Statistics For Top Meditation Apps You Should Know Before Using It

statistics for top meditation apps you should know before using it itechnolabs

Yoga, Meditation, healthy food, and good sleep become important parts of life for a healthy life. Nowadays people suffer a lot of stress, anxiety, and also depression due to work and happenings in their personal lives. Also, the outbreak of covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly added pressure to their life because of the uncertainty of their careers, jobs, etc.

The best pandemic gives lessons that we need to take a break from our busy schedule and invest in health by Mediating, having healthy food, doing yoga, and having sound sleep. As the awareness spreads among people about how important for them to be not only physically fit but mentally healthy too, the Demand for Meditation and Mindfulness apps is growing

Aside from spiritual gurus, people are looking for mental health apps so that they can get some expert advice too, which increases the Demand for Meditation and Yoga apps. This increasing popularity of the Meditation app is also attracting more and more businesses to enter the industry and earn a good amount of money which makes this industry a much more competitive and money-earning industry which sometimes compromises the Demand of people.

Sometimes people find it difficult how to meditate and form where to start especially beginners, meditation app will give you much edge to sort out your problems with some expert advice for your convenience we will tell you Statistics for Meditating apps which has much better result and also you will be safe from the exploitation of this money making industry.

Statistics of Top Meditation App to Know in 2023

  • Searches for yoga and meditation apps increase by 65% year on year

Nowadays people become conscious of their Mental health and start giving attention to it so that they can experience calmness and peace and they are getting it through some good meditation apps. This not only increases the talks amongst the rise in the number of searches related to Meditation and yoga apps. According to statistics from Google, the searches for meditation and yoga apps especially for beginners and mindfulness apps increased by 65% between 2019 and 2020.

  • In 2019, 52 million users downloaded the top 10 meditation apps

As awareness rises among people downloading the apps to get relief from curbing anxiety and stress it helps people to Meditate properly especially beginners at home only which increases its popularity by word of mouth and boosts the download of Meditation apps. According to Mental Health app statistics, 52 Million Meditation App downloads were recorded in 2019. 

  • Since 2015 more than 2500 meditation applications have been launched

To help tranquility users, the use of mental health apps is soaring, which increases the demand for Meditation apps. Around 2500 Meditation apps have been launched since 2015 due to their high demand in the market. 

  • Revenue of meditation apps likely to reach us $6717.18M by 2026

By Normalising the idea to take help of Mental experts people use Meditation App rapidly which automatically generates revenue for the industry. Revenue is expected to show annual growth of 13.5%, resulting in a projected volume of US $6717.18m by 2026. The average revenue is expected to reach US $2607. This indicates that people are loving the idea of using smartphones to tackle their mental health and also providing incredible space for young and talented entrepreneurs to come and connect with a trustworthy Meditation app, share their expertise and get a big slice of share in the market.

  • Exhibiting a CAGR of 5% North America is the leading market for meditation apps by 2032

Americans are obsessed with their Mental Health, and the majority of Americans practice yoga and Meditation regularly to avoid stress and anxiety. Due to the consumption of so many stress relieving Meditation Apps, North America has become the prime center of Meditation apps. So creating a user persona for your Meditation Application will be a profitable deal in America.

  • The top 10 meditation mobile apps have generated a revenue of US $195 Million

As per statistics, Meditation apps like Calm Chaos generated a revenue of approximately 119.99 Million US Dollars through their premium features and functions. Meditation app Headspace had a profit of around 80 Million US Dollars in the same year as Calm. Meditopia, a recently launched App in 2019, has increased its revenue by 180 percent between 2019 and 2020 reaching 134 Million US dollars in consumer spending.

  • Meditating users in the USA has risen by 3 times since 2012

One of the Intriguing Meditation app statistics shows by considering 2022 is that the number of users of Meditation apps in the USA increased by 3 times between 2012 to 2022.

  • The anticipated value of the US meditation app market to be valued at US $2.08 Billion by the year 2022

According to Mindfulness facts and statistics, people in America spend heavily on these Meditation Apps in their life for their mental health, which motivates developers to serve better services and earn money with their best subscription facilities and other monitoring strategies. It is estimated that the US Self help care app market will reach US $2.08 Billion by 2022.

  • Meditation apps are the most consumed health app category in the USA

As per the report, 34 percent of the most purchased types of apps are Meditation Apps which gives it the 3rd position after nutrition and sleep tracking apps.

  • iOS has a huge market than android in the meditation app market

Battle Between Android and iOS is visible in every field and has remained prevalent in the Meditation Market too. The Number of Meditation Apps is increasing on both platforms but iOS has led over android in this field.

  • Forecasted revenue of android in the meditation app market is estimated to reach 74 Million USD by 2029

Though iOS has more margin than Android, we cannot underestimate the download-driving speed and revenue of Android in the Meditation App market which anticipated around 74 Million USD by 2029 by their great advertisement and Bankable Monetization App Market giving good Competition.

  • It is projected that 53% of US senior citizens meditate at least once a week

The best fact about the USA is that people not only focus on work but focus on their mental health too and devote some time to it. People there once a week devote themselves to meditation and people above 65 years devote more time to Meditation and yoga.

  • 800% increase in the number of students doing meditation since 2012

Nowadays youngsters start taking their mental health seriously due to their stressful environment which urges them to take some mental health therapy and meditation apps are the best choice which has increased the ratio to 800 times.

  • Women meditate more compared to men

Women have to suffer a lot due to their mental health so the data shows that women started to use more Meditation Apps 16% of Women perform Meditation and 12% of males are doing so.

Top 6 Meditation Apps For iPhone & Android Users

top 6 meditation apps for iphone & android users itechnolabs

  • Headspace

For Fidgety Skeptics, Headspace teaches less spiritual and more science-based meditation techniques with a free introductory course. Free download on iOS and Android with a 5.0 Star-4.5 Star rating includes mood tracking features and download offline with a monthly subscription of $12.99 per month and for yearly $924.99 for a year also lifetime membership costs $399.99.

  • Calm

Calm has rich features and a large library of guided meditation with a simple and clean Interface. Calm provides a basic course in Meditation for free, for more advanced meditation requires a subscription starting at $9.99 per month. Calm provides guided meditation ranging in length from 3 to 25 minutes you can download it free on iPhone and Android ratings on both platforms are 5 stars.

  • Buddhify

It has a 5-star rating on iOS, download it for $4.99 and on Android for $2.99 with 5 ratings. Despite a similar name to Buddhism, it has no relation with it. It has 11 hours of guided meditation customized for various activities such as walking in the city, taking breaks at work, waiting around, and going to sleep. Due to this feature, Buddhism is compatible with a busy urban lifestyle and aims to reduce anxiety and take the mind off the pain. Provides many more features than a costlier app but customers have issues in that it has 300MB of storage that can’t be transferred to an SD card on Android.

  • Insight Timer

It has approximately 3000 free guided meditations with hundreds of free music tracks to play while you are meditating, with a variety of timer options such as those found in Equanimity and Bodhi Timer. It has various free content like guided meditation for sleep. But if you don’t like music or voice guidance it would likely be overkill for you. Available in iOS and Android for free with ratings of 5.0 stars and 4.5 stars.

  • Omvana

It claims to have ‘the Largest Library’ of guided meditation and self-hypnosis tracks online. Self-hypnosis tracks that claim to help you lose weight, find love, and acquire health have a wide variety of iTunes of Meditation available on iOS and Android for free with 4.5-star ratings.

  • White Noise

As its name suggests this app white noise to mask distracting sounds during meditation to promote relaxation which helps you to sleep easily. It comes with 40-pre-recorded white-noise sounds like falling rain, a bubbling brook, or ocean waves which you can mix to create your track. Available in iOS and Android for free with a 5.0 to 4.5-star rating.

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Common Types of Meditation Application

common types of meditation application itechnolabs

  • Stress Management

People mostly want a cure for their stress. Meditation helps them to release their stress, and various meditation programs help them by teaching various lessons.

  • Deep Sleep

Most people suffer from insomnia nowadays, so it is a great option that reduces their trouble falling asleep without any drug intake. With some soothing music and aura which helps you to relax and fall asleep.

  • Mindfulness

Application offering these sessions has proven a blessing to its users. Customers’ consciousness is refocused and their mind is rejuvenated by using it.

  • Focus and Concentration

People dealing with anxiety can use it; it blocks the user or apps which are distracting in nature which aids the users’ ability to focus and concentrate at work

  • Goal and Habit Tracker

With these kinds of apps people create objectives to overcome bad habits so that they can track their behavior and progress and reminders that can be fixed with specific needs.

Characteristics of Meditation Apps

characteristics of meditation apps itechnolabs

  • Visual Design

Its Meditation Application is designed to relax people from their stress, and anxiety and calm down, they use color theory which relaxes customers because color has an impact on moods. The majority of popular meditation apps use soft colors like orange, yellow, and blue to soothe the eyes and avoid using bright colors.

  • Onboarding

It is a very critical component of the Meditation Application it grabs most of the attention of customers and provides them with full information, especially for beginners. It has various explanation videos about Mental health and how to use the Meditation Application. It should be very creative so that people feel engaged with it. To ensure a customer positive experience the onboarding process should be both fun as well as educational.

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Different Features of Meditation Apps

different features of meditation apps itechnolabs

1. Sign-In/Login

By using this feature customers have to fill in their credentials for the first time like other social media networks for registration purposes. After that, you can simply log in with your ID and Password.

2. Notification

The meditation Application gives reminders to their use for their upcoming session or various other information customized by the users.

3. Favorite Playlist

Some Individuals find it easier to meditate while listening to various soothing music which calms the mind and helps in relaxing the body. Music lovers can keep running their favorite playlists whenever they use the Meditation Application.

4. Gamification

Everyone gets the motivation when they see themselves grown in a great way which encourages them to compete with themselves. Meditation Apps give the option to gamification approach that works best for your app.

5. Integration of Wearables

Meditation Apps allows users to connect to their wireless machine like smartwatches to get notification and track activity.

6. Real-Time Analysis

Provide real-time insight into the app’s performance so that it gives you an idea regarding the new upgradation required in your session.

7. Offline Playback During Meditation

Meditation Apps have the feature of playing music in the background while doing Meditation sessions to cool down without any internet connection.

8. Payments

For using various advanced features, you have to get a subscription monthly, yearly, or a lifetime to enjoy personalized features according to your choice.

How To Monetize Meditation Apps

Before Developing your Meditation App there are also a variety of things through which you can earn money through Meditation Apps which include:-

  • Subscription – Mostly Meditation Apps give one to four weeks of free trials so that people can understand what they like and if they want to further use they have to pay money for the subscription.
  • Purchase Made Within App – Users somewhere want to try a premium product offered by apps for they have to purchase stuff like specialized meditation practice bundles or premium features.
  • Pay Per Download – It is not common for all the apps, some specialized apps like buddhify offer it first you have to buy it from your Ios or Android to download it, and then you have to subscribe to their advanced features.
  • Through Advertisement – With this strategy App, developers may charge other companies a fee based on the number of clicks their ads generate.
  • Integration of E-Commerce – Users may generate money by selling various items and services by integrating E-Commerce capabilities into their apps. This is another amazing monetization approach.

How We Choose Best Meditation Apps 

To choose the Best Meditation Apps as best in the year concerning their quality, reliability, and great reviews. Download so many apps and choose the best for yourself and decide to subscribe according to your choice and affordability.

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Want To Create Your Customized Meditation App?

want to create your customized meditation app itechnolabs

Final Thoughts Regarding This

Seeing the Meditation App statistics and facts it becomes quite evident that the Mental Health Development market is exploding like it never before as people become more aware of their mental health which gives a boost to the App developers to invest in Developing meditation Apps. Meditation App helps people to calm down with their best Meditation service which they provide with the help of their technical experts. So for the result choose wisely about before subscription. 

If you want to Develop your Meditation App let us know. iTechnolabs will try to give you a brief glimpse into the Development of the Meditation App and will also ensure on-time development and delivery of your meditation app. 


Q. How to choose the Best Meditation Application?

Ans. Choose according to statistics available on the internet.

Q. Are Meditation Apps can be customized?

Ans. Yes, By taking a Subscription you can customize it according to your choice.

Q. Is the Meditation App without playback music available?

Ans. Yes, there are so many apps that do not come with playback music.

Q. Can we select the playback music of our choice?

Ans. Definitely, by using their premium features we can set the music of our own choice for doing meditation.

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