Remote Staffing Vs Outsourcing, Which Is Best For Your Business?

Remote Staffing Vs Outsourcing

Remote Staffing Vs Outsourcing

Remote Staffing Vs Outsourcing… don’t these both terms seem like being synonymous with each other? Well, the truth is actually different. The fact is Remote Staffing Vs Outsourcing — depending on context—might be used interchangeably, but there is a slight difference in each of them.

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What is Remote Staffing?

Remote staffing means a team working from a remote location. You can build remote teams by either hiring individual freelancers or go with virtual team-building with a professional agency. Remote staffing is similar to traditional employment, but with a single difference that your employees work remotely, and third-party partners manage their payrolls.

Apart from the third-party handling your team building for remote employees, remote staffing also offers many other benefits like the partner taking care of your project management and admin needs. It is a cost-effective staffing solution that allows businesses access to a larger talent pool outside their geographic area.

For example, a company may hire a team of developers for a project, manage their tasks directly, and increase/decrease the number of resources as per project demand. This helps them have better control over the project and resources.

Pros of Remote Staffing

Easily scalable As per your growing demands, get access to a team of pre-screened professionals that can be hired at a moment’s notice. You get a team of highly talented experts who work similarly to your in-house team while reducing the expenses.

Total control Although the team is not present in your office, the team works just like your full-time employees, so you have complete control over their performance. Better flexibility

The ability to get many experts on your project needs with no obligation to retain them after the project is concluded serves as great flexibility. Develop your company culture The remote team works like your in-house team, located at another location, so they live and breathe your company values.

What Is Outsourcing?

When you hire a company or agency for the purpose of mobile app development, web design, web development, digital marketing, accounting, customer service, or any other services, it is counted as outsourcing. Unlike popular belief, outsourcing does not refer to the execution of menial tasks. Instead, it is a process of allocating complex tasks that require expert skills.

The nature and size of the process may vary according to business needs. For example, the business may move their entire division to an outsourcing agency or hire them for a particular task. Take an example of digital marketing services outsourcing. You can either outsource the whole digital marketing campaign or allocate content writing tasks to support your campaign activities.

Apart from being a cost-effective method, outsourcing also presents an amazing advantage of allowing employees to focus on their core role and solve critical issues.

Pros of Outsourcing

Cost-effective staffing Outsource entire projects or parts of the project to experts in countries like India to relish the benefits of significant cost savings. Save time Avoid the hassle of hiring a trained professional, but go through a team of experts and pick the right talented expert. Access to a wide range of talent pool Outsourcing agencies hire the most skilled professionals, so you will have access to a diversified talent.

Simplified project management Everything is managed through custom intuitive platforms like Slack, JIRA, and Asana to effectively manage what’s being done. Peace of mind Choosing a professional outsourcing partner ensures that you don’t need to lift a finger as everything will be handled efficiently by a domain expert.

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Over to You!

When your business reaches a critical level where hiring freelancers for particular tasks doesn’t seem a better decision, outsourcing or remote staffing seems ideal for virtual team building.

This is where iTechnolabs comes into the picture as we are a specialist in offering outsourcing and remote staffing services through a team of certified developers, digital marketers, web designers, strategists, and more. We make virtual team building an easier task with a pool of talented experts. Whether you need outsourcing or remote staffing, we can help with all your needs.


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