MongoDB vs Firebase: Which Database To Use For Your Mobile App Development

mongodb vs firebase which database to use for your mobile app development itechnolabs

When starting a new firm, selecting the appropriate technology to meet the organization’s requirements is one of the most difficult tasks. Every firm’s goal is to convert millions of people who use your app into paying clients. To accomplish this objective, deciding to develop an application for either Android or iOS or maybe even for both platforms is an important decision. In the process of backend development services, if you make a mistake in selecting the appropriate database, it might wind up costing you a significant amount of money. 

The apps demand the use of a trustworthy database in order to support the power of their cloud storage. The proper selection of a database can be achieved by first examining its technical usage and then selecting the option that is most suitable for the product. In order to determine which of these two databases is superior, we will carry out a detailed analysis of their respective technological aspects and pit MongoDB vs Firebase against one another.

MongoDB vs Firebase: Detailed Comparison Based on Features, Pros, and Cons

mongodb vs firebase detailed comparison based on features pros and cons itechnolabs

MongoDB: A Brief Overview

The company that manages MongoDB is called MongoDB Inc. MongoDB is an example of an open-source database that allows the freedom to handle indexing and queries in a manner that is appropriate for the database. NoSQL is an example of a non-relational database. It is extensively used and well-respected for the purpose of powering a diverse range of application areas, which is one reason for its popularity. Due to the fact that MongoDB’s primary value is in the storing of data, the platform does not provide users with a comprehensive ecosystem in the same way that Firebase does. It provides such useful features that it captivates the imagination of the developer to make outstanding use of its characteristics.

Features List of MongoDB

  • It handles queries and indexing in an effective manner, which is one of the features offered by 
  • MongoDB offers capabilities for aggregation as well as map-reduce processing.
  • Data replication and duplication, respectively.
  • It is a database that does not use a schema and is created in C++.

Pros of MongoDB

  • Many databases have several tables with distinct entities, and entity relationships between them are one of the advantages of using MongoDB. Because MongoDB lacks a schema, it is possible to store a wide range of documents within a single collection.
  • Any alterations that are made to the database will not have any effect on the application.
  • It is adaptable.
  • The scalability of MongoDB can withstand the significant load.
  • The documentation for MongoDB is superior.
  • There are no fees associated with the setup of MongoDB on your server.
  • Because there is no opportunity for SQL injection in this setting, data security is ensured.
  • It makes the management of errors or setbacks quite straightforward.
  • It keeps files of any size with ease and provides excellent performance in processing.

Cons of MongoDB

  • MongoDB’s lack of robust indexing and searching capabilities is one of its major drawbacks.
  • Having to deal with complicated inquiries is a really challenging task.
  • There is no such thing as a stored process or function in this context.
  • The arrangements regarding the middleman’s hosting are murky.
  • Over time, it either corrupts or loses the data, which leads to security standards that are questionable.
  • It does not adhere to the ACID characteristics (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability) in an entirely consistent manner.

Firebase Overview

It operates in real-time and is responsible for providing connection in the background. It functions as an environment for the creation of mobile and online applications, respectively. It satisfies all of the requirements for cross-platform apps and also offers backend services for mobile app development companies in India. Cloud Firestore is used to record each and every alteration that is performed to the database.

Feature List of Firebase

  • Firebase has several features, one of which is a database service known as Cloud Firestore that is responsible for providing background connection.
  • The functions and storage of cloud computing.
  • It offers both dynamic connections and ML-kits to its users.
  • Firebase also provides services for monitoring an app’s performance as well as in-app communications.
  • Authentication using Firebase Auth techniques enables login by e-mail, Google, or Facebook in addition to the traditional options.
  • It is equipped with sophisticated technologies to facilitate the process of site hosting.
  • As a result of its ability to synchronize with changes made in real-time, it is an effective database.

Pros of Using Firebase

  • It offers user-friendly features like push notifications, Google and Facebook login, and data sync that takes into account changes in real-time.
  • Synchronization is simple to accomplish using the pre-built application program interface.
  • It is possible to notice instantaneous updates of data without refreshing.
  • Its price is flexible, and it offers a pay-as-you-go plan as one of its payment options.
  • Google’s cloud services are being used to host the backups.
  • High degree of scalability
  • Additionally, it supports offline mode features superiorly to its competitors.
  • It provides a high level of assurance that there would be no quick melting even when there is considerable traffic.
  • A Content Delivery Network (CDN) optimized for static websites offers lightning-fast transfer speeds.

Cons of using Firebase 

  • One drawback of using Firebase is that it does not support relational queries.
  • It is only available in a premium version, which requires you to purchase a server from Google.
  • Due to the fact that Firebase does not own its own servers, it is not feasible to export any user data.
  • The transfer of data is a challenging task to carry out.
  • There is a cap on the capacity to respond to the requests.
  • The SQL chops cannot be transferred since they are not compatible enough.
  • Only applications on a limited scale would benefit from its use.

MongoDB vs Firebase: The Key Differences Between Two

mongodb vs firebase the key differences between two itechnolabs

1. Performance Comparison 

Both Firebase and MongoDB are built to grow, and it’s tough not to conclude that MongoDB wins out in terms of pure performance due to MongoDB’s customizability and the range of Atlas efficiency categories. Third-party reviews believe MongoDB beats Firebase; nonetheless, this relies on your specific issue space and usage habits. MongoDB is quicker than relational database systems because it was designed to support fast-moving data pipelines and online transaction processing.

Furthermore, the stability and performance of Firebase and MongoDB vary. MongoDB is more trustworthy than Firebase as a database platform. Cloud data storage renders the server untrustworthy and limits its ability to change. As a result, MongoDB outperforms Firebase in terms of performance. Furthermore, the servers are more reliable than Firebase.

2. Service Utilization

The way the service is utilized differs between Firebase and MongoDB. The Firebase may be used by anybody, anywhere, and anonymously. Firebase data may be accessible by any device. However, MongoDB data can only be accessed by authorized users. Furthermore, because the MongoDB database is more secure than Firebase, proper identification is required.

3. Market Popularity 

The Google Firebase versus MongoDB comparison reveals Firebase and MongoDB’s market dominance. According to the query graph, there are an average of 70 requests for MongoDB and 42 searches for Firebase. According to Stack Overflow Trends, Firebase has had a substantial increase, whilst MongoDB has experienced a more gradual increase. However, they are now on the same level.

4. Pricing Comparison 

In comparison to MongoDB’s price, Firebase allows you to pay as you go with a variety of pricing alternatives. However, in terms of Firebase versus MongoDB cost, the latter’s premium edition provides a fully-managed solution that does not require a dedicated server (using MongoDB servers).

MongoDB vs Firebase: When Should You Use Which Database?

  • Firebase is utilized for real-time data, whereas MongoDB is used for high-speed application logs.
  • Firebase is an excellent choice for often ramping up an application. However, MongoDB is chosen for storage and faster scalability.
  • Firebase may be used to stream games, communicate with friends, or operate social networking programs. MongoDB, on the other hand, handles everything.
  • Firebase is utilized for real-time synchronization, whereas MongoDB saves geographic data.
  • The simple API of Firebase makes it easier to integrate, but MongoDB is better suited for maintaining massive volumes of data.

MongoDB vs. Firebase: Where Should You Not Use?

  • If you wish to own your user data, Google Firebase and MongoDB should be utilized, especially if you have pre-designed data structures.
  • Because Firebase presently supports just a few programming languages, you cannot create your own backend API. However, superior alternatives to MongoDB may be used to create a comprehensive design system.
  • It’s advised to avoid using MongoDB if you want it to satisfy 100% ACID compliance if your Firebase monthly plan exceeds.

Are You Still Confused to Choose MongoDB vs Firebase For Your Mobile App Development?

are you still confused to choose mongodb vs firebase for your mobile app development itechnolabs

If you’re wondering if MongoDB vs Firebase is superior, each is unique in its own right, with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. It will be determined by the needs of the firms, and you will have the last say. Before making a final decision, you must weigh all of the advantages and downsides. You can engage with iTechnolabs to assist you in selecting the best alternative. They are the best mobile, web, and software development companies to offer seamless services to their customers. Refer website for more details!

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