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Be it software developers, UI/UX designers, or QA specialists – through an extended team model, we efficiently and effectively deliver you the services of aptly skilled professionals that your in-house team demands.

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Extended Team Model - When Outsourcing is not an Option

As far as software development is concerned, software development outsourcing services are quite in vogue. With outsourcing, you do not have to fret about so many hassles revolving around software development as your entire software development process will be executed by an outside team of extremely talented professionals. But what if you are already loaded with a highly competent in-house team and just lack a certain skill set or experience needed to carry out your current project? You do a simple thing – you choose an extended team model. Unlike outsourcing, extended development teams facilitate hiring only certain professionals, which your in-house team needs, for the partial or complete duration of the concerned project.  The hired professional or a team of professionals acts as an extended development team and works in tandem with your in-house team in order to complete the project in a stipulated frame of time. For the said project duration, the in-house team and the hired professionals are one team and the latter supplies the former with the right blend of experience and talent. 

Benefits of the Extended Team Model

Redefine your in-house development team with the proficient software development outsourcing services of our skilled developers. 

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Flexible Hiring

Through an extended team model, hire the global talent instantly for the duration of the concerned project.

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Cut short all your in-house employee-related expenditures by hiring the on-demand services of required professionals.

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By deploying the extended development teams, project deadlines will not seem as far-fetched as they are looking now.

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Transparent Approach

Hired professionals are an extension of the in-house team and everything is transparent between the two.

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Hassle-Free Team Building

You can simply throw away the long list of tasks involved in augmentation of your in-house team through direct recruitment.

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Enhanced Security

Security of your data is utmost guaranteed when you expand your team via extended development teams.

Reasons to Choose iTechnolabs for Remote Staff Augmentation

All your in-house development team needs will be aptly met by iTechnolabs. We follow a streamlined approach while facilitating you to choose a competent professional or a team of them via the extended development teams. Hire iTechnolabs’ professionals because of the reasons mentioned as under 

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Top-Notch Technical Skills

iTechnolabs is a home to some of the well-distinguished professionals. When you choose iTechnolabs for IT staff augmentation services, you choose highly reputed and abundantly experienced professionals with high technical prowess.

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Seamless Communication Channels

iTechnolabs makes sure that the communication between you, your in-house team, and your extended team is hassle-free. Constant updates and feedback is ensured between all the parties involved so that the project gets timely delivered.

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On-Demand Scalability

With iTechnolabs, you can extend your in-house app development team anytime, keeping in consideration the various needs at different stages of the development of your project. We offer full flexibility in terms of scalability of your team.

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Efficient Timezone Management

Despite the significant time zone differences, we make sure that your extended team works in tandem with your in-house development team and the determined project completion roadmap. Our extended team can be of utmost use during peak hours.

Extend your Team in 3 Simple Steps

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Assess Your Requirements

The first and the foremost step would be to thoroughly analyse the needs of your in-house development team. We will keep in mind the parameters of skill, talent, and experience while doing the same.

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Candidate Screening and Shortlisting

We hand over to you a list of competent professionals according to the parameters set by you. As per your convenience, you can conduct tests or personal interviews or both to determine the suitability of the candidate.

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Hiring the Suitable Candidates

After complete screening, you hire the candidate that suits the requirements of your in-house team the best. We ease the process of signing any and all the legal formalities involved and handle all other concerns.

Why Choose the Extended Team Model?

Extended teams are saviour when you are looking for apt alternatives to outsourcing. There are a number of advantages associated with an extended team when seeking IT staff augmentation services.  
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Oversee Control over Project Execution

The one thing that can bother you the most with regard to outsourcing and freelancing is the lack of control you can exercise upon the hired team of professionals and freelancers respectively. The concern with regard to lack of control is efficiently solved via the extended team model. 

When you hire an extended team, you are seeking software development . The extended team is obliged to work as a part of your in-house team and has to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations set up by the in-house team. 

With an extended team, you can make sure that there is a seamless communication taking place between the in-house app development team and the members of the extended team. It is done to ensure that strategies and feedback are timely communicated and the project is delivered on its execution deadline.

Reduced App Development Expenditure

Recruitment can be a viable option when it comes to filling the gaps in your in-house software development team. But is it a wise option? Recruitment is a lot of work. It involves getting leads, hiring, training, and other related tasks, which take a lot of time and effort. A significant financial expenditure, including crucial overhead costs, is made for the purpose of recruitment. 

Therefore, how viable it looks, it is better to extend your in-house team rather than recruiting professionals to fill the gaps within. Extended team model allows you to hire suitable professionals only for the duration of the concerned project, enabling you to save a lot of your time, money, and effort. 

With this model, you hire professionals who are already trained to do what you want them to do as an extension of your in-house software development team. Therefore, you need not even think to spend a single penny on training the concerned employees. 

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Hire Talented Professionals

Fill the gaps in your in-house development team with professionals who have so far fared well in every aspect of software development. Experience, skills, dedication – you get an extraordinary blend of all with iTechnolabs. We rightly offer you the best extended team you deserve when seeking software development outsourcing services. Connect with iTechnolabs today and hire adept professionals instantly. 

Why Should You Hire iTechnolabs as Your Team Extension Partner?

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Diverse Expertise

There is hardly any domain of software development in which we do not hold brilliant expertise. Mobile, iOS, android, web, app - we have extraordinary professionals with more than extraordinary skills and experience to fulfil your industry needs.

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With iTechnolabs’ highly flexible hiring models, you can hire talented software professionals at a very reasonable cost. You not only save money from spending over recruitment and training, you also get your extended team at the best price.

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Seamless Communication

We make sure that there is a two-way, free flow of communication between your in-house team and the professionals you hire. Working as a part of your in-house team, our professionals ensure to keep a collaborative mindset throughout.

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Language Proficiency -

Language barriers play a significant role in determining if certain professionals could be your extended team or not. With iTechnolabs, you would easily find professionals with apt linguistic prowess and hence have the ability to fulfil your goals with much ease.

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Instant Hiring

At iTechnolabs, we follow a very rationalised hiring process. With us, you get to choose just the right candidates as an extension to your in-house software development team in an instant so that there is no interruption in your project execution.

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As your team extension partner, iTechnolabs follows very strict confidentiality protocols. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the security of your code and other data while working with our professionals. With us, your confidentiality remains intact.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The extended team model is a model of hiring employees to fill the gaps within the in-house team. 
  • The gaps can be in terms of the necessary skill set or experience of the in-house professionals. 
  • The hired extended team works remotely with the in-house team for the timely and efficient execution of the project. 
  • You get to be in control of your project and its execution with an extended development team.

The key differences between the extended team and the dedicated team have been lined up below. Please take a look – 

  • With the dedicated team model, you hire an entire development team earmarked for your project.

However, when you hire an extended development team, you hire an extension to your in-house development team. 

  • Obviously, hiring a dedicated team is a costly affair as you hire an entire team for development purposes. 

On the other hand, with an extended team model, you choose to use a blend of your in-house and extended team for software development outsourcing services. Therefore, you cut short your expenses. 

  • With a dedicated team, you enjoy full control over the dedicated team and its resources. 

However, when it comes to an extended team, you have a shared control over your extended team. 

  • When you hire a dedicated team, you hire a team of professionals who hold expertise in the complete execution of your project. 

On the other hand, when you hire an extended team, you only need the expertise and experience that your in-house team lacks. 

Given below are some of the benefits of an extended team model. Take a look – 

  • Obviously, an extended team model is a very cost-effective way for the purpose of project development.
  • An extended development team allows you to easily scale your team according to your needs for IT staff augmentation services. 
  • You get to meet your deadlines easily by hiring your extended development team in no time. 
  • You have complete control over the working of your extended team so that your project execution remains on time. 
  • Instead of hiring an entire development team, you get to merely fill the gaps within your in-house development team.

The key characteristics of an extended development team as software development outsourcing services are as follows – 

  • With an extended development team, you get access to a diversity of skill sets and experience
  • You also get access to professionals with top-notch talent and experience. 
  • You can flexibly scale your in-house team as per the dire needs of your projects for a said period of time. 
  • You get to control the project execution of your extended development team

Given below are diverse circumstances where extended teams or outsourcing are feasible options. Take a look – 

  • Obviously, an extended development team is a better choice when you already have your in-house development team and need an extension of it to fill the gaps within
  • On the other hand, outsourcing is a better option for you when you do not have any team and have to indulge in an entire hiring process if not for outsourcing. 

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