Top 12 Tips to Hire WordPress Developer For Startup

top 12 tips to hire wordpress developer for startup itechnolabs

WordPress powers 35.2% of all websites published on the web today, amounting to over 1.7 billion websites. 

However, WordPress is the most widely used content management system (CMS) by businesses for their websites, despite the introduction of more advanced and user-friendly CMS systems.

It’s because WordPress is easy to use and manage. A reliable web hosting company, a WordPress theme, a few plugins, and your content are the only things you need to get started.

You’re done! 

There’s nothing left to do but launch your website.

However, if that’s the case, then why do many companies still hire WordPress developers to work on their websites?

However, is it even worth hiring one to design your website?

12 Steps to Hire WordPress Developer 

  1. Outline Your Requirements
  2. Check out previous work samples
  3. Technology Stack 
  4. Web Development for Ecommerce 
  5. Timing of deliveries 
  6. Using the Adopted Approach
  7. Customization
  8. Marketing Capabilities
  9. SEO Knowledge
  10. After Service Support
  11. Cost of Development
  12. Remote or in-house team

steps to hire wordpress developer that meets your needs itechnolabs

  • Outline Your Requirements

Before you begin to assess a WordPress development company‘s abilities, write down your own necessities. Today, WordPress isn’t just a blogging platform—it offers a wide range of features.

Using WordPress to develop eCommerce stores, WooCommerce integrations, company websites, portals, and online shops is becoming the norm for developers. A person may wish to have a complete website designed, while another may just want to personalize a page, add a theme, or install a plugin. As there is such a wide range of requirements, it is important to determine exactly what you want, as this will allow you to choose the right company.

Tip: For a more accurate assessment of the efficiency of the company, develop a detailed description of what you need, what the company has to offer, and what the prerequisites are. 

  • Check out previous work samples

As soon as you have determined your needs, you should start exploring the portfolios of different WordPress development companies. Take a close look at their portfolios instead of relying on their brand name or value. 

Assess the relevance of the different projects, and then draw a conclusion. Browse their websites, look at their reviews, and compare their way of completing projects to see which one corresponds to your needs. It would be better to choose a company like iTechnolabs that has extensive experience developing WordPress projects, as they can assist you in developing a website more easily and more effectively. 

Tip: Focus on quality, not quantity.

  • Technology Stack 

Your next concern should be their technology stack. Determine what technologies are integrated within the platform. Is the company experienced with building WooCommerce stores on the platform? Do they have the ability to integrate plugins and themes with WordPress websites? 

Employing a company that assists in the development of a website would restrict its capabilities and efficiency. Invest in a WordPress development company that will enhance the efficiency of the website and help you scale your business.

Tip: By working with a WordPress company that is flexible and has a wide variety of knowledge, your website will grow along with you. 

  • Web Development for Ecommerce 

You may need more than just a blogging site created when you hire WordPress Developer or an experienced WordPress development company. As eCommerce and online stores are growing in popularity, it is crucial to choose a company that has both experience and expertise in WordPress eCommerce platform development. 

Investing in an eCommerce website development company now, despite the fact you might not need one now, may help you scale your business in the long run. 

Tip: You should hire WordPress Developer that has experience in developing eCommerce websites. 

  • Timing of deliveries 

If the company takes an inordinate amount of time to complete the project, you would never want to hire them. You would be risking more than just your website. Check the company’s history of delivering projects on time when hiring a WordPress development company. Choosing a company that follows agile methods, conforms to planned strategies and meets deadlines that will guarantee that your expectations will be met. 

Tip: Talk to the company before you start a project to find out when it will be delivered.

  • Using the Adopted Approach

It is possible for your business process to differ from the company’s when you work with remote teams. We recommend that you walk through the procedure used by the WordPress development company to build an online website in order to ensure effective engagements and error-free interactions. Communication and planning before you start the project help you identify bottlenecks and make the development process more efficient.

Tip: Track your project’s progress with automated tools to remain on top of things.

  • Customization

You wouldn’t want your customers to experience a monotonous website. It’s important that the website is aesthetically pleasing and encourages sales. Companies that offer a perfect combination of technical expertise and drag-and-drop tools are ahead of the competition. 

Tip: Plugins can be integrated seamlessly into websites by agencies that can do this

  • Marketing Capabilities

In light of the fact that a successful website largely relies on its online rankings and search engine ranking, it is important that the developer be capable of marketing the website and improving its ranking. 

Many people don’t know or excel at SEO tactics. A website development company is responsible for designing the website in such a way that it can meet the market standards. The company must have expertise and experience in plugin integration to enable you to install the important plugins if you are having a woo-commerce site built with the WordPress platform. You’d think the one that helps track website performance and lets you know how your business is doing.

Tip: Look at the company’s past projects and see how the website has performed. 

  • SEO Knowledge

Whenever you build an online business website for your company, you will want to boost your visibility, track more users, and widen the scope of your clientele. There is no doubt that you have employed the best products and services in the industry to offer your customers, but they should be made available to the right audience as well. A good place to begin is by hiring a company that specializes in SEO and can increase the visibility of your business.

Tip: Go through the company’s websites and evaluate their rankings online.

  • After Service Support

You have a lot of responsibilities when you take your business online. If you want to remain competitive, you need to keep everything near perfect. Occasionally, a sudden influx of traffic might cause the website to shut down. A qualified expert would be required in such cases.

It makes things easier this point in time to have the support of your development team, which helps you maintain your business services without fail. Even after the website is created, a company that offers regular checkups can ensure smooth performance of the website and identify any glitches before they affect the performance. 

Tip: Find a company that offers lifetime services and support. 

  • Cost of Development

A crucial aspect, but not the most important. For sure, it would be good to deploy a website with many features. On the other hand, you cannot spend indefinite amounts on it.

Tip: Examine the features of each agency and compare the pricing. 

  • Remote or in-house team?

Lastly, we must decide whether to hire an offshore firm or an in-house team. This decision might seem tricky. There are many aspects you need to consider, starting with the first things first. With a remote development team, you can drastically reduce the cost of development.

In addition, offshore companies work flexible hours. This means your business never stops. Offshore development teams have the capacity to expand and go to great lengths to ensure a quality service is delivered. In-house teams are limited to providing limited resources. 

Tip: Choose the one with the most resources and the least cost.

Why Should You Hire WordPress Developer?

  • Your website’s tailor-fitted to meet your needs
  • Search engine optimization is essential for your website
  • Enhance the user experience on your website
  • Ensure the privacy and security of your data
  • Make your website analytics easier to understand

why should you hire wordpress developer itechnolabs

1. Your website’s tailor-fitted to meet your needs

You can only tweak the design of your WordPress theme so far even with the most powerful theme available. Any further modifications could ruin the entire theme.

WordPress developers are familiar with many of the languages that are used to create most of the themes and plugins available for WordPress. Afterwards, he or she can make any necessary changes to your theme so that it functions exactly how you want.

Additionally, the plugins you install on the backend of your WordPress website are just as important.

If you haven’t yet purchased a WordPress theme, what do you do?

That’s even better!

You can hire WordPress developer to build a website from scratch according to how you envision it.

2. Search engine optimization is essential for your website. 

On-page SEO techniques such as including targeted keywords within a website’s content and tags are often used by business owners to optimize their website for search engines.

Some might incorporate off-site SEO techniques, such as guest posting, into the mix. There’s a third type of SEO that many business owners don’t know about. 

As they call Technical SEO, it optimizes the structure of structured data and the architecture of your website. This will allow web crawlers to easily extract the content of your website. The best way for your website’s backend to be optimized is to hire WordPress developer on your team. Whenever you add new content, he or she will make the necessary adjustments immediately.

3. Enhance the user experience on your website

With the help of your WordPress developer, you can construct a website from scratch and ensure that your visitors will have an easier time finding what they’re looking for.

He or she can also help you eliminate bottlenecks in your marketing funnel that cause friction. If you don’t address this, you will have a hard time converting your visitors into customers and leads.

4. Ensure the privacy and security of your data

There are a lot of unscrupulous characters out there hacking and stealing the data of vulnerable websites.

A cyberattack is reported to happen every 39 seconds, based on research by Varonis.

Your WordPress site will be protected and protected from being hacked by a professional developer. During their scan, they’ll inspect your website’s code and server security to make sure there are no vulnerabilities that a cybercriminal could exploit.

5. Make your website analytics easier to understand

The data analytics of your WordPress site can be pinpointed by your developer. He or she can also explain what the data mean.

Based on this information, you can determine the marketing strategies you will use. As a result, your conversion rates can be further enhanced and more revenue generated.

Do You Want To hire WordPress Developer for Your Business?

do you want to hire wordpress developer for your business itechnolabs

We have reached the end of our discussion. Regardless of everything, the choice is yours. When choosing a WordPress development company, make sure to carefully evaluate the potential prospects.

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