10 Tips to Hire Dedicated Developer for Your Project

10 tips to hire dedicated developer for your project itechnolabs

One popular business strategy is to hire dedicated developers to build software/websites/apps for a company. 

The dedicated development team is a long-term collaboration between a client and an outsourced development team. Collaboration in this form is one of the most popular, along with fixed price (FP) and time and materials (T&M). In collaborating with a dedicated development team, you get a team of professionals who are selected specifically for your business needs. 

Arising need of Hiring dedicated developers

arising need of hiring dedicated developers itechnolabs

Compared to previous generations, the current generation is more of an online community. The need for an online presence is universal across industries of all sizes, from a single-person business to a multinational corporation. While the pandemic rages, it is also likely to boost the virtual marketplace. Entrepreneurs, therefore, ensuring the sole benefit of their organizations, can hire dedicated developers for progressive mobile and web application development. Despite this, the process can prove challenging as the number of developers increases.

In recent years, the app development business has grown into a competitive segment of the economy. It is common to all of them that they are competing against each other to reach the top. But, there is just one position available. Thus, competition has become as simple as survival of the fittest to reach the top. There are numerous companies offering Mobile apps development services and products that aim to meet the needs of their users. Therefore, it’s of no surprise that so many multinational and national companies want to explore foreign countries. Keeping society in mind, they aim to expand their business across the world by meeting society’s needs.

Why it’s Important to Hire dedicated developers

why it's important to hire dedicated developers itechnolabs

There is, however, the question of why one should hire dedicated developers? The process of developing smart device apps is time-consuming and expensive. It is therefore crucial to have a high return on investment. A mobile app development company can take your business to new heights if its developers are dedicated to the project. Additionally, if the apps come with an efficient design that’s proven to be secure, both businesses and users will be benefited. 

Also, there can be a big difference between perceived integrity and quality up-close when it comes to developers or real estate firms. Many times, business owners discover too late that they have chosen the wrong development team. Due to the requirement to repeat the process from the beginning, this creates frustration since it costs time and money. Basically, it is always wise to do some kind of scrutiny before diving into deep water.

Top 10 Ways to Hire Dedicated Developers:

  • Execute a comprehensive search
  • Identify some criteria for shortlisting companies
  • Improved Results for Projects
  • Enhanced security of the product
  • Flexibility in terms of time and service
  • Understand the technology your application requires
  • Rapid response to emergencies and risk mitigation
  • Streamlined tracking and management
  • Submitting applications to app stores
  • Consistency and stability

we have listed 10 ways to hire dedicated developers itechnolabs

1. Execute a comprehensive search

As a client, you should also conduct research into the project you are investing both time and money into. It is suggested to ask around, analyzing what the competition is doing, who they are hiring, and the kind of experience they have had. Take a look at some online rankings and reviews of some of the top-ranked companies in your area.

2. Identify some criteria for shortlisting companies

It is overwhelming and impossible to review hundreds of IT service companies. It’s important to avoid being exhausted at the beginning of the project. You should therefore narrow down a few companies by setting some criteria or filters. Compare how each company fits your project goals, and then contact them for more information. Select companies that are offshore, or work with companies in your area. Companies in Canada, for example, offer offshore development services at a relatively low cost. By using a criterion like this, you can automatically narrow down your choices.

Although this may take a lot of time, you will be able to shortlist and select the right applicants. 

3. Improved Results for Projects

Freelancers often lose track of projects or become overburdened with multiple tasks. They don’t usually hold themselves accountable for their projects and are not credible. In addition, if any issues arise during the development or afterward, you don’t have a team of experts available to help.  

Such a scenario is one where having a team of dedicated resources can be extremely beneficial. They deliver the results you expect from your project, because they are highly committed. You have a team to help you whenever you need it, whether it is a project delay or some other problem. Ultimately, you get better results on all your projects. 

4. Enhanced security of the product

Recent data leaks and constant attacks by hackers threaten privacy. Thus, clients need to choose developers with experience designing foolproof apps. As a customer with the objective of scaling your business, it is imperative that you ensure the safety of your web and mobile applications. Based on prior work and success rates, choose a development company carefully. 

5. Flexibility in terms of time and service

Every client approaches us with a different need. Developing an app from scratch, fixing a technical issue with your existing app, or upgrading your app may be something you’re looking for. To make sure you’ll be able to work at a company that offers flexible schedules, you should look for one that offers it. For a task that can be completed in hours, you don’t need developers to charge a fixed monthly fee. A developer may be hired on an hourly basis depending on the amount of work to be done. For more details, you can get to know how Much Does It Cost To Hire A Developer?

6. Understand the technology your application requires

There are different technologies that work best with different apps. You should therefore be clear about the function and goals of your app. For example, if you need an iOS mobile app developer for your company or personal use, you should find an iOS app development company that has dedicated developers who are experts in iOS. You can’t use an app development company that specializes in Android apps because the technologies used to develop apps for different platforms differ. Search for companies with diverse technological expertise. Technology keeps evolving, so if you want to work with an organization that does so, be sure they keep up with it. 

7. Rapid response to emergencies and risk mitigation

As soon as you deploy your project, you realize that you need to increase or decrease resources depending on the current workload. Even though maintaining scalability is crucial, there are other situations in which you might need your web/ mobile app development team’s help as soon as possible.  

Dedicating resources to this task will serve you well in the long run. Professional development companies offer 24/7 customer service in addition to seamless communication systems. Your dedicated team can assist you immediately regardless of time or geographical differences. 

8. Streamlined tracking and management

It is also necessary to leverage their project management and project tracking skills when you hire dedicated developers from an experienced web development company. Dedicated project managers are assigned to you to act as your single point of contact. From now on, you can reach out to the project manager instead of reaching out to various resources, making your task easier. 

Additionally, the majority of software development companies use a fully featured project tracking program. It will let you know how your project is doing and give you an idea of the direction it’s taking. Your team can be assigned specific tasks from here, as well. 

9. Submitting applications to app stores

A developer should disclose whether or not the submission of the app to the Apple App Store is included in the project. It is possible for developers to charge fees that are included in the submission rate or charge an additional amount. Before hiring a developer, you should ask about this so that there will be no future disappointments. 

10. Consistency and stability

If you need dedicated resources to maintain your project after it is completed, an experienced software development company can provide them to you. These companies are stable and ensure business continuity, which gives them an edge over their competitors.  

Hire dedicated developers for Your Next Game-Changing Project

hire dedicated developers for your next game-changing project itechnolabs

Your project will certainly benefit from having a dedicated team of developers working on it. In addition to offering the right skills and service suite to enable this, most of these companies also provide additional benefits. 

Among the benefits could be ongoing maintenance for project upgrades, capable scalable teams that can use sophisticated project management and tracking tools, expert quality assurance and testing services to ensure that your project is flawless, and best of all, flexible hiring models such as: 

  • Time and material basis hiring 
  • Turnkey model 

These companies guarantee high efficiency with NDAs and SLAs ensuring the safety and security of your vital business data. Meanwhile, you enjoy highly satisfied customers and good customer experience, backed by an experienced team. 

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do you want to hire dedicated developer from itechnolabs

The development of highly functional and secure apps is a serious endeavor. Your business may flourish or fail with it. Considering the many options available in the IT industry, it can be difficult to find the right company to develop web and mobile apps. It is also extremely important to find developers who are dedicated to their job. The dedicated developer is the architect who builds your app’s foundation and structure.

The right insights into how IT services companies follow best practices for client engagement can ensure smooth project execution and successful project outcomes.

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