A Key Difference Between Flutter vs Android Studio 2024 [Updated]


At present, it is evident that the market for mobile phones is expanding. We can see that each day, every mobile firm launches a new model. The rapid growth of the mobile market has resulted in a surge in the development of mobile apps. Developers use various kinds of software for mobile app development. Both Android Studio and Flutter differ from one another because Flutter makes use of Dart to program in, while android utilizes Java and Kotlin as its programming language.

The Android Studio is part of the “Integrated Development Environment” (IDE) technology stack. It’s an entirely new Android app development built completely upon the surroundings. The initial motivation for the creation of an Android development business stemmed from a concern about the environment. It’s built on top of IntelliJ IDEA, as well.

Flutter is known by the term “Cross-Platform Mobile Development” instead of “Flutter.” Flutter is a software developer kit (SDK) for mobile applications developed to help developers.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an application development toolkit (SDK) to build modern mobile apps that work on both iOS and Android that aids designers and developers alike. It is classified under “Cross-Platform Mobile Development“. Flutter is generally classified under the category of mobile development that is cross-platform.

Flutter’s advantages include fast application creation as well as a fast restart feature that allows you to find and fix problems. Another benefit for Flutter’s users is that SDKs give users native capabilities and let them use or restore the previous Javascript, swift, or ObjC-based code. Numerous companies, including Alibaba, Google Ads, eBay, BMW, Tencent, and Groupon use the flutter studio across the globe.

How Flutter Works?

Flutter provides a Shell that is compatible with Dart. Dart programming language. The Shell is specific to the platform, giving the ability to access native APIs as well as hosting the specific platform’s canvas. Additionally, there is an embedded API in case you use flutter as a host rather than hosting. Furthermore, the Shells help in communicating with IMEs as well as the lifecycle events of the system application.

The engine is able to provide Dart Timer, Skia, Platform Channels, and many other features. The engine’s architecture diagram is accessible on the Flutter Wiki. It’s also inside the Flutter Platform Shell.

Flutter App Development can be used in conjunction with existing applications. Free and open-source software is extensively used by developers and companies around the world. Hire Flutter App Developers to create faster and reduces the total costs and complexity of the design. Designers can benefit from Flutter because it lets them offer their ideas without having to sacrifice anything. There are many brands like Alibaba, Hamilton, Coach Yourself, Hookle, and CryptoGraph as examples of apps that are successful that were created with the help of the Flutter studio.

What is Android Studio?

Android Studio is a part of the “Integrated Development Environment” (IDE) technology stack. The company’s creators describe Android Studio as an “Android development environment centered on IntelliJ IDEA.” Android Studio formerly named ADT (Android Development Tools) is a new tool that adds capabilities and enhancements to Eclipse.

Android Studio features include a built-in Gradle-based framework that’s extremely versatile and easy to use. It was created using a range of APK versions over the years of various generations. A more extensive template that supports Google services, as well as other kinds of gadgets, is also included within the package. Android Studio is one development platform that lets you develop applications for Android tablets, phones, Android Wear Android TV Android Auto, as well as Android Auto.

Key Differences Between Flutter Vs Android Studio


With Flutter, you receive a mobile application SDK. However, using Android Studio, you get new features and enhancement ideas in the wake of the eclipse. This is known by the Android Development Tools. Contrary to Android Studio, Flutter is classified as “Cross-Platform Mobile Development,” while Android Studio is part of the “Integrated Development Environment”. Alongside being able to use or reuse existing Javascript, Swift, and ObjC codes, Flutter gives you its native features of the other SDKs. Android Studio provides you with an extremely flexible and easy-to-use framework based on Gradle. To aid designers and developers in the creation of mobile apps that work on each iOS and Android Flutter created.

However, Android Studio was built with various APK versions from different generations. Additionally, it comes with an expanded template that can work with Google services as well as a wide range of gadgets.

We have discussed the differences between Flutter vs. Android Studio in a comparison table so that you can easily see the differences.

Flutter Studio Android Studio
Flutter is also known as the mobile software development kit for applications. Android Studio is frequently used to compare with the ADT (Android Developer Tool); Android Studio provides new features and suggestions to improve in the wake of an eclipse.
Flutter appears to have its own definition and it can be described as “Cross-Platform Mobile Development.” Android Studio comes with the tech stack category of “Integrated Development Environment.”
Flutter lets you access the native apps as well as other SDKs because it allows you to use or even reuse existing swift, javascript as well as object-code, in addition to other languages. Android studio offers an option that relies on Gradle which is very versatile and easy to use since it was already developed.
It’s intended to assist designers and developers in creating mobile applications that are based on an established pattern for iOS as well as Android devices. Android Studio is built with variations as well as a variety of APK versions from various generations.
In Flutter Studio, the applications are being made at a rapid speed. It has a feature called hot reload. It lets you simply and swiftly experiment with various settings, and then fix any issues that occur. It also comes with an expanded template that works with Google services and various other kinds of devices.
Hybrid Heroes, Policygenius, and plutonic GmbH companies use Flutter. Some of the most well-known companies that utilize Android Studio include Google, Lyft, and 9GAG.
Flutter is included in 42 stacks for companies as well as the developer stacks of 146. Android Studio is referenced in 928 business stacks as well as 692 developer stacks, which indicates that it’s well-loved.

Flutter Vs Android Studio

With Flutter, you are able to make the most powerful cross-platform apps that are available. Both have advantages and disadvantages which are unique to each. While Android Studio is a fantastic tool, Flutter’s Hot Load functionality is better than Android Studio in many ways. In conjunction with Android Studio, it is possible to create native Android applications that have more features than cross-platform apps and thus are more preferred to apps developed with cross-platform.

Applications developed using flutter behave like native applications. Flutter provides a myriad of benefits that are beneficial to the development of applications and business development generally. Flutter is an excellent choice for those who want to create mobile apps specifically tailored to your particular needs and requirements, as well as high-performance mobile apps for both iOS as well as Android.

Which Framework are you planning to Choose?

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Flutter vs Android Studio

Android Studio and Flutter have been proven to be contemporary applications that are getting better and better. The entire process of Android development is influenced by the environment. 

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Frequently Asked Questions For the Difference Between Flutter vs Android Studio

1. What is the difference between Flutter and Android Studio?

The differences between Android Studio and Flutter are listed below. Have a look –

  • Flutter is a software development kit (SDK) for cross-platform app development, whereas Android Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) that facilitates the development of Android applications.
  • Flutter has been widely used to build applications for multiple platforms using a single codebase. On the other hand, Android Studio builds dynamic applications for all the devices available in the Android ecosystem.
  • The programming language used by Flutter is Dart, whereas the Android Studio offers its development services using JavaScript and Kotlin for the purpose of app development.
  • A developer may have to put in a lot more effort to learn and have professional expertise in Flutter and its programming language, Dart. However, in case of Android Studio, JavaScript already enjoys huge popularity amongst the developers-kind.
  • Performance-wise, Flutter applications outperform the ones built using Android Studio because Flutter has an effective rendering and animation process which Android Studio clearly lacks.

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