How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Mobile Healthcare App?

how much does it cost to develop a mobile healthcare app itechnolabs

Healthcare services are becoming more expensive all over the globe, with a particular focus on advanced nations like the United States. The demand for digital health solutions is growing rapidly across the nation.

The increasing number of COVID-19-related cases is another explanation for the swift expansion of the digital health business. App downloads of mHealth have been up by 60% across the globe since the beginning of COVID-19. According to statistics, the mHealth market is estimated at $45 billion and due to the emergence of COVID-19 the market is projected to exceed 100 billion dollars by the time of 2021. The popularity of mHealth apps is enticing organizations and startups to design the most effective medical apps for the health industry and make huge profits. This article will provide a full guide to developing mobile apps for healthcare and also the costs of developing a mobile health application.

What exactly are the mHealth applications and what do they accomplish?

The mobile health app is a digital program that aids patients monitor their health, while also assisting doctors to provide remote consultations to patients.

The advantages of mobile health applications are:

  • Mobile health apps can provide virtual consultations
  • Reduces the frequency of visits to the clinic
  • Health apps for mobile devices allow patients to gain access to their health information fast
  • The patient can receive personalized treatment recommendations based on the symptoms
  • Help patients monitor and track the health status of their patients
  • Make sure to remind the pill intake
  • Secure data storage
  • Expert advice and quick diagnosis

Principal Types of mHealth applications

principal types of mhealth applications itechnolabs

The cost to create an app for medical purposes that works on Android and iOS is contingent upon the kind you pick. It is important to note that the medical apps you choose may not offer the same set of features. The added features and functions the app offers may differ.

In this article, we’ll examine the most popular medical apps or healthcare kinds. Let’s get started.

1. Apps for mHealth to manage medication

These apps for managing medication remind patients when to take their medicines. Additionally, these apps inform users about the time of their injections and exercise.

iTechnolabs, the best medicine management app developer in both the USA and Canada can develop applications for managing the consumption of medications.

2. EHR Apps

Medical apps to manage the Electronic Health Records (EHR) of patients are among the most popular on the market. Organizing and storing such a large amount of patient health information manually is not an easy task. However, smart healthcare apps can do it remarkably.

The data stored by EHR helps doctors see and diagnose their patients immediately. Doctors can use it to recommend the right medication to patients.

The top EHR mobile medical applications also aid doctors in sharing the details of their patient’s medical records or other healthcare providers electronically.

3. Medical applications are available for Doctor Consultation

Technology advancements have enabled mobile apps to be more efficient and smart. A handful of the best mobile health apps allow users to make doctor’s appointments at hospitals across the city.

The top medical software available in both the USA and Canada will also send out notifications to users about scheduled appointments.

4. Telehealth Service

The most widely used medical app is Telehealth. It allows patients or staff members to communicate with the doctor without going to an office. These apps are helpful for patients who can’t go to hospitals or live in rural regions.

5. Symptom Checker

In the current COVID-19 pandemic, the development of the mHealth app to detect diseases by looking for symptoms is useful and lucrative as well. These mobile apps also aid patients to find the closest lab to test their health status.

6. Remote Patient Monitoring

Medical apps also permit doctors to keep track of the health of their patients at any point. Patients can get medical attention in the event of an emergency. These health apps can be beneficial to patients with chronic illnesses to monitor important health issues like heart rate and blood pressure. They can access their medical records and instantly receive medical attention from their physicians.

These are just a few most popular kinds of health apps, also known as mHealth apps. There are additional medical apps referred to as pregnancy apps (for keeping track of baby’s development) Diabetes applications for mobile devices (for checking the levels of blood sugar) weight loss applications (for keeping track of fitness) and many more.

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The Step-by-step Development Process Of Healthcare Apps

A clear and precise plan or development plan is essential to ensure the development of each stage with more attention. An innovative and tested method for developing apps reduces time spent on development and money as well as aids in the speedy launch of apps.

Let’s go through a step-by-step procedure that top mobile app developers use:

  • Request gathering: The process of analyzing requirements for apps
  • Analyzing competitors: To create an app that is unique and providing that the app has growth potential
  • Selection of platforms: For devices that support devices and platforms that are compatible
  • Conceptualization and planning: The process of creating an app development strategy to create native, web-based, or hybrid applications
  • UX/UI design: Create a striking user interface
  • Development of apps: Development of app components
  • Q.A.: Testing of HTML0’s code for mistakes
  • App deployment: Submission of the app to the app store and on clients’ servers
  • Assistance and Maintenance: Tracking is available 24/7 to monitor app performance and function

How Much Does it Cost to Develop A Mobile Healthcare App?

how much does it cost to develop a mobile healthcare app

Let’s examine the influences on the development cost of online health applications.

1. App Design

The design phase will affect the cost of development for an app for healthcare.

No matter how simple or complicated your application is, switching your app from wireframes into a user interface requires more time and more innovative mobile app developers.

But, the creation of the mHealth app that has a simple layout is much less costly than the more complex design.

2. App Features

The cost of development of popular applications in the field of healthcare mostly depends on the features and functions you add to the application. That means apps with more sophisticated features and intricate functions will be more expensive than developing an application for healthcare with only basic capabilities.

When you are adding features, ensure that the feature you have added is important to your app, or not.

3. Development Platform

It’s the second important aspect that determines the development costs of your mHealth application. The platform you choose for developing your app (Android or iOS) that you select will determine the cost of your application.

For instance, developing an individual healthcare application using an iOS platform will cost less than developing your app using an Android operating system. Because of the growing share of the Android market share the development of mobile apps using the Android OS can be costly however, it is profitable.

4. Development Time

The time required to create an application directly influences the price. This means that the time it takes to launch an app is a key aspect that affects the costs of developing apps. Any delays in projects or changes in the integration of third-party elements will delay timelines and add to the development cost.

5. Developer Expertise & Team Size

Top mobile app development firms that have extensive experience in the industry and the resources needed to deliver an excellent mHealth application on time. Mobile app developers with smaller teams must find more talented people to fill the skills gap within the development team. This could increase the cost of app development.

iTechnolabs has been ranked among the most reputable mobile app development firms located in Canada as well as the USA. We are a group of highly skilled design and app development experts that create futuristic health applications for companies.

6. Compliance and Regulations

As with other mobile applications, mHealth apps need to be designed in accordance with the requirements of regulatory bodies that are in the country. In the event that they do not, legal sanctions could be imposed on your app, based on the company’s size.

iTechnolabs creates safe and compliant Android Apps, iOS Apps as well as Hybrid Apps for the digital health sector at a reasonable cost. Let’s Talk.

There are several important aspects that impact the design price of the mHealth application.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, the cost of development for creating a mHealth application could differ depending on the location of mobile app creators. The cost per hour of resources differs from country to nation.

Based on our experience with the development of mobile applications, basic digital health apps on one platform can cost anywhere from $45,000 to $80,000. The price of more complicated mHealth apps that are compatible with several platforms will range from $80,000-120,000 (for only the development stage). In other words, an all-inclusive error-free healthcare application from the pre-build stage to its launch and upkeep will cost around $400K.

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Do You Want to Cost To Develop A Mobile Healthcare App?

do you want to cost to develop a mobile healthcare app itechnolabs

The creation of a custom health app is essential for this epidemic. As a leader in medical mobile app development, iTechnolabs develops results-driven mHealth solutions for healthcare service providers.

Are you planning to develop an app that is mobile-friendly? Are you looking to know the cost of development of developing a health app that works on Android as well as iOS?

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