Laravel Framework: The Right Choice for PHP Web Development

laravel framework: the right choice for php web development itechnolabs

Several web development teams prefer PHP as the framework for their websites. However, Laravel is one of their top options. Because of its precise syntax and elegance, Laravel has gained popularity quickly amongst businesses. It is seen that several prominent companies have chosen this sort of framework due to its wide adaptability and streamlining. This is why top PHP Web Development companies are moving forward to offer their clients a Laravel framework. But still, people are lagging in opting for this framework. And the reason behind it is the unawareness of it. If you are someone in the same dilemma, this post will go through why Laravel web development is the effective choice for your website. Without ado, let’s get ahead!

Laravel Framework: The Need for Hour

Companies are rolling to the internet to expand their audience reach. There is an inherent requirement to build workflows that allow the business and the visitor to embark on the buyer’s journey together. Workflow optimization can help to ensure that this journey ends with a sale. The framework selection process is complicated, and there are various possibilities available. The optimal framework can supply the best quality and the required functionalities for the website. It can have an impact on your revenue. And Laravel framework has got you covered. 

There is a push to construct web apps utilizing frameworks to reduce the time and effort required to develop them using plain PHP. Various frameworks function effectively out of the box in today’s fast-paced environment. Laravel is a prominent framework that has gradually become the web developer’s preferred choice for developing huge and complicated apps.

Laravel: A Brief Overview

laravel a brief overview itechnolabs

Laravel is a PHP-based web application development framework with attractive syntax and expressive coding. Laravel allows developers to quickly reduce repetitive syntax and simplify complex coding using a versatile library.

Laravel Development powers over 20 million websites worldwide. Its appeal stems from its powerful features and simple-to-use tools like data collection, movement, etc. It is built on the Model-View-Component design pattern and has received over 45+K ratings on Github.

Because of its intuitive library and versatility for many industrial sectors, Laravel is the top trending PHP framework in 2022. Aside from the Laravel platform, numerous other PHP frameworks have made a name for themselves in creating perfect web and mobile apps.

CodeIgniter, Symfony, Ruby on Rails, and many other PHP frameworks are popular for assisting developers in developing robust applications. However, because of its MVC-based library and flexible code, Laravel has received a lot of attention from the developer community.

Stellar Features of Laravel Framework That You Can’t Overlook

stellar features of laravel framework that you can't overlook itechnolabs

Laravel’s features are promising, allowing developers to use best development practices for their web app projects. Laravel offers many features with top development methods for all programming languages and projects, whether a small task for a start-up or a massive undertaking for an organization. Let’s look at some of the framework’s user-friendly features that have helped it succeed.

  • ORM and Database Management 

The Laravel system employs an ORM (Object Relational Mapping) called Eloquent, which is an important consideration when deciding on a PHP web development framework. It’s an implicit execution that also happens to be the greatest ORM among the remaining PHP frameworks.

In any event, Eloquent ORM makes it easier to test application information bases. Its usefulness as a familiar theoretical interface for working with data set inquiries execution. Furthermore, database movement is one of the most desired features of the Laravel framework, so many will be pleased with how effectively it speeds query execution and adequately describes connections among distinct substances.

  • Templates that change dynamically

The lightweight templates are the first and essential feature that makes Laravel web development appealing for PHP Web development. Developers may use these dynamic templates to create stunning layouts, integrated CSS, and robust JavaScript structures.

With their unique talents, developers may employ these dynamic templates to construct perfect web pages and apps that produce constant output. These dynamic templates allow developers to update, customize, and clear the layouts without requiring coding knowledge.

  • Number of Forums

Apart from its modern design and speedy functionality, this top PHP framework features a vast online community with millions of active users. To resolve your coding issue, you will find thousands of forums, hundreds of blogs, and speedy online support. Because there is no repeated code, this framework is simple to apply and maintain throughout any PHP Web development project.

  • Highly Secure

Laravel’s security efforts focus on client verification, secret key service, client sign-in and join information encryption, and course assurance.

As web application security continues to be a significant concern for enterprises, the creators of the technologies often used for constructing such apps respond with some helpful security features. As a result, Laravel, for example, includes several built-in features that assist development teams in combating online threats.

Laravel makes it possible to ensure the integrity of the code and the application. It protects against unauthorized access by generating a CSRF (cross-site request falsification) token each time a login request is generated. Laravel also has an encryption tool. It specifically employs the Hash veneer, which provides a secure mechanism for creating and storing passwords using the bcrypt hashing computation program.

  • MVC Framework

Laravel’s most essential characteristic is that it is built on MVC architecture, which makes it more appealing to developers looking to increase the efficiency of web pages and online apps. The built-in MVC design also improves application security and scalability, allowing for a smooth run and performance.

In addition to excellent functionality, it underlines the distinction between the logic and looks of the website. It also improves efficiency and provides developers with more documentation choices.

  • Relational Mapping of Objects

Object Relational Mapping is the framework’s next noticeable feature. This feature is essential, yet it is critical for implementing PHP active code. The ORM encourages developers to write database queries in PHP syntax rather than SQL.

Object Relational Mapping in Larval is faster and smoother than in any other PHP framework. It enables developers to construct robust and scalable web pages and apps quickly. Because of the shorter development time, it is the most excellent alternative for developers.

  • Modular library

Laravel includes Object-Oriented libraries that are not available in other PHP frameworks. The modular libraries provide a variety of capabilities and features that are simple to apply when constructing web pages and applications.

The number of active users, hashing, Cross-site Request Forgery prevention, encryption, and password resetting are all capabilities that developers may test. Furthermore, using sophisticated PHP concepts, developers may break these functions into multiple units to create responsive and modular web application development.

  • Data Migration

Developers are frequently required to move data from one software to another. Data migration is also necessary for websites that need to be revamped and improved. There is no chance of losing vital data because the developers utilize PHP code rather than SQL.

Laravel’s built-in migration mechanism allows developers to modify the database schema using PHP code. The Laravel schema builders allow programmers to move and re-migrate databases without memorizing them. The entire procedure is automated, and the engineers may transfer the data without fear of data loss.

  • Strong security measures

The most significant characteristic of Laravel is its robust security, which is required for all websites and online projects. Laravel is distinguished from other PHP frameworks by its strong security since data stored in Laravel is safeguarded by a hashed and salted password mechanism. The password cannot be saved as plain text in Laravel.

SQL injection attacks are becoming increasingly widespread, and protecting company data should be the first concern when creating online apps. The developers must produce encrypted passwords using a hashing method to provide maximum security. Developers may also write SQL statements that prevent SQL injection attacks.

  • Tools That Work Together

With integrated tools, developers may avoid tiresome and repeated programming processes. Laravel simplifies complicated tasks like database migration and maintaining several database systems.

Developers may also use the command line to build MVC files and work with those assets and their configurations. As a result, developers may produce command lines and use them to make development more accessible and efficient.

  • Unit Testing 

Any web app must be tested as part of the Product Development Life Cycle. Laravel can perform many unit tests to ensure that all new updates are correctly executed without changing the code. Laravel supports PHP units and automated testing. This makes testing more accessible for the testers, ensuring that all of their tests are completed smoothly and without difficulty.

Are You Still Confused about Laravel Framework for PHP Web Development?

are you still confused about laravel framework for php web development itechnolabs

The capabilities listed above demonstrate Laravel’s usefulness in  PHP Web development. Laravel caters to all demands, whether they are minor or large-scale. It makes the story more enjoyable, quicker, and scalable. All you need are the top Laravel developers from the best PHP Web Development Company who are experienced in integrating Laravel’s unique features. So, get to enjoy most of the website by adopting Laravel framework and stay ahead of competitive edge. 

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