Top 12 Web Development Trends You Should Know About [Updated]


In 2010, more than 2 billion people worldwide used the internet. There are 5.18 billion internet users worldwide in 2023.

Websites are being made quickly to draw in and keep this growing number of online users interested. There were just over 210 million websites in 2010. There are now more than 1.13 billion.

To stand out in the online world, you need to know about the latest technologies and design trends, how people act and what they expect.

New web development trends change in a bigger or smaller way every year. So, people who make decisions need to know about them for at least two reasons: to stay competitive in an ever-growing market and to improve their knowledge.

If you don’t keep up with the latest trends, it could hurt how your product works and how users feel about it. You risk falling behind your competitors and losing users to websites that offer better user experiences. The best way to keep your business competitive in its field is to build or update your application based on current trends. If you want to find ways to make your web development process better, keep reading.

Top trends in web development

top trends in web development itechnolabs

It may be necessary for your business to find the best web development trends that can help it. We’ve saved you time and work by making a list of web development trends based on the needs of many IT industries.

1. Web apps that are getting better and better

web apps that are getting better and better itechnolabs

On our list of web development trends, the Progressive Web App (PWA) technology is at the top. It’s an app that looks and works like a website. It works on its own and talks to customers like a national app.

Here are some of the benefits that PWA technology has given to businesses and people:

  • It’s easy to set up.
  • Making devices store more data and use less power
  • Less money spent on development and support
  • Easy updating and maintenance
  • More supple sharing More fast marketplace entry

2. Chatbots that are run by computers

chatbots that are run by computers itechnolabs

With copy or prefer chat, AI-powered chatbots help businesses speed up their work and get better client knowledge. They can find information, fix problems, answer questions quickly, and give a smooth digital experience. We think that AI-enabled chatbots will become even more flexible in 2023 and beyond by using natural language processing, machine learning, and data retrieval methods. This will help them match user behaviors.

Because of this, many B2C companies that are good at what they do use these chatbots on Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook to serve their customers instead of standard chatbots. Even more, software development companies will likely use AI-powered chatbots after 2023. The most valuable industries for chatbots are finance, education, travel, and health care.

3. Single-page applications

single-page applications itechnolabs

Single Page application is a web development technology that is famous and frequently used. Unlike most website apps, they only have one page that loads the whole website before loading dynamic content on the same page. SPAs are made to be responsive by using HTML5 and AJAX.

Also, front-finish JavaScript frameworks akin to Vue, Ember, and React are used to build SPAs on the client-side.

SPAs have many benefits, such as:

  • There is no online help available.
  • Convenient debugging
  • Simple navigation
  • Fewer people leave the page, and it loads faster.

4. Dark mode

dark mode itechnolabs

The dark mode trend has become very popular worldwide, and we think it will become even more popular in the coming years. In a survey by Android Authority, 81.9 percent of people said they would like a dark mode on their devices, and 9.9 percent switched between light mode and dark mode. A dark-themed website makes it easier for users to enjoy web browsing on any device because of how it looks.

Another Polar survey found that 95 percent of users like dark mode better than light mode. Google, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter are by now using shady mode UI, and many companies will do the same.

5. Search by voice

search by voice itechnolabs

Voice searches are getting used to mobile and web apps slowly, and in the next few years, they will likely be used by more people. By 2025, the smart speaker market is expected to be worth more than USD 15.6 billion.

While we provide our custom web application development services, voice search optimization is a crucial and must technical SEO strategy for them to stand out from their competitors. Voice search helps speech synthesis and speech recognition most of the time. Speech synthesis is a part of text-to-speech that makes it possible for scripts to read text. Speech recognition can tell what the speaker is saying and answer questions.

Voice Search Pros and Cons

o Make sure SEO campaigns work

o Answer customer queries quickly

o Build customer trust and loyalty

6. Mobile pages that load quickly (AMP)

mobile pages that load quickly (amp) itechnolabs

AMP works the same way as PWA. It’s yet another change in the business of making websites. AMP aims to speed up how pages work and keep people on them. Compared to full-featured web products, AMPs are optimized pages with essential features and a simple, user-friendly design. These pages also work well on mobile devices and have content that can be read.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a new trend in web design that shows how the web is getting easier to use. Even though 5G internet technology is now available and many businesses prefer to make native apps to improve user experience, the AMP plugin lets companies save money on UX while still reaching their target audiences. Because of this, we expect to see smaller and more specialized items competing with big names in the industry.

7. Architecture with no servers

architecture with no servers itechnolabs

Serverless architecture is the cloud computing platform that is growing the fastest. Web app developers can spend less time on maintenance, infrastructure, and scaling and more time on the product. It replaces regular servers with machines that use resources. IoT apps, products, and services that need backend requests are expected to use these machines.

Serverless architecture has many advantages

o Better app flexibility and scalability

o Less time to get to market

o Cost-effectiveness

o You should only pay for what you use.

o Assigned maintenance work

o It’s easy to add new features.

8. Things on the Internet (IoT)

things on the internet (iot) itechnolabs

The Internet of Things is one of the most critical new technologies that will shape the future of web development (IoT). Because more and more people use the internet, this technology has come into our lives. Because of the Internet of Things, we can now use our phones to connect to many devices. IoT devices send information in real-time. The technology lets businesses get in touch with customers as quickly as possible, which makes the experience more personal. The Google Nest Smart Speaker is one of the most popular IoT devices.

You might be wondering what this has to do with building websites. Devices like cameras, sensors, and signaling devices are part of this trend. On the other hand, IoT will make it easier for handy models and website layouts to talk to each other more advanced. It will ensure that client problems are solved more quickly and efficiently.

9. How Blockchain Works

how blockchain works itechnolabs

Blockchain started as a way to make secure digital payments. Still, it is now being used as a secure, decentralized, and public distributed ledger that will take over web development in the coming years.

10. Motion User Interface

motion user interface itechnolabs

Motion UI (User Interface) is a way to make apps look good, especially with graphics, animations, and transitions.

Motion UI will be an essential tool for web developers in 2023 because it is so good at making interactive web designs.

11. Web apps that get better over time (PWAs)

web apps that get better over time (pwas) itechnolabs

These are unique web apps that are made to load slowly.

PWA will continue to be one of the hottest web trends of the year because it is easy to use and loads quickly.

12. Mobile-Friendly Website

mobile-friendly website itechnolabs

Mobile-responsive sites work well on all devices, no matter their size.

Because of Google’s mobile-first index and other search rules, developers will keep making sites that work well on mobile devices this year and in the future.

Are you looking for a company who is following latest web development trends?


are you looking for a company who is following latest web development trends itechnolabs

The web development trends above will change how businesses interact with their customers in 2024. These trends in development may be challenging, but they also offer chances to make a perfect final product and give customers an optimized, personalized, and smooth experience.

In general, you should pay attention to any latest web trends. Some will be around for the next ten years, while others will be commonplace in just a few months. So please don’t be afraid to use them as soon as possible.

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