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Popular Features of our
Online Marketplace solutions

Customers/Vendors Registration

User can register on the website as a Buyer or Vendor using individual registration forms

Manage Vendor Store

Store page for each seller: i.e Vendors can manage information on their page from the vendor panel.

Seller Product Management

Manage different product types from their panel (Simple, Downloadable, Virtual, Configurable etc.)

Seller Order Management

Sellers can manage all the functions related to the order (Order info, status, etc.) from one page

Auto/Manual Product Approval

Admin can approve or reject a seller’s products before they are displayed in the website for customer view, or automatically trust sellers.

Multiple Seller Products Checkout

Customer can checkout products from multiple sellers in a single purchase

Newsletter Subscription

Deliver newsletters to subscribers to send out marketing alerts and notifications.

Promotions and Coupons

Seller level/admin level coupon generation for products based on different rules

Historical Information on Transactions

Vendors can view the transaction history of sales, orders, transactions, and commissions

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Custom Marketplace Development Services

B2B Marketplace Development Services

We create vertical and horizontal B2B marketplaces to help businesses promote their offerings to other companies. We analyze challenges and opportunities associated with this domain to build secure, stable, and fast-loading software solutions.

B2C Online Marketplace Development Services

Our custom marketplace website development service implies building B2C marketplaces with the advanced features. We offer buyers and sellers an exceptional user experience to help our clients compete with industry giants on an equal footing.

NFT Marketplace Development Services

Since NFT trading is gaining momentum, more and more businesses will benefit from NFT marketplace development services provided by Syndicode. We create unique powerful platforms that allow buying, selling, and exchanging non-fungible tokens and provide buyers and sellers with superb user experience.

Mobile Marketplace Development Services

Our online marketplace development company builds vertical and horizontal B2B, B2C, and C2C marketplaces that provide mobile users with a seamless experience regardless of their device, screen resolution, and operating system.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Development

Our multi-vendor marketplaces give buyers access to a great number of sellers to choose from. This way, they can purchase the desired item at the most suitable price. Sellers, in turn, can increase their visibility by offering their products to global buyers.

Ecommerce Product Marketplace

Our customer-centric approach, together with vast industry knowledge, allows us to create high-quality marketplace solutions to help both platform parties drive maximum benefits from the flexibility of buying and selling any kind of goods online.

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