, it’s important for businesses to carefully weigh the allure of extra features and add-ons. While these may initially seem attractive, it’s crucial to keep in mind that they can significantly contribute to the overall cost of development. Instead, businesses should prioritize essential features and functionalities that are not only necessary but also ensure a seamless user experience. By focusing on the core aspects and avoiding unnecessary bells and whistles, businesses can strike a balance between delivering value and maintaining cost-efficiency. This approach allows for a more streamlined and focused development process, ultimately leading to a product that meets the needs and expectations of users.

Save on Panels

When developing an appointment booking app like Practo, it is crucial to carefully evaluate the need for a comprehensive panel for doctors and clinics. Depending on the specific business model and requirements, a streamlined registration process and a user-friendly dashboard to manage appointments may be sufficient. By avoiding the inclusion of complex panels that might not be necessary, developers can significantly reduce the overall development costs while still ensuring the app provides all the essential functionalities required for seamless appointment management and user experience. This approach allows for a more efficient use of resources and a more targeted focus on delivering a user-friendly and cost-effective solution.

Save on Platforms

Another crucial aspect to consider when developing an app like Practo is the choice of platforms. While it may seem tempting to build a feature-rich app for both iOS and Android, it can significantly increase the cost of development. By carefully analyzing the target audience and their preferred platform, businesses can save on development costs by focusing on one platform initially and expanding to other platforms later, if necessary. This approach allows for a more targeted and cost-efficient development process, enabling businesses to deliver a quality app within their budget.

Focus on Your Core Feature

The success of an appointment booking app like Practo depends primarily on its core feature, which is facilitating the booking and management of appointments. While it may be tempting to add multiple features to enhance the app’s functionality, doing so can significantly increase development costs. It is crucial to prioritize the core feature and ensure it functions seamlessly before adding additional features that may not be essential at the initial stage. By focusing on the essential functionalities, businesses can develop an app that meets user needs while keeping development costs in check.

Benefits of app like Practo

There are many benefits to developing an app like Practo. Firstly, it provides a convenient and user-friendly solution for appointment booking and management, making it easier for users to access healthcare services. Secondly, the app streamlines the entire process, reducing wait times and increasing efficiency for both patients and healthcare providers. Thirdly, businesses can benefit from increased revenue by leveraging features like in-app advertising and premium subscriptions. Lastly, an app like Practo can help businesses establish a strong online presence, making it easier to attract and retain customers.

Benefits of an App Like Practo

1. Convenience and User-friendliness: An app like Practo simplifies the task of booking appointments, making healthcare access more convenient for patients. Its user-friendly interface and simple navigation enhance the user experience, encouraging repeated use.

2. Efficiency and Time-saving: By streamlining the appointment process, an app like Practo saves time for both patients and healthcare providers. It reduces wait times and improves the efficiency of healthcare delivery.

3. Revenue Generation: An app like Practo presents various opportunities for revenue generation. Businesses can monetize the app through in-app advertising or by offering premium subscriptions to users.

4. Strong Online Presence: Developing an app like Practo helps businesses establish a robust online presence. It aids in attracting and retaining customers, therefore enhancing the company’s market position.

5. Customer Engagement: An app like Practo can foster customer engagement through features like notifications, reminders, and personalized recommendations.

6. Data Collection and Analysis: Lastly, an app like Practo can serve as a valuable tool for data collection and analysis. Businesses can use it to gather insights about user behavior, preferences, and trends, which can guide future strategies and decision-making processes.

How Much Does it Cost to build an app like Practo?

Developing a comprehensive healthcare app like Practo involves various factors that influence the overall cost. The cost to create such an app can vary widely depending on the features, platforms (iOS, Android, or both), and the region where the development takes place. Typically, the cost to develop an app with basic functionality starts around $20,000 to $35,000, but more sophisticated features such as in-app purchases, cloud storage, real-time analytics, and advanced security can push the cost to build upwards of $50,000 to $100,000 or more. Additional expenses for maintenance, updates, and marketing must also be considered in the cost to make the app successful in the long run.

Feature Set Development Platform Region Cost to Develop
Basic Functionality iOS / Android / Both North America $20,000 – $35,000
Intermediate Functionality iOS / Android / Both Europe $35,000 – $50,000
Advanced Features iOS / Android / Both Asia $50,000 – $100,000+
Full Suite (Enterprise) Cross-platform (iOS & Android) All Regions $100,000 – $200,000+

Note: Costs are estimations and may vary based on the complexity, chosen platform, location of development team, and additional custom features.

How can iTechnolabs help you to build an app like practo?

iTechnolabs is a leading mobile app development company that specializes in creating apps like Practo. Our team of experienced developers and designers can help you achieve your goal of developing an efficient, user-friendly, and cost-effective appointment booking app. We offer end-to-end services, from ideation to launch, to ensure that your app meets all your business needs and requirements.

Our process begins with understanding your business model and target audience, followed by a thorough analysis of the market and competition. We then design a prototype that incorporates all the necessary features and functionalities. Our developers use cutting-edge technology to bring the prototype to life, ensuring high performance and seamless user experience.

At iTechnolabs, we follow a systematic approach to help you build an app like Practo:

1. Understand Your Needs: We start by gaining a thorough understanding of your unique business needs, objectives, and target audience. Through in-depth discussions and research, we delve into the intricacies of your industry and identify the specific challenges and opportunities that your app can address. This comprehensive understanding allows us to shape the overall strategy and direction of the app, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your business goals.

2. Market Research: A deep dive into your market and competitive landscape equips us with the knowledge necessary to make your app stand out from the crowd. We analyze market trends, user preferences, and competitor strategies to identify untapped opportunities and areas of differentiation. This valuable market research forms the foundation for crafting a compelling app that not only meets but exceeds user expectations.

3. Prototyping: Based on our thorough understanding and extensive research, we meticulously design a prototype that encapsulates all the necessary features and functions your app will need to succeed. Our experienced designers work closely with you to create an intuitive user interface and seamless user experience. The prototype serves as a visual representation of the app’s functionality and allows for valuable feedback and iteration before entering the development phase.

4. Development: Our team of skilled developers utilizes the latest technologies and industry best practices to transform the prototype into a feature-rich, high-performing app. We follow agile development methodologies to ensure a streamlined and efficient process, delivering a top-notch app within the specified timeline. With a keen focus on scalability and maintainability, we build a robust foundation that supports future enhancements and updates.

5. Testing: Quality is paramount to us, which is why we subject the app to rigorous testing at every stage of development. Our dedicated QA team employs various testing methodologies, including functional testing, performance testing, and usability testing, to identify and rectify any issues that could potentially impact the app’s performance or user experience. By ensuring a bug-free and seamless app, we guarantee a delightful experience for your users.

6. Launch and Post-Launch Support: Our commitment goes beyond the app’s release into the market. We provide comprehensive support during the launch phase and beyond, handling any unforeseen challenges or issues that may arise. Our team is readily available to address user feedback, implement updates, and ensure the smooth operation of the app. We strive to establish a long-term partnership with you, supporting your app’s success throughout its lifecycle.

7. Data Analysis and Iteration: We understand that the app’s journey doesn’t end with its launch. By collecting and analyzing user data, we gain valuable insights into user behavior, preferences, and usage patterns. This data-driven approach allows us to continually refine and improve your app, aligning it more closely with evolving user needs and market trends. Through regular iterations and updates, we ensure that your app remains competitive and stays ahead of the curve.

Are you seeking a healthcare application development company?


Choosing iTechnolabs for an App Like Practo comes with myriad benefits that make us an ideal choice for your project. Our expertise in healthcare app development empowers us to craft applications that are feature-rich, user-friendly, and compliant with healthcare regulations, ensuring a trustworthy product for your end-users. We are proficient in emerging technologies, utilizing AI, machine learning, and blockchain to create innovative solutions that distinguish your app from competitors. Our cost-effective services ensure high-quality outcomes within your budget, catering to startups and established businesses alike. Moreover, we believe in transparent communication throughout the project, keeping you in the loop at every stage of development. With iTechnolabs, you can expect a reliable partnership, superior quality, and a healthcare app designed to exceed expectations.

1. Healthcare App Development Expertise: Our deep understanding of healthcare app development allows us to create applications that are rich in features, user-friendly, and compliant with healthcare regulations — ensuring your end users receive a trustworthy product.

2. Proficiency in Emerging Technologies: We leverage emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning, and blockchain to develop innovative solutions, setting your app apart from the competition.

3. Cost-effective Services: Our affordable services are designed to deliver high-quality outcomes without breaking the bank. We cater to startups and established businesses alike, ensuring the best value for your money.

4. Transparent Communication: At iTechnolabs, we believe in maintaining open lines of communication throughout the project. We keep you updated at every stage of development, ensuring a collaborative and transparent partnership.

5. Reliable Partnership: When you choose iTechnolabs, you’re not just choosing a service provider, but a reliable partner. We are committed to your app’s success, offering ongoing support throughout its lifecycle.

6. Superior Quality: We are dedicated to delivering superior quality in every aspect of our work. With a Technolabs healthcare app, you can expect to exceed user expectations and make a significant impact on the market.


With our expertise in healthcare app development, proficiency in emerging technologies, cost-effective services, transparent communication, reliable partnership, and a commitment to superior quality – iTechnolabs is your one-stop solution for creating an app like Practo within your budget.


What should I do if I have an idea for an app?

If you have an idea for an app, the first step is to conduct thorough market research to identify your target user base and examine the competition. Next, protect your idea with the appropriate intellectual property rights, such as patents or trademarks. Then, create a detailed business plan that includes your app’s concept, marketing strategy, revenue model, and a timeline for development. It’s important to design a wireframe or prototype of your app to visualize its functionality and layout. Finally, explore options for app development, whether by learning to code, hiring a developer or a app development company, or using app-building platforms. Remember to test your app extensively and gather user feedback for continuous improvement. Once your app is ready, launch it on the appropriate app stores and implement a robust marketing strategy to promote it.

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