How much does Cost For Duolingo like App Development? [Updated]

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In an era of advanced technology and the internet, individuals desire to acquire new skills and languages quickly. People are increasingly interested in virtually anything. Consequently, mobile applications are crucial in almost every area. Additionally, enrollment at a university is not required to acquire the local language of any nation.

Mobile applications have simplified the process of learning a new language. As the market expands fast, competition to become the market leader intensifies. Numerous language-learning smartphone programs have established themselves as industry leaders, but Duolingo remains the market leader. This is the reason businesses are looking forward to Duolingo like App Development, to relish benefits. If you are wondering about the same and don’t know where to start, here is a blog post depicting everything right from basics and features to costs needed in Duolingo like App Development. 

So, let’s begin our journey towards Duolingo like App Development by analyzing the cost!

What is Duolingo?

what is duolingos application itechnolabs

Duolingo is a popular language-learning platform with over 300,000 users. It is the most downloaded education app, and its purpose is to make education more accessible, engaging, and free for everybody.

The application is free, consumes little data, and offers rapid results. It helps users learn more than thirty main languages. Duolingo emphasizes innovative methods by delivering a variety of engaging exercises and games.

Factors Influencing the Price of Duolingo like App Development

factors influencing the price of duolingo like app development itechnolabs

The estimated cost of developing an app similar to Duolingo may vary amongst education app development services. Moreover, the following key factors play a significant role:

1. App System

The cost-effectiveness of developing an application for Android, iOS, or both platforms varies. This is due to the needed technology stack, program complexity, and other variables differ for each platform.

2. Frontend development

Some programming languages and frontend development environments are open-source and secure, while others need a charge. In addition, some of them do not allow tech stack customization. All of these factors provide a substantial variance in the cost of developing a mobile app for language learning.

3. Backend development

When it comes to setting up education and mobile web platforms like Duolingo, the cost is raised by backend programming languages, frameworks, hosting servers, etc.

Microservices architecture, as opposed to monolithic, typically results in more expensive but more advanced long-term outcomes. Also, Node.js is more cost-effective than Java.

Similarly, you may save money on app development if you do not require your hired development team to pay for backend hosting services.

4. Design Process

Again, the cost to design a mobile application has an impact on the total cost of building an application. Therefore, it is essential to understand the factors that affect the cost of the Duolingo apps, such as not having a clear vision of which design components to employ, which design tools to prefer, the usage of animation content, and more.

In addition, different businesses charge individually for user personas, UX research, and user journey mapping. In this situation, it is preferable to employ an e-learning app development firm that does not charge extra for research and estimation.

5. Examining

The tools and activities associated with the quality assurance process also contribute to the variance in the total cost of building an app. 

Now, a further breakdown of Duolingo app development costs is dependent on the features incorporated into your eLearning app development.

Must-Have Features When Opting for Duolingo like App Development

must have features when opting for duolingo like app development itechnolabs

To design an application comparable to Duolingo, you must incorporate a sophisticated set of features to ensure high engagement and scalability. These features account for up to sixty percent of the total cost of a Duolingo-like program.

  • Profile and configuration

Profile and Settings is the most important element to consider when creating an education program similar to Duolingo.

Here, users may keep their personal information and view all of their past actions. In addition, customers may modify the shared material or its privacy settings, allowing them to enjoy a secure and fulfilling experience on the site.

  • Curriculum and levels

Here, users may choose from 100 courses pertaining to 40 languages and determine the speed at which they desire to learn. This allows them to pick whether they choose to learn daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • Language exercise and review

This characteristic specifies the real function of the program. Here, users will encounter a variety of speaking and listening tasks, as well as those demanding the selection of several alternatives or the translation of the visible text.

  • Notifiable status update

Push Notification is an additional feature you must consider while developing an app similar to Duolingo. This tool informs users who have not completed their course to do so. In addition, it encourages people to overcome their lethargy and concentrate on attaining their goals as quickly as possible.

  • Gamification

Gamification is one of the app’s defining characteristics. This feature adds gaming features to your program and is utilized in many forms across the application. Two of the most common applications are:

  • Experience and Levels

Gamified components, such as Animation and Sound effects, are employed to create a highly engaging interface.

  • Achievements & Badges

Upon completion of a course or activity, you are granted a badge and its related goods. Additionally, there is a scoreboard screen where you may view your accomplishments and feel inspired.

  • Social media integration

The Duolingo program allows users to sign in using their current social network accounts. While this feature attracts customers seeking to learn a new language or improve their proficiency in an existing one, it is Duolingo’s user experience (UX) strategy that convinces them to choose it over Babbel or any other e-learning program.

While we are done discussing the essential features that determine the final Duolingo like App Development cost, you must also consider the procedures necessary to create a successful education app similar to Duolingo.

Step By Step Guide For Developing Duolingo like App Development

step by step guide for developing duolingo like app development itechnolabs

Here are the steps required to construct a language app similar to Duolingo:

1. App concept 

Before entering the field of mobile app development, you need to have a better understanding of why a language-learning app is important. You must have a clear understanding of the sort of e-learning application you need, which begins with a thorough study. After that, you may begin to plan the functionality, features, technical stack, and other aspects of your e-learning application.

2. Platform comparison to Duolingo

Frequently, businesses are uncertain as to which platform they should use for educational app development. It is usually recommended to identify the sort of development platform before beginning the development process.

Choosing the ideal platform for your application is a crucial component that will decide the success of your mobile app in the competitive online learning industry. Choose depending on criteria such as app development, time, complexity, location, company requirements, target audience, etc.

3. Technology stack

Choose the technological stack based on the sort of language learning app development platform you want. Different platforms have distinct technological stack approaches and requirements.

Kotlin and Java, for example, are necessary for Android app development, whereas Objective C and Swift are required for iOS app development. The same holds true for the creation of your educational application, such as Duolingo.

4. Develop an engaging UI/UX

A badly designed e-learning application will simply result in uninstalling. Users will delete an app if they perceive its features to be difficult to access or ugly.

In order to prevent repeated uninstallations of your e-learning application, it is essential to maintain an attractive and straightforward design approach.

You must keep an eye on the following aspects:

  • App’s usability
  • Wireframe
  • Information technology
  • Visual design 

5. App development process

Once you have completed the aforementioned procedures, you may begin the creation of your language-learning application. Create an MVP version of your mobile app to determine the viability of your app concept. Creating a minimum viable product is not only cost-effective, but it also allows you to observe how your target audience interacts with your app concept. 

6. Validating App

Testing is an integral aspect of the mobile application development process. Once you’ve created an educational app, you should test it for defects to ensure that it is 100% bug- and error-free prior to its release in app stores. Testing your mobile application can help you find its flaws and other mistakes that can be promptly fixed. 

7. App release

This is the final phase of your language-learning software if you have successfully completed the preceding steps. Launching an app is not the finish but rather the start of propelling your business to new heights. It is essential that you pick a reputable e-learning app development business to ensure a seamless procedure.

Do You also want Duolingo like App Development From iTechnolabs?

do you also want duolingo like app development from itechnolabs

Given that the cost of Duolingo like App Development is dependent on several factors, it is difficult to provide an accurate estimate. However, to give you an approximate estimate, if you want to create an app similar to Duolingo, it would cost between $30,000 and $50,000. For the best help, you can seek iTechnolabs. Being the best app development company, they have come a long way, offering similar apps to businesses. Connect them today!

Frequently asked Questions For Duolingo like App Development

  1. How much does it cost to make an educational app?

Before we give you a cost estimation of the development process of an educational app like Duolingo, we would like you to take in to consideration the factors that directly affect the cost of an educational app development –

  • Size of the application
  • Number of features of the app
  • Third-party integrations
  • Size and location of the development team
  • Structure of the development team
  • Advancement of the technology used in development
  • Frontend and backend design of the app

On the basis of the aforementioned factors, we have estimated the cost of developing an education app like Duolingo, which is $75000. However, this is a very general idea of the cost and the cost may vary from case to case.

Use iTechnolabs’ app development services to make sure that you develop your educational app like Duolingo at a price that is within your budget.

2. How does Duolingo make money?

The revenue  model of Duolingo has been stated below –

  • The main source of revenue for an educational app like Duolingo is subscription which it receives from its users in exchange of its services.
  • Besides subscription, Duolingo charges significant advertisement fees from various businesses for offering platform for their ads.
  • Duolingo also earns money via the sale of the translation data to businesses which can use such data for predicting consumer behaviours and accordingly market their products.
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