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No other company can outshine iTechnolabs as far as mobile app development in Saudi Arabia is concerned. Top-class mobile app developers, latest technological tools, dedication to develop the best – iTechnolabs has all it takes to be your first choice for mobile app developers in Saudi Arabia.

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Our Premium Mobile App Development Services in Saudi Arabia

As a leading mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia, iTechnolabs’ range of mobile app development services is wide and dynamic. 

iPhone App Development itechnolabs

The developers at Itechnolabs are apprised with the knowledge and acumen to offer its clients with a full-fledged Android app development, making it a leading Android app development company in Saudi Arabia.

Custom iOS App Development itechnolabs

As a top iOS app development company in Saudi Arabia, iTechnolabs knows how to leverage the dynamic iOS features in order to build an iOS app that fascinates its users with intuitive user experience.


iTechnolabs possesses the requisite Dart expertise and a functional knowledge of dynamic widgets in order to craft cross-platform apps that no other Flutter app development company in Saudi Arabia can offer.


The tech squad at iTechnolabs is well-acquainted with the essential know-how of React Native framework and creates A1 cross-platform apps, making it a well-known React Native app development company in Saudi Arabia.

IoT App Development

The mobile app developers at iTechnolabs know how to integrate latest technologies, including Internet of Things (IoT), with your apps to increase their dynamic appeal amongst the users

Fuchsia App Development

Fuchsia App Development services of iTechnolabs are simply unbeatable. The Fuchsia developers have created apps that are simple and scalable, making iTechnolabs a leading mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia.

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Our Mobile App Development Process

Keeping in mind your ease and comfort, iTechnolabs has innovated a rhythmic and elaborate roadmap for mobile app development in Saudi Arabia. 


A mobile app development process can not begin without a full-scale, extensive research into the market


A diligent research is always succeeded by a carefully laid out mobile app development roadmap


Rest assured that your UI/UX design will be not be just user-friendly, but also picture perfect

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Our developers get into a hard-core and agile coding of the mobile app for its effective development


The developed app has to go through many manual as well as automated tests to receive a green signal


After successful compliance with the platform guidelines, your app will be seamlessly deployed

Our Mobile App Development Portfolio For Industries across Saudi Arabia

Take a fleeting look at our strong portfolio and you will instantly get a glimpse of all the diverse industry segments that our mobile app developers in Saudi Arabia have catered to. 

Taxi Service
Dubai Food Delivery
Health Care
Dubai home Service
Dubai Beauty Service
Car Wash
Dubai Pickup and Delivery
Dubai Laundry Services

Our Advanced Mobile Application Development Services

iTechnolabs is not the app development company which lags behind. We are a group of dedicated professionals which works toward making your apps technologically advanced.

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Wearable App Development

We are sure that you would not want to restrict your apps just to smart phones when there are diverse wearable devices in the market. Get your app integrated with wearable devices and swell its consumer base instantly.

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App Development for AR/VR

It would be sheer stupidity if you do not use the striking features of AR/VR to craft a stunning app for your business. As a premier mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia, iTechnolabs will do so for you.

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IoT App Development

Make your business operations automated via the exquisite IoT app development services of iTechnolabs. Data is an asset and iTechnolabs takes care that it helps you make the best use of it via its ingenious apps.

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Geo Location Apps

As a highly-regarded mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia, iTechnolabs holds the knowledge of mapping APIs to offer relevant tracking services and real-time information for smooth business operations.

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Biometric Sensors

With the latest biometric sensing technology in the picture, management of employees has become many times easier. Also, iTechnolabs integrates biometric sensors into your enterprise apps for smooth inventory management.

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Location Sensing Apps

By integrating your app with relevant locational APIs, iTechnolabs can make your apps sleek, smart, and sophisticated. You will be able to offer positioning as well as tracking services to your end users.

Weaving Brilliance Since Ages

Simply put, as one of the leading mobile app development companies in Riyadh, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, iTechnolabs is beyond comparison. We feel proud to have some of the world-class developers working for us. They make use of the A1 tech infrastructure in order to produce apps that surpass all the other apps in the market on the basis of performance and panache. 

At iTechnolabs, we make sure that we practise the most updated industry standards and practices for creating valuable app experience. Our diverse pricing models are designed as such that you do not have to go beyond your budgetary expectations. Hire developers from iTechnolabs and receive a transparent and agile app development experience. 

Why is iTechnolabs a premium mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia?

Believe us when we say that you can blindly choose iTechnolabs for mobile app development in Saudi Arabia. Here are the reasons why – 

Agile Development

The lesser the time to market (TTM) of your mobile app, the more are its chances to stand out. iTechnolabs fully understands it and hence, opts for an agile approach for timely development of quality apps.

Technical Know-How

Our developers are endowed with adequate technical expertise in order to develop mobile apps with intuitive design, structured architecture, and smooth third-party integration.

Satisfaction at its Peak

We guarantee you that you will not find a single flaw in the mobile app that we create for you with care and expertise. Every single thing in your app will be just the way you wanted it to be.

iOS app development itechnolabs
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Our Premier Software Development Services

When you are looking for exemplary app development services in Saudi Arabia, you need to look no further as iTechnolabs is here. 

Software Development Company in Saudi Arabia

As a leading software development company in Saudi Arabia, iTechnolabs has all it takes to be your obvious choice for your software development needs – transparency, diligence, and integrity. Our developers are some of the very well-acclaimed professionals of the software development world who have the skill to turn your ideas into powerful reality. 

What We Offer?
Software Integration Services
Enterprise Software Development Services
Custom CRM Development Services
Software Consulting Services
Software Product Development Services
Custom Software Development Services

Web development Company in Saudi Arabia

iTechnolabs has set new benchmarks in the domain of app development in Saudi Arabia. It has state-of-the-art technological infrastructure that has the ability to add another layer of sophistication to your web apps. Our developers have a flair for innovation and endeavour to create more powerful and unique web development solutions. 

What We Offer?
Web Development Solutions
Web Development Consultancy
Web Development Strategy
Web Portal Design
Custom App Development
Maintenance and Support

E-Commerce App Development Company in Saudi Arabia

If you are aspiring to transform your business store to a vibrant and dynamic digital space, do not worry. iTechnolabs is just here for you! We have a vast experience of creating digital marketplaces that have garnered massive popularity amongst its consumers. Our mobile app developers in Saudi Arabia have the apt skill and knowledge base to meet your ecommerce needs. 

What We Offer?
App Development
Payment Gateway Integrations
Web Development
Maintenance & Support

POS Software Development Services in Saudi Arabia

As far as POS development solutions are concerned, we offer the best in the market. As one of the leading mobile app development companies in Riyadh, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, we have accomplished excellence in crafting and delivering tailor-made POS app development solutions to businesses for massive improvements in numerous business operations. 

What We Offer?
Multi-Functional Payment Terminal
Premier Dashboard Applications
Extended Interface
Fiscal Compliance
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Given below are the tips to choose the right mobile app development company in Riyadh. Please take a look – 

  • Firstly, always clearly define your app’s vision and core requirements. Doing so will help you to assess an app development company
  • Look out for the number of years for which an app development company hold experience in the arena of mobile app development
  • Check out the apps developed by the company and read the testimonials of the previous clients with regard to the app development experience
  • Make sure to assess the qualification of the developers and the tech infrastructure owned by the company
  • It would be great to first interview the developers to assess their personality, especially their communication skills
  • Gauge the development approach used by the company to execute the app development process 
  • Obviously, you cannot go further without getting the cost estimation from the company with regard th=o the development of your app

On the basis of diligent research, we have compiled a list of top mobile app development companies in Jeddah. Take a look – 

  • iTechnolabs
  • Cubix
  • Creative Solutions
  • Yellostack
  • Bettertech
  • Hyperlink InfoSystem
  • Cheesecake Labs
  • Developers Dev
  • Devoteam

On the basis of experience, portfolio, and pricing models, you can make an educated decision and choose iTechnolabs.

As far as mobile app development cost in Saudi Arabia is concerned, the cost ranges between SAR 30000 to SAR 600000. If we calculate the average cost of mobile app development, it comes out to be SAR 320000. 

Now, there are a number of factors that influence the cost of mobile app development in Saudi Arabia. They are mentioned as under – 

  • Size and Complexity of the app – 

The larger the size and the more the complexity, the greater the cost of mobile app development

  • Number of features – 

       The more the features of a mobile app, the higher the cost of app development

  • UI/UX Design – 

       The more the sophistication of the frontend and backend design of the app, the higher the cost of development

  • Platform for Deployment – 

       You save money when you go for cross-platform app development. Otherwise, iOS app development is costlier than android app development

  • Maintenance & Support – 

The cost of app development is inclusive of the maintenance and update charges of the mobile app

As a leading mobile app development company in Jeddah, iTechnolabs offer numerous pricing models for the purpose of mobile app development. 

The mobile app development process is a flow of tasks that transforms the mobile app idea into a successful mobile app. 

The mobile app development process consists of the following steps – 

  • Consultancy – 

Firstly, the consultants at the mobile app development company will listen to your app idea and begin the research around it

  • Planning – 

       Obviously, the next task will be to strategise and prepare a app development roadmap that includes a detailed timeline

  • Prototyping – 

       The developers will prepare an abstract structure on the basis of the strategy prepared for the purpose of app development

  • Design – 

       On the basis of market research, a balanced design will be prepared for the app which will ensure maximum user satisfaction

  • Development – 

       The coders will do the coding process in the relevant programming language in an agile manner of development

  • Testing – 

       Then, the app developed will be tested numerous times in a manual as well as automated manner for quality assurance

  • Deployment – 

       If all tests go well, the mobile app will be deployed on the concerned platform in accordance with the guidelines

  • Maintenance – 

       The app will be maintained from time to time to ensure that glitches, if any, can be fixed instantly

The time duration of developing a mobile app in Saudi Arabia depends upon the following factors which are as such –          

         Complexity of the App – 

The more complex a mobile app is, the longer it will take to develop a mobile app. Based on complexity, the timeline for mobile app development is given below –

  • Small App – 2 months
  • Moderately Complex App – 4 months
  • Highly Complex App – 6 months

        Category of the App –

      The type of the mobile app also determines the time duration for its development. Based on app category, the timeline is given below – 

  • Social Networking App – 1300 hours
  • E-Learning App – 1250 hours
  • On-demand App – 1100 hours
  • Dating App – 1000 hours

        App Development Task – 

      Depending upon the task for app development, the timeline for mobile app development is as under – 

  • App Research – 2 weeks
  • Idea Validation – 1 week
  • Product Strategy – 2 weeks
  • Prototyping – 1 week
  • Prototype Validation – 1 week
  • Design – 1-2 months
  • Development – 4 -6 months
  • Prepare for launch – 2 weeks to 1 month

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