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With the increasing demand for flower delivery services, having a flower delivery app can give a boost to your business. With these apps, you can streamline your operations, from order management to online payment and running deals and offers. As a leading flower delivery app development company, iTechnolabs creates visually stunning, feature-rich, and practical apps using the latest technologies. 

Give your customers a memorable experience and make a lasting relationship with them!

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Leverage Flower Delivery App Development And Flourish In Your Industry

The flower delivery tradition has evolved greatly over the years and it’s not just limited to placing orders on phones. With advanced technologies, smartphones, and our mobile apps, it’s no longer just an order and delivery service. Flower delivery has become a part of the gig economy’s innovative pursuits. 

Flower delivery app development is a new-age digital solution for florists to fulfill the flower delivery needs of customers. People can place their flower orders and get them delivered to their doorsteps. With flower delivery apps, customers get immense convenience and florists have endless possibilities to sustain the cutting-edge competition. 

Revolutionize your florist business with iTechnolabs’ comprehensive bouquet delivery software. Our platform adapts to your unique needs, ensuring smooth operations and efficient customer service. 

Enhance your business with us today!

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Impressive Features Of Our Flower Delivery App Development Solution

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Confirm Pickup

Our revolutionary apps offer uninterrupted delivery management to flower stores. They can customize delivery options based on their store’s needs, add delivery partners, and assign them tasks from within the app for faster and more efficient deliveries.

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Integrated Wallet System

All our flower delivery apps are integrated with the e-wallet system to ensure efficient transactions. Customers can choose to make payments online using the in-app wallet seamlessly, regardless of their location.

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Explore Categories

Now organize your product listings in categories and subcategories to make decision-making easier for customers. Categorizing flowers into different labels allows customers to effortlessly find what they are looking for.

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Code Verification

With our code verification app feature, you can assign and track delivery tasks effortlessly, ensuring accurate and timely deliveries. The delivery personnel has to share the code when reaching the store to receive the order.

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Manage Cities

Businesses with stores in multiple cities can now easily manage their orders with our Manage Cities app feature. They can set multiple cities with order details like time zone, country and city code, city latitude, etc.

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Reports And Analytics

Now you can keep a tab on your business performance by checking your insights for analytics. Identify problem areas, fix them, and improve your business sales easily with the app.

Our Flower Delivery App Development Caters To All Your Requirements

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Scalable Tech Stack Solution

How Does the Flower Delivery App Work?

Transform your florist business by going online with our on-demand flower delivery app development services. Deliver fragrance and joy to your customers’ lives while strengthening your relationships with them. Our flower delivery apps provide a dedicated user website and app, allowing customers to place orders seamlessly. With an accurate workflow, you can offer an improved experience, ensuring timely delivery of beautiful and fresh blooms.

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Customers filter out their desired flowers based on categories and subcategories before placing their orders from the app.

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Upon receiving the order from the customer, the store packs the order and assigns a delivery partner.

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The delivery person collects the parcel from the store to deliver it to the specified location by the customer.

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The delivery partner then collects the bill from customers through in-app wallets or other payment modes as per the customer’s preference.

Modules of Our Flower Delivery App

We offer numerous modules in your flower delivery app to help you enhance your customer experience and services.

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Customer App

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Set Destination

Allows your customers to use the app or website to set their delivery destination manually or through Google Maps for quicker delivery.

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Order List

Using this feature, customers can conveniently view their entire order history, including completed, rejected, and ongoing orders, along with product prices and other invoice details.

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Filter Support

Customers can use filters to sort outlets by price, delivery time, and product item, simplifying the search for specific products.

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Check Store Details

Lets users save store details for future reference and check reviews and ratings to make informed purchasing decisions.

Customer Website

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Quick Login

Customers with their accounts on the website can easily sign in using their passwords and email or phone numbers to use the services and check details of their orders or past orders.

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Add Applicable Coupons

Customers enter store or admin-provided promo codes in checkout for discounts or benefits in an online store or app.

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Tip Delivery Personnel

Allows customers to tip delivery partners when ordering, letting them choose the amount and show appreciation for the service.

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Select Multiple Items

Customers can choose various categories and multiple items from the store, and add all of them to the cart for placing an order.

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Store Website

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Add Bank Details

Store owners/managers can add bank account details and can link them to an e-wallet integrated into the platform. They can use the details to settle the payment anytime.

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Modifier Association

Stores can link groups of modifiers to items for customer customization.

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Various Themes

Stores can select light or dark themes for their interface panel, influencing aesthetics and user experience.

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Analyze Reviews

Used to assess customer feedback on orders and delivery to improve service quality and customer satisfaction.

Store App

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Set Popular Category

Store managers can organize and display popular product categories and manage stock levels efficiently, ensuring they meet customer demand without overstocking.

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Order History

Provides a summary of completed, rejected, and pending orders, with detailed invoices, helping store owners in tracking performance and managing inventory.

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Setting Option

The app offers store owners advanced settings to manage delivery charges, taxes, store hours, and more, providing comprehensive control and customization options.

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Set Cancellation Charge

Store owners can add fees for canceling orders to prevent people from canceling orders without a good reason. This helps cover the costs of processing orders and protects the store’s profits.

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Admin Dashboard

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Set Service Rate

Admins can set service rates, including price and minimum fare, using the dashboard. This control is vital for managing offerings and staying competitive in the market.

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Document Verification

Admin oversees and manages essential documents for delivery providers, setting requirements, checking submissions, and editing documents as necessary.

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Cart Information

The dashboard enables admins to view and manage cart orders, active order requests, and other details, providing a comprehensive overview for effective management.

Group 1171280146 5
Promo Code

Administrators can boost sales and attract more buyers by offering special discounts or offers using promotional codes on specific occasions.

Delivery Provider App

Group 1171282593
Easy Registration

Delivery providers can easily register to receive requests from stores by using their social media accounts, ensuring a quick and convenient registration process.

Group 1171282594
Apply Filter

The delivery partner can use filters on their complete history to efficiently view specific information like completed orders, earnings, and orders. Improving decision-making, and overall operations.

Group 1171282595
Sent Message

The delivery partner offers communication options for delivery personnel, allowing them to contact support for assistance or customers for clarification about delivery details, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Group 1171282596
Transaction Request

Delivery providers can transfer earnings from their wallet to the bank through the app by sending a transaction request to the admin for processing.

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Advanced Features Of Flower Delivery Platform

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Apps And Panel Enhancement

You can enhance your flower delivery apps and panels with more advanced features for enhanced convenience.

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Dark Mode and Light Mode Option

Admins and store owners can choose between light and dark mode themes for the panel interfaces.

Group 1171282364 2
Dispatcher Option in Admin Panel

By choosing the available driver and vehicle, admins can assign delivery service to the provider.

Group 1171282364 3
Theme Option in Admin and Store Panels

Select preferred themes from multiple options available in the admin and store panels.

Other Prebuilt Solutions We Offer

Besides flower delivery apps, we also specialize in offering pre-built apps that cater to your business needs. Regardless of your industry, size, or scale, these digital solutions will help you expand your business in the digital space. 

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All In One Delivery

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Marijuana Delivery

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Grocery Delivery

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Ensure Utmost Convenience and Customer Satisfaction With Our High-Quality Flower Delivery App Development Solutions

iTechnolabs, being a promising flower delivery app development company, can build custom and on-demand apps that aim to make your flower delivery business a profitable venture. We develop high-end and feature-rich flower delivery apps that make your business operations smooth and efficient. 

To ease off the burden of running a round-the-clock business, get your app developed by the experts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The basic version of a flower delivery app typically costs between $15,000 to $50,000. However, the cost of developing a flower delivery app may vary depending on several factors: 

  • Complexity and number of features 
  • API integrations
  • Diversity, size, and location of the app development team
  • Frontend and backend design 
  • Duration of development

Get complete details about the cost estimation and process of flower app development in our comprehensive blog. To get an exact quote for your app, get in touch with us.

Yes, we can develop custom flower delivery apps for iOS and Android devices. Simply, share with us your business model and specific requirements and we will deliver a product that matches your needs.

Once we build the app and deliver it to you, we will continue to provide free support and any bug fixing for a specific period. That would be discussed at the time of the project discussion. To continue to get technical support post that, you have to renew your contract. 

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