Must-Have Features In an On-Demand Laundry App 2024 [Updated]

On-Demand Laundry App

An on-demand laundry app is exactly what it sounds like, an internet-enabled mobile phone application that allows users to request on-demand delivery of their laundry. The service can be used by both individuals and businesses alike for same or next-day pick-up and drop-off at the customer’s convenience. Unlike traditional dry cleaning services where customers must go in person to collect orders, on-demand laundry apps allow customers to schedule a time for collection through the app instead. This makes on-demand laundries ideal options for busy professionals who don’t have time during regular business hours to get their clothing items dropped off or picked up from work. The leaders in this niche today, with applications available on GooglePlay and AppStore, are ByNext, Rinse, and Tide Cleaners.


ByNext is a US laundry and dry cleaning service that provides dry cleaning, washing, and folding services as well as home cleaning services. The firm was established in 2019, following the merger of two previous on-demand laundry services: Cleanly and NextCleaners. The firm has achieved rapid growth by providing high-quality services to its customers.


Another US-based firm, Rinse, provides its convenient laundry and dry cleaning delivery services via a mobile app. The company cleans and delivers clothes to consumers’ doors in collaboration with local partners. Individual cleaning requirements, clear pricing, and 24/7 service are all available. The company also provides laundry pickup and delivery to businesses, allowing staff to access clean apparel in a matter of seconds.

Tide Cleaners

Tide Cleaners is another US on-demand laundry service. The company’s easy-to-use, user-friendly app delivers personalized washing, folding, and dry cleaning services to its clients. Clothes may be dropped off at Tide Cleaners lockers, which are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

These firms, on the other hand, are successful in the on-demand laundry service sector. The market, however, is open to newcomers. According to research released by Business Wire, the worldwide online on-demand laundry service industry will expand by US$58.02 billion over the next eight years (2020 through 2024).

The primary reasons people are choosing on-demand laundry services over conventional laundromats include:

  • To save time. People want to spend their leisure time with family or engaged in hobbies rather than at laundromat facilities these days.
  • Allow unpleasant tasks. Laundry is among the top 10 most unpleasant household duties, so many individuals would rather pay someone to have it done for them.

Must-Have Features In an On-Demand Laundry App

On-demand laundry app development entails time, money, and specialized skill sets. You should understand how these apps work in general and what features are necessary for any on-demand laundry app before you start a business of this sort. Laundry applications usually include three separate user interfaces:

  • Customer app

  • Provider app

  • Driver app

Let’s take a look at what’s involved in each.

  • Customer App

This panel collects information on your customers and the basic features it needs are:

  • Register and log in.

Users should be able to sign up and log in with their email or social media accounts with ease.

  • Choose the laundry services you want.

Customers should be able to select different services, such as washing, ironing, or dry cleaning, depending on their particular needs.

  • Arrange the pickup and delivery date.

Users should be able to select a suitable time and date for laundry delivery without difficulty.

  • View order status and order history.

Customers can keep track of the progress of their orders and see their order history.

  • Calculate the cost and pay online.

It’s helpful if a customer can compute the service price so they know exactly how much they’ll spend, and of course, they should be able to do so.

  • Leave Feedback.

Customers should have the opportunity to express their feelings about the services they receive, which may be beneficial in several ways.

Provider App

On this app, service providers and company owners can view all of their client’s details and orders. The following are the key features of this app:

Provider laundry app itechnolabs
  • Register and log in.

It’s simple to use. Every employee or service provider may simply register using their work email and enter.

  • Manage your account and billing.

A service provider must have access to all of their assigned and pending requests, as well as a method to manage service costs.

  • View and manage order information.

The laundry service provider may browse all of their orders here and manage them as necessary.

  • Accept/Reject order.

A service provider can accept/reject a received order.

  • Customer’s location.

It’s critical for a business to pick up laundry as soon as feasible in order to provide good service. For that, it’s important to have dependable navigation in the app.

  • Reviews and Ratings.

Customer reviews must be accessible to each customer or service provider.

Driver App

On this app, drivers can view all of their orders and earnings. The following are the key features of this app:

driver laundry app itechnolabs
  • Manage Orders

This screen displays all active and incoming driver orders. The driver has the option of accepting or rejecting any order based on his or her availability.

  • Route Tracking

The driver begins his or her journey when he or she is given a laundry address to pick up or deliver. Drivers can check the map and follow the route using this app.

  • Earning Management

This function aids the driver in keeping track of how much money he or she has made.

Super Admin Panel

  • Order Management

This function allows the administrator to keep track of all orders placed by clients. If one driver refuses to give another driver these requests.

  • Driver Management

The admin has access to all driver information. Before accepting a driver into the system, the admin verifies the driver’s credentials.

  • Service Provider Management

Super admin can enroll service providers and manage them from this panel.

  • Revenue Management

The administrator may handle drivers’ and service providers’ earnings. He can take his cut and choose which driver and washing machine receives how much of the entire sum.

Wrapping up

On-demand laundry apps are cool, huh? But developing one is not so simple. There’s the time and money it takes to develop an app like this–not to mention specialized skill sets in design, back-end coding, front-end development, deployment strategy, etc.

Do you have any other business idea itechnolabs

If you want your on-demand laundry mobile application designed or built by professionals who can provide all these services at once (and for a fair price), iTechnolabs has got you covered. Our team of experts will work with you from start to finish every step of the way until we have created that perfect app that meets your needs and exceeds customer expectations! If you’d like more information about our services or want us to take care of everything for you, contact us today.

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