The Complete Guide to Hire Python Programmer for Your Business

complete guide to hire python programmer for your business itechnolabs

Do you want to hire Python programmers? It is essential to know what to do and where to start. However, before that, it is best to see a bit about one of the most popular programming languages – Python. 

Based on the TIOBE Index for May 2022, Python has managed to gain the top position on the second position in May 2021. It has increased the demand for Python developers from entry-level to experienced professionals with the increase in salary structure. 

Python has come out as a revolutionizing and advancing technology to develop applications. As a result, it has increased the demand to hire Python programmers.

What is Python?

what is python itechnolabs

Before diving into anything else, it is best to know Python’s programming language. Python programming language is extremely popular among developers for data visualization, software testing activities, machine learning, task automation, and website building

It is a beginner-friendly, highly versatile, and general-purpose programming language that Fortune 500 companies use. The top brands using Python programming languages are Netflix, Spotify, and Uber to build websites, conduct data analysis, and automate tasks. 

Python is a free and open-source programming language with extensive libraries and multiple third-party modules. The programming language is easy to write with syntax that can enhance speed and productivity. Several Python job roles are available for which companies need to find the best fit. 

What are the Different positions for Python Developers?

what are the different positions for python developers itechnolabs

#1 Entry Level Position

These positions are mainly for freshers or individuals with a maximum of two years of experience. The companies don’t have much requirement for such candidates other than basic knowledge of SQL, data structures, and Python Syntax.

#2 Junior Level Position

These positions are for professionals between three to six years of experience with effective skills. The skills include knowledge of Big Data, cloud computing, maintaining software platforms, and object-oriented designs.

#3 Senior Level Position

These positions are the uppermost standard of the Python developer with more than six years of experience. It includes skills like AWS, Hive, HDFS, frontend technologies, writing complex code, Scala, Spark, Pig, strong debugging skills, and object-relational mappers libraries.

Why Python is so popular a programming language?

why python is so popular a programming language itechnolabs

#1 Readable Code

Python source code is easy to read and can determine the efficiency of apps or software without wasting much time or effort. It has readable and simple syntax, can leverage reusable code, and reduce coding efforts. 

#2 Easy Learning Curve

As mentioned above, Python is a beginner-friendly programming language showcasing an easy learning curve. It is easy to understand and kickstart a career, unlike other programming languages. Developers can learn and start building a program quickly.

#3 Multiple Paradigms

Python programming language has the potential app software for all the leading technologies. It covers gaming, machine learning, artificial intelligence, mobile, and web apps. It facilitates functional visions to develop any application with straightforward logic.

#4 Speedy Development

It is easy to develop an application with Python with usable code and innovative application ideas. The interpreted language ensures that the development is smooth and faster.

#5 Cross-Platform Compatibility

The main reason companies prefer to hire Python programmers is that it helps develop cross-platform apps. One can modify a bit of code to run it over any platform or migrate it to various platforms.

#6 Updates & Upgrades

Python programming language comes with new techniques and methods to develop high-performing applications. The best thing is that developers can update the language with the help of its large community that can help them develop high-quality software or apps. 

#7 All-in-One Solutions

Developers can start creating the app from scratch without fussing over it much. It is easy to use programming language using methodologies and functions that can create complex apps or software. 

#8 User-Friendly Integration

If you want to integrate Python with third-party tools (libraries), using methods and tools to make the process as flawless as possible. 

#9 Flexible Tool

It offers out-of-box solutions that can handle backend and frontend app development. It is easy to handle and packed with several features making it the favourite programming language for developers. 

#10 Edit-Test-Debug Cycle

The feature that makes Python programming language the most wanted is due to edit, test, and debug cycle. It doesn’t have any ordering stages since the debugger is written in Python, making the whole process simple and fast. 

Online Job Platforms to Find the Right Candidates

online job platforms to find the right candidates itechnolabs

Knowing the skills and requirements is not accessible if you don’t know where to start looking. One needs to hire Python programmers from some online platforms or portals that can help them get suitable candidates. They can also go to their website’s career page to get the candidates to apply for the position. However, the candidates prefer online platforms over career sites. Here are some significant platforms that can come in handy.

#1 Job Advertisement Sites

One of the significant forms of job searching mode used by developers. Several websites like Naukri, Indeed, etc., list down several options for the job that employees usually look for. These sites can be an excellent way to search for the right candidate. 

#2 Social Networking Sites

Nowadays, social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. are becoming a primary mode of finding employees. One can connect with the developers directly, take an interview, and get the potential candidate onboard. The best thing about social media sites is that one can select a closing time of application to not get an overwhelming response from candidates.

#3 Online Job Boards

Job boards such as Stackflow and GitHub are designed for individuals’ and companies’ requirements. Consider them as the community that has experienced Python developers looking for jobs.

#4 Freelancing Sites

If you want to go for remote workers or freelancers, it is best to opt for the freelancing sites. It allows companies or individuals to access the candidates bidding for the project and get the cheapest and most reliable developer. It is a flexible option with lower cost requirements. 

Factors to Consider When Hiring Python Developers

factors to consider when hiring python developers itechnolabs

When it comes to hire Python programmers, one needs to understand why they are proceeding with hiring. A highly experienced developer can be a massive hit on your pockets, including modern technological knowledge. Whether your requirement is fresher or experienced, it is best to know it first-hand. Here are some actors to keep in mind when you sit down for hiring.

#1 Team Size

The essential aspect of hiring is to know the size of your project. This helps set the other requirements such as soft skills, programming, and technical expertise. It will also help get the number of experts required to complete the given project. Potential and scalability are the primary two factors that can help determine the team’s size.

#2 Programming Experience

An entry-level or junior-level professional can have less than 3 years of coding experience whereas, for the middle-level developer, 3-5 years are mandatory; anyone with an experience more than 5 years is a senior developer with more profound Java programming expertise.

#3 Technical Skills

Another significant aspect of hiring a Python developer is the primary technical skills such as FLASK, machine learning, AWS, Docker, Django, Git, REST, cloud computing, API, Kubernetes, MySQL, and Apache Spark.

#4 Communication Skills

Developers need to get in touch with designers or clients at some point. This makes it vital to keep communication skills as the priority when hiring python developers.

#5 Soft Skills

To hire Python programmers, it is best to analyze soft skills such as problem-solving and decision-making that can help them complete a project efficiently. 

The above points can help the Python developers that can help in analyzing the skills and team. It ensures that developers are compatible with the team and technical trends.

Best Way to Find the Potential Candidate

best way to find the potential candidate itechnolabs

Now you know how to start and where to start from, next in line is how to shortlist the candidates. You have screened, interviewed, and tested potential candidates, and now comes the step to shortlist the right candidate that can fit the job role. Here are some parameters that can make hiring a bit easier.

#1 Talent

It is essential to know your most preferred choice, such as in-house or freelance developers, when it comes to finding talent. One needs to see all the options to help one reach their destination.

#2 Cost

Your budget can help determine the number of professionals you want to hire and their experience level. Usually, the salary of the in-house Python developer goes from $80,000 to $112,000 annually, whereas a freelancer’s pay-out is hourly.

#3 Better Results

The reason to hire Python programmer is to get the best result in the market. The majority of companies believe that remote workers are more focused than in-house workers. This has proved itself amid the pandemic that showcases that remote developers can gain better results in a less stressful environment.

It is up to the companies to hire remote or in-house developers based on their productivity, requirement, and budget.

How to Screen the Python Developers

To find the right candidate based on the industry standards, one needs to be careful while interviewing the candidates. Online AI-based tools can match the right candidates with your job description, and then employers can conduct interviews. The candidates need to test their knowledge and concepts of candidates such as Data Structure, Exception Handling, File Handling Concepts, and OOPS concepts. 

It will make it easier for them to make the right choice when shortlisting the candidate through their work experience and graduation. Usually, the best way to do so is to divide the interview process into different formats. These formats include multiple answer questions, multiple-choice questions, coding simulation, and face-to-face questions. 

With these modes, it is easier to analyze candidates’ skill sets and know who will fit them right. 

Do You Want to hire Python programmers For Your Business?

do you want to hire python programmers for your business itechnolabsWhen companies hire Python programmers, they need to know what they are looking for and their requirements. It will help them make the right decision and analyze the candidate accordingly for their upcoming projects. It benefits new-age applications exceeding simplicity and power to scale the business. So, make sure to check all the important details about the developers before you finalize them.

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