How Much Does It Cost To Build A Wayfair Like App

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Today there are lots of different E-Commerce apps for various purposes like Furniture, Home Decor, Clothes, Appliances, etc. Among E-Commerce Apps Wayfair is also one of the shopping Apps especially for home decor it is so popular among customers that it creates its brand value. Build A Wayfair Like App, which has 19.1 million active users which pushes us to write something about this App.

You must be thinking that suddenly why we are discussing Wayfair App. The answer is the way the Wayfair shopping App uses Next generation technologies like AI and AR gained a lot of attention from entrepreneurs that how they can build an App like Wayfair and much it costs to build a Wayfair like App.

But Building an App is not as simple as it seems, it requires proper knowledge and technology with a proper budget. So before building a Wayfair like App, It is necessary to know how much it costs to build it. It is necessary to know how much it costs to build a Wayfair like App. We will provide you with appropriate information about Development required features, Development process, etc, So read the blog till the end for a better understanding.

How Does Wayfair App Work?

Wayfair is a popular eCommerce App where buyers can buy a variety of home decor like furniture for rooms, lobbies, etc Select products and place any order. Once the buyer is ready to purchase, buyers will be seamlessly connected to Wayfair’s shopping App as per company needs with 3-D scanning, so customers can easily enjoy their shopping.

If you too have a furniture shop and want to grow your business more, it is ideal to shift your store to an online platform. It helps to increase profit therefore it is a great choice to build a Wayfair like App.

Features Must Have In a Wayfair Like App

features must have in a wayfair like app itechnolabs

The feature plays an important role in an App. It is essential to take care of the functions you want to add to your Application to attract users. So before building a Wayfair-like App you need to consider some important features:-

1. Interactive Photo For View

Interactive Photos will help customers to visualize how the product would look and fit in their home in reality. It makes an app truly unique which enables customers to take experience on the go. It enables them to take photos of their room and visualize different products before arriving home.

2. Room Planner 3D

With this customers can build an Interactive 3-D room. In that digital room, they can play with layouts, style, room dimensions, etc.

3. Navigations

For navigation, the App must have both textual and visual ways to search for a product. The presence of large clear photos and a wealth of relevant product information including item name, brand name, shipping item, price, and product rating all found on category sites.

4. UI

Wayfair gives an easy-to-use interface with easy access to the home screen and shopping cart. The app has a nice layout which allows trouble-free browsing. It has a good  UI which is needed to enhance the user’s experience.

5. Wishlist

Wayfair App in iOS and Android allows you to save your choice in your favorite folder for future purchases.

6. Advance Search Capabilities

By adding this feature to your App it advances search capabilities such as filtering and sorting which will reduce the number of steps a customer takes to find the required product in a couple of clicks.

7. Detailed Product Information

This helps users to get the detailed information regarding the product they choose to purchase so that they feel satisfied with the product they buy. Therefore make sure to add this feature to your App.

8. Augmented Reality

This feature helps buyers to clear their hesitation and doubt regarding the product before purchasing, which helps buyers to make a wise decision by interaction which ultimately increases the rating of your App.

9. One-Step Registration

It is a most important feature of an App that allows users to log in via phone number, email id, or social media Id without making a new Id which makes it easy for customers to log in.

10. Checkout

It provides a convenient checkout station. Usually takes a few taps to complete the transaction and also saves your building information.

11. Push Notification

It timely informs the customer about various discounts, the product they view, product delivery, etc.

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Advantages of Building a Wayfair Like App

advantages of building a wayfair like app itechnolabs

Nowadays, people prefer to order so it is a good idea to build a Wayfair like App. Building an eCommerce App will boost your business to the next level. These are a few advantages mentioned below:-

  • Brand Recognition:- The App will increase brand visibility because of the higher reach to the customer with the help of an App, you can serve your product to a valuable customer. For making the development process convenient you should hire good developers who provide on-demand App development services at a convenient price.
  • Improved Marketing Communication:- Nowadays customers are always updated with the brand surfing in the market so App plays an important role to improve communication between customers and businesses regarding brands, products, etc. So it is important to build a good App for your business with rich technology and unique features to reach the target audience and make more profit.
  • Enhance Customer’s Experience:- Building a Wayfair-like App can help to enhance the customer’s experience which helps them to build trust in your business. Using unique design and technology will attract customers, and for that always hire dedicated experienced developers for this purpose.
  • Build Strong Relationship With Customer:- Apps help to build proper relationships between customers and businesses with help of feedback which gives businesses a better understanding regarding their customer preferences and choice, which helps to build a long-lasting relationship with the buyers.

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Wayfair Like App

how much does it cost to build a wayfair like app itechnolabsOnce you gather information regarding the building of a Wayfair-like App, you need to know the cost involved in Developing a Wayfair-like App. Which is affected by several factors like technology, platforms, UI/UX of an App, and many more. Let us deeply discuss into Cost of Developing an App in various stages:-

1. App Designing

The UI/UX design plays a very important role to grow an App successfully even before diving into the main features of an App the design of an App attracts customers. They look at how realistic the design of products looks, easy to zoom and look at the detailing of the product, etc. An App like Wayfair took around 3-5 weeks of designs depending on the features you want on your App and according to the niche of your App. A conversion costs around in the range of $14000-$34000.

2. App’s Features

After the design of an App the features play an important role in ensuring the project’s success. You have to pay a handsome amount of money for inculcating advanced features in your App. It may cost around $30000-$40000 depending on the features of an App. If you don’t have enough money to spend on it you can reduce the features of an App and add simple and necessary functions to your Application.

3. Testing

Identifying and eliminating bugs at the earlier stage of the Development process. It requires around two weeks for the development team to find bugs in Wayfair App. An average App Developer’s hourly rate is around $35. You need around $4000 to test the Wayfair App. In totality, building augmented costs around $62000-$110000.

Besides the key factors mentioned above, it requires a good Mobile App Development Agency. Everything from the location of the Agency to the team size and working on the project plays an important role to build an App. An Agency based out in the US would cost around $80-100 per hour and in India cost around $60-$80 per hour. Now we have discussed the cost and advantages of building a Wayfair, Now discussing some more important points.

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Other Popular App Like Wayfair

Now entrepreneurs have gathered information regarding profit earned by AR-based online Apps like Wayfair, there are some examples of Wayfair apps like App which earned so much profit and created their brands are:- IKEA Place, Target, The Home Depot, etc.

Monetization Model For Wayfair Like App

Wayfair’s business models depend on earning money through sales, installation services, and advertising on its platform.

You can add various features to attract your customer like giving discounts by invitations to your friends and family and creating brand value by providing a good product.

Wayfair is a popular eCommerce platform for purchasing a variety of home decor for your house, shoppers can easily view the product and get detailed information and how it fits in their room. Users can change products easily and exchange them if they don’t like them. So it is a great deal for a business to build an online App to take your business growth to the next level to get maximum profit. However, finding a trustworthy development team is most important for getting the best solution for your business.

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