Cost To Develop A Fitness Mobile App- A Complete Guide

cost to develop a fitness mobile app a complete guide itechnolabs

Having a mobile app for your business is considered the utmost necessity these days. No matter what type of service, or product you deliver to your customers, you have to have an app. It gives you a chance to cater to customers at a broader scale. 

While there are many categories of apps available in the market, fitness mobile apps are among one of the most common, and trendy ones. Anytime availability, rapid results, and direct consultation are some of the reasons for their preference. But, getting your fitness mobile app is way more complicated. 

So, if you are a business that wants to develop a fitness mobile app, and want to get cost analysis, here is your one-stop guide. But, first, let’s understand what a fitness mobile app is, and what features you can accommodate in your fitness mobile app.

What is a Fitness Mobile App? 

Fitness Mobile App is an application that helps users in their fitness journey. These apps can have functionalities of tracking calorie counts, consultation from fitness trainers, nutrition tips, exercise recommendations, and whatnot! If you are in the process of developing a fitness mobile app, you can consider any type of feature set for your fitness mobile app. 

While there is a range of features, businesses these days are also considering unique features like tracking, and measuring the number of calories consumed, an activity chart, etc. And, once you decide to develop a fitness mobile app, and are ready with a list of features you need to accommodate, the next step is analyzing costs. Let’s discuss this! 

Cost to Develop a Fitness Mobile App

cost to develop a fitness mobile app itechnolabs

On a broader scale, the cost to develop a fitness mobile app can vary. It can go high as well as low. But, one can get a better idea by considering a range of factors. Some of these factors are- 

1. Custom/Native UI Design 

If you want to develop a fitness mobile app that stands out from the already available plethora of like apps, you have to deliver a UI that speaks. And, that’s where costs can vary! 

To optimize the UI, if you want to amalgamate complex elements in an app that need specialized integrations and APIs, the costs can go higher accordingly. However, if you want to keep the budget controlled, make sure you plan accordingly, and keep your UI simple. But, once you plan UI to be advanced, you have to bear the costs. 

2. Complexity of Features

While one can also develop a fitness mobile app with basic features, to win over competitors, the incorporation of features that make the app stand out is essential for success. You can leverage AI, or Artificial Intelligence technology for this as well. 

And, depending on these factors, the costs can vary. If you get your app incorporated with such technologies, the costs can go slightly off the rails. So, plan it accordingly. 

3. Hiring Freelancers vs Agency

Developing a fitness mobile app is challenging. One cannot do it if not trained and expert to do so. That’s where hiring a specialized person, or agency becomes important. 

Hiring individual developers, or a freelancer can be more cost-effective. And, giving responsibility for your fitness mobile app to an agency can be a bit more costly. But, the cost justifies the support one gets. On one hand, freelancers only support while developing, and often are unable to provide any other services like integration facilities, API build-up, maintenance support, etc. And, on the other hand, agencies can help in mapping, planning, and even launching phases of fitness mobile apps.

 A well-established and trusted app development company can also make your after-launching phase easy and managed. That’s where a hiring agency can make a difference. But, it all depends on your budget. Look for app development companies providing mobile apps within your budget. In this way, you can save up costs as well as get all the support you need for developing your fitness mobile app. 

4. Platform Compatibility 

The more you make your app complex, the costs will go higher. For instance, if you are planning to have an app that is for android only, or iOS only, the costs will comparatively be less if you go for an app that works compatible with both android as well as iOS platforms. 

Further, if you add up more complexity, and also get the web app versions developed, this will cost you even more. So, sit back, and map your requirements with the budget. Once you reach the middle ground, take your fitness mobile app into the development phase. 

5. App Developer’s Location

While many will think location doesn’t play a major role, it surely does. To develop a fitness mobile app, the location of the freelancer, or app development company you hire plays a significant role. As the agencies, and freelancers majorly charge in their local currencies, hiring people who are not from your location can sometimes cost you extra bucks. 

For instance, consider that you are from India, and deal in INR. But, you hire a freelancer, or app development company that charges in dollars. The costs can go a lot higher. To avoid this, either hire app developers, or agencies from your location or from the sources where you can get the services charged in your local currency. This can help you get the best app development services that are right within your budget! 

6. Security Requirements

If you want to develop a fitness mobile app, it has to be secure, and safe for users. And, sometimes, building a secure app is not that easy. You have to amalgamate tools, integrations, and even data intelligence principles to make the app extra secure. 

All this costs heavy amounts of money. That’s where you need to prioritize. Get your app incorporated with optimum safety checks, and two-factor authentication. Don’t try to stuff it with the kive security integrations. 

7. Maintenance Requirements

Maintaining an app is one of the most cumbersome tasks any app owner can have. And, sometimes this can also gulp up your money. But, as maintenance is an important concern, and cannot be avoided, it is advised to look for some checkpoints to make sure you don’t get overcharged for maintenance. 

Generally, app maintenance is always offered by the developer, or agency you hired to develop a fitness mobile app. Sometimes, there can be monthly maintenance chargers, or yearly. Depending on the budget, services, and app data, leverage for one that suits you on all parameters. 

These were the factors that affect how much it will cost you to develop a fitness mobile app. But, things are not finished here! Here are some of the other checkpoints to make sure you get your mobile fitness app at an affordable cost!

  • Look for the average price for mobile app development in the market. Invest a sheer amount of research in estimating costs way before hiring a developer, or agency for the same. 
  • Also look for the options of app collaborations, and referrals. This can reduce your costs. For instance, you can reach software development companies who can negotiate the price for you in return for referrals, and their name on your app. Consider these options as well if you want to save some costs. 
  • Just because you want to get your app developed at reasonable costs, don’t compromise on the quality of the app. Keep a proper budget for the maintenance of the app. 

But, even keeping all these checkpoints in mind doesn’t ensure you get to develop a fitness mobile app on a budget. And, sometimes things go over the available costs. What if we tell you there are ways you can make your app profitable? 

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Ways to Make Your Fitness Mobile App Profitable

When your app development costs you way more than you thought, you can still make it profitable. That’s where the revenue model becomes important! 

For fitness mobile apps, there can be arrangements of revenue models. If you are helping users to get customized diet plans, and exercise schedules, you can charge accordingly. Or, if you are rewarding them for achieving certain fitness goals, you can keep subscription fees on this model. 

Apart from these, you can keep the short-term, or long-term subscription models on apps. In this way, you can gain the trust of users, which will satisfy your revenues. Explore other revenue models available as well, and choose the one that suits best your budget, offerings, and potential audience. 

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do you want to develop a fitness mobile app itechnolabs

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