How Much Does it Cost to Develop an iOS App? [Updated]

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You’ve chosen to create a mobile app for your company and have selected iOS as the ideal platform for engaging with potential customers. The following step will be to think about the iOS costs for app development for your budget planning. If so, then iTechnolabs is the best spot to start.

This article provides you with the expense of iOS app development as well as the various aspects that affect the iPhone app development costs as well as a comparative analysis of Android and iOS development costs for apps concerning the market situation.

For a brief outline, a brief solution on “how much does it cost to develop an iOS app” is an approximate figure of $15,000 to $450,000 if you decide to outsource the development of your mobile app to a company from the US while the same service in other areas could cost from $10,000 to $200,000.

Experts recommend outsourcing mobile apps because it is a crucial element to ensure high-quality iPhone application development without compromising the quality of the app or its performance. Beyond the range of costs mentioned above, you must understand the background and hidden elements to determine the total costs associated with an iPhone application development project.

What do we need to do? Let’s start with the industry’s common calculation method for estimating the cost of your iOS app’s cost.

Cost Estimation Formula to Develop an iOS App

It is estimated that the cost of developing mobile apps whether it’s Android or iOS can be estimated by calculating the amount of time required to develop, and then the amount multiplied by the billable hours used.

The iPhone application development calculator appears similar to this:

Additionally, by delving into every aspect you’ll discover that there are a variety of aspects that add to the total cost that you incur for iOS application development.

Certain requirements like the needed technology stack as well as the place where your team of developers is located UX/UI design, the iOS app’s level of complexity as well as the type of app, and more factors can affect the mobile app development cost.

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Factors that determine the cost of iPhone App Development

The functionalities, features, and cost-related aspects ensure that your app will be able to satisfy the needs of your customers as well as your company. It is possible to incorporate additional features to the app to satisfy customers’ needs. So it is possible to make your iOS app include additional features that are geared toward business, such as a navigator, payment gateways, and more.


Factors Affecting Your iOS App Development Cost

  • iOS app size
  • Complexity of the iOS app
  • iOS app category
  • iOS app design
  • iOS app development team size
  • iOS app launch
  • iOS app maintenance

factors affecting your ios app development cost itechnolabs

1. iOS app size

If your iOS app’s size grows and the features are added then the added number of features and screens can lead to higher costs. There are various ways and techniques put into use to identify the functions and features you select, and you must begin by verifying the app’s concept and the features it offers before starting the development process for your app.

Also, conduct an extensive market study that includes competitor analysis, paying particular attention to specific areas such as devices that users use as well as features they enjoy and the elements that can hinder a great user experience, for instance. You can do this by examining similar apps to an idea for the app.

2. The complexity of the iOS app

It’s a fact that an app can be evaluated as efficient when it has a variety of features. The Deployment Model for Architecture The two kinds of backend development -In this case, we have separated and organized the attributes into five categories that are significant to an estimation cost iPhone developing mobile apps costs.

  • Custom as well as BaaS: When you choose to do custom backend development using software, you will be provided with a backend design built entirely from scratch. Contrarily, BaaS development offers only the backend design that is already built.
  • Development of the Admin Panel: The development of the admin panel is the heart of the application. It was designed to keep track of what is happening on the app, monitor the app’s statistics and updates, and make changes to app content at any time.
  • 3rd-Party Application Integration: It is essential that your app interacts with other apps from third parties to complete specific functions, such as making use of Facebook as well as Google to sign up or using a monetary app to perform transactions.
  • Addition of an In-App Purchase: A majority of the apps being developed today include an in-app purchase option for the application’s revenue for monetization.
  • Utilization of the device’s functions: Most of the time your app will require you to make use of certain functions such as GPS, Bluetooth, and other such functions and in this situation, it is essential to incorporate these features into your application.

3. iOS app category

There are myriad varieties of iOS mobile applications and apps, and the price of each one is dependent on the category to a significant extent. Each category has specific functions including demographics, security, security rules, and so on. Below is a graph of the most well-known iOS app categories in 2022.

4. iOS app design

The app’s design along with animation is a further important aspect to consider when answering the issue “what is the cost to develop an iOS app?” It is well-known that different styles of animations, designs, and illustrations have different prices for identical apps.

Additionally, the appealing design of the app will help you get an increase in engagement and conversion rates. In addition, here are three of the most popular iOS app design techniques that you should be aware of:

Wireframing is used to build an experience map for users as well as features. This process is completed by using tools such as Photoshop, Balsamiq, and MARVEL.

Design for UI- If you design an application to run on iOS, a flat design is used to show the clarity of depth and detail. In Android, the material design is the most popular choice for displaying creativity and theatrics. Also, you can look up the iOS comparisons with Android App design differences for reference.

Animation is a second important feature in some applications like restaurants, social media, and gaming.

5. iOS app development team size

It is important to note that the iOS app development costs significantly are contingent on who you decide to use to develop your app whether it is A freelance iPhone program developer or a seasoned iOS application development company.

As you will see, hiring your talent could be expensive, which is why it’s advised to get the full stack of iOS application development groups from a reputable development company like iTechnolabs for a reasonable cost.

6. iOS app launch

One of the primary goals of creating iOS apps is to make them successful in their launch in the App Store. But, it is not easy to achieve this. Apps are only chosen for the App Store if it conforms to all guidelines. This is the main reason why creating apps for the App Store is considered to be difficult to solve.

7. iOS app maintenance

The development process does not stop when your app is released on the market. There are additional factors that contribute to the increase in the cost of creating an iOS app, such as the maintenance of the app.

There is a set iOS App maintenance fee to cover these services:

  • Constant Updates  

As technology evolves constantly with constant technological advancements, your app must be kept up-to-date every time a new version is released for your OS is released. This will ensure the compatibility of your application with the most recent update and will provide users with a smooth and seamless experience.

  • Troubleshooting bugs  

You should always be cautious about the bugs that exist within your app. It doesn’t matter if your app is launched or is developing Bugs can be discovered regardless. It is therefore evident that maintaining a bug-free application isn’t free.

  • Modifications to the style of the application  

“Change is the only constant”. This quote drives us to the conclusion that with ever-changing technological advancements as well as trends you must be looking for areas to improve. Regular updates to your app’s design are sure to increase your maintenance costs for the front end of your iOS app development.

Hidden Costs To Develop an iOS App That You Should Know 

The factors that cost money are so obvious that they will not be missed by you However, some obscure iPhone app development guidelines could be overlooked while creating your iOS application.

This is the only thing you need to learn to create an iOS application for your business. It’s a good idea to do a comparative analysis to compare the performance of iOS in comparison to Android application development. Right?

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Let’s Develop an iOS App Together!

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Frequently Asked Questions of Cost to Develop an iOS App

  1. How to estimate the cost of app development?

The formula for calculating the cost of developing an app is stated as under – 

Hours spent in (UI/UX Design + Development + Backend Server) * Hourly Development Rate

  • To calculate the cost of app development, it is essential to first sum up the hours spent in designing and developing the frontend and backend of the app
  • For calculation of the cost of app development, you have to multiply the total hours calculated above with the hourly development rate
  • Frontend of the app refers to the client side of the application. It is the visual app element with which the users interact
  • However, backend of the app which stores and arranges the data and is referred to as server side of the application

2. How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?

The cost of developing an app depends upon a variety of factors which have been stated below – 

  • Platform for app launch
  • Native vs. cross-platform app development
  • Number of features and functionalities
  • Category of the application
  • Frontend and backend design of the app
  • Size, location, and structure of the development team
  • App maintenance and code reuse

We have estimated the average cost of developing an app have been stated as under – 

  • Simple App – $25000
  • Medium Complex App – $75000
  • Highly Complex App – $200000                                                                                                                         
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