How to Build a Calm Like Meditation App for Startups

how to build a calm like meditation app for startups itechnolabs

Smartphone users have long used this strategy to concentrate or to just lead stress-free lives. They frequently blame mobile applications for the worry and distraction they experience on a daily basis. But as mindfulness applications became available, this viewpoint was significantly altered. Users of mobile apps like the Calm meditation app meditate and lead peaceful lives. They serve as a shining illustration of how smartphone apps may keep you alert, rested, and productive all day long.

The market for mindfulness meditation apps has grown at an unprecedented rate as a result of rising demand, particularly since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out. With the help of top app development companies, meditation applications like Calm have not only helped users live calm lives online but also shown that it is a wise move to enter this market.

However, it is advisable to be aware of the rationale for this popularity before you or anybody else thinks in this way and embarks in the development of a yogic breathing similar to Calm. Or, maybe more accurately, being aware of the market size for Calm like meditation apps. A brief overview of which will be discussed in the article’s following part.

The Unrealistic Growth of the Market for Mindfulness Apps

the unrealistic growth of the market for mindfulness apps itechnolabs

The popularity of mindfulness meditation applications has increased as users have turned more and more toward a healthy way of living. The surge in popularity of meditation applications is being caused by the stress of work and life, as well as a flurry of social and personal commitments that affect daily energy levels and interfere with sleep. The market for developing mindfulness apps has grown as a result of the following two significant factors:

1. Awareness of Anxiety and Mental Healthcare

Today, between 75 and 90 percent of Americans see doctors for stress-related problems, and 13% of children exhibit symptoms of social phobia as a result of stress.

As a result, meditation is becoming more and more popular as a way for people to enhance their mental health and become aware of the negative consequences of stress. Anything that is encouraging the market for developing mindfulness apps.

2. Use of smart watches and screens has increased

People now have the chance to keep a real-time log of their mental health and general wellbeing thanks to the rise in smartwatches and smart screens. As a result, individuals use mindfulness-based relaxation apps like Calm whenever they are depressed or worried. The booming market for relaxation apps is once more benefited by this. Now that you are aware of the motivations for the creation of mindfulness applications like Tranquil or HeadSpace, let’s discuss the top mindfulness meditation apps available today.

3. Leading Market Participants in Mindfulness Meditation

The market performance of the top mindfulness meditation applications, including Mental space to Healthier, Buddhify, Knowledge Timeline, Joyful Mind, and The Zen App, is incredible. However, we will only discuss the Calm app in this article.

Concerning the Calm Like Meditation App

Since its first release as a meditation app in 2012, Calm has experienced tremendous growth in popularity as a tool for relaxing and getting a good night’s sleep. Over 100 million people have downloaded the app, and as of right present, there are over 4 million paid users. It has additionally been dubbed the “Top Grossing” Health and Fitness App and the “World’s Happiest App.” The simple operation of this programme is commendable.

Demand and acceptance of Calm like meditation apps as well as rules for creating mood tracking apps have both dramatically increased. Let’s look more closely at what it takes to create our own meditation app since Calm is such an excellent example of one that works.

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How to create a Calm Like Meditation App

how to create a calm like meditation app itechnolabs

The following procedures must be followed in order to create a successful meditation app.

1. Before you begin, decide on a corporate plan.

Making a successful app starts with deciding what your users will get. App concepts must be worthwhile and distinctive to thrive. There are currently yoga apps, mental health trackers, music meditation apps, and other types of relaxing meditation applications available.

2. Competitive Analysis and Research

Finding your competitors comes next after selecting an app concept. If you want your programme to stand out in the marketplace, you must be aware of the industry leaders. To learn more about the best meditation apps available, read user reviews. A superior product will be the eventual consequence.

3. Pick the Right Platform

You must make your software compatible with both Android and iOS in order to use it. However, this will unquestionably drive up the price of creating an app. So, if money is tight, you could just create an Android or iOS app. You can therefore enhance your service and make it accessible on yet another platform.

4. Design an MVP

When testing your app idea, think about developing a minimal viable product (MVP) that won’t cost a lot of money (MVP). An MVP, as the name implies, is a product’s initial release that only offers the most fundamental set of features. It determines whether a product will be a commercial success or not. You also give consumers the opportunity to contribute to the development of MVP software. You might solicit comments and recommendations from your clients in order to gain a better understanding of what they desire.

In order to include the most requested features, you could conserve money and study user behavior in the second stage of development.

When developing an MVP, it’s preferable to stay away from complicated features like in-app purchases, live video streaming, and conversations. Instead, your app’s MVP has to include the following:

  • Establishing an account by registering
  • Creating a user profile
  • Monitoring progress Video or slide introduction
  • An archive of carefully chosen meditations.

5. Choose the Proper UI/UX Approach

It’s crucial to consider how you can best help folks who experience disorders like stress, anxiety, and depression while developing an app like Calm. In this case, choosing the appropriate UI/UX strategy is crucial. A website’s poor navigation, cluttered style, and several other problems are more likely to cause users with mental health conditions, such as anxiety or depression, to leave. Now, it is the time to involve UX/UI professionals.

6. Test out your application.

A comprehensive testing step is required to make sure the app functions correctly across all platforms. There must be no significant flaws in the software that would cause it to crash during testing, and all app capabilities must operate as intended.

7. Release the application to the Play Store or App Store.

Once you are satisfied with how your programme is performing, you may submit it to the Android or iOS app stores. It is possible to submit apps to the Google Play and Apple App Store, although this isn’t always the case. Your business strategy should be in line with Google’s and Apple’s requirements as well as their developer policies.

It is still worthwhile to submit an application for the programme despite all of these limitations. By uploading your mindful meditation to the App Store and Google Play, you might reach millions of potential customers around the world.

8. Examine the Levels of User Engagement

You need to pay close attention to how people use your product after it is out. There are a few things to be aware of about the app’s user experience, such as:

  • Is there anything stopping them from advancing?
  • How much time do they need to finish a task?
  • Turnover and retention rates
  • The average revenue per user and app stickiness are additional essential economic KPIs (ARPU)

Features Must have Calm Like Meditation App

features must have calm like meditation app itechnolabs

The features that users often expect from a meditation app are listed in this section. Long-term user engagement and retention for your mindfulness app will be aided by the following features:

1. Making a profile

The most important aspect you should concentrate on while developing a Calm-clone software is profile creation.

Users will be able to build their own profiles on the application, as implied by the feature’s name, where they may view and keep all the information about them or the activities they have engaged in.

2. Bedtime Stories

The best stories that calm the body and mind and promote sound sleep are available to users under this category.

3. Orientation Tutorials

To help novices, this feature will provide introductory classes and activities. These onboarding tutorials cover the fundamentals of meditation and associated exercises along with detailed instructions for how to use this app to its fullest potential. Such starting tutorials need to be clear and visually appealing in order to give app users quick answers.

4. The Library of Meditation

There should be thousands or perhaps hundreds of meditation sessions in your collection. Each user should be provided with sessions that are appropriate for them after you categorize them. You should indicate how long each session will last, its category, and other details so consumers know what to anticipate. Soothing music, bedtime tales, and other materials can be found in an app library for sleep meditation.

5. Individual Information

Users will be able to monitor their progress in regular meditation thanks to this function. If you integrate with wearables, you can also display statistics from fitness trackers and smartwatches to indicate how a user’s sleep quality changes over time. Personal statistics should be presented visually, therefore pay attention to data visualization and incorporate animations.

6. Observations

The smartphone app will send users various reminders for leading stress-free lives under this category. This contains suggestions for mindfulness exercises, sleep, and app check-ins.

7. Chat assistance

If any of your users have inquiries, they can do them directly through your app. An automated chatbot that can respond to simple inquiries can be used to create chat support. For trickier questions, you can ask your support staff for assistance.

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Do You Want to Build a Calm Like Meditation App for Your Startup?

do you want to build a calm like meditation app for your startup itechnolabs

On paper, creating a smartphone application like Calm seems simple and profitable. But when it comes to reality, there are numerous obstacles to overcome. Your software must offer exceptional features that are both distinctive and of the highest caliber to draw in users.

Since many people currently use HeadSpace, Calm, and other well-known apps, you require expert advice on how to wisely develop the app and successfully introduce it to the market.

And iTechnolabs, the best mobile app development company in USA, can assist you in creating a meditation app that is as popular as HeadSpace and Calm. We have skilled designers and developers who can add amazing features to your app and help you triumph in the competition.

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