Benefit Of Over 15+ Absolute Dart and Flutter Packages

benefit of over 15 absolute dart and flutter packages itechnolabs

You’re aware of the basics of what Flutter is, don’t you? The brainchild of Google, Flutter is a mobile-based development platform that makes use of Dart to program, allowing developers to create high-quality low-cost applications that work on Android, iOS, and other platforms. To make it simpler and enjoyable, Flutter offers numerous packages which are usually free to help you meet all of your Flutter project requirements quickly (okay this is a little bit of an exaggeration).

There are more than (whopping …) 24,000 packages that are available in the Pub. dev ecosystem, which is an official repository for packages to Flutter and Dart applications. The most appealing part is that the framework allows sharing of packages that are developed and created by other developers who contribute to Flutter as well as Dart packages ecosystems (you can also contribute to the ecosystem to the ecosystem, too). What exactly is a package you might ask (don’t say it, dude)?

Well, The term “package” refers to an assortment of codes that you can integrate into your application to make it easier and user-friendly. Flutter offers a convenient method to organize closely related code and make it easier to locate and utilize. So, by putting together related code into a package you can reuse them in different projects too.

Additionally, Futter packages are similar to modules from npm, but they’re distributed as a part of an entire package, not global. Flutter developers can make use of packages to create quick and simple mobile applications without having to construct the entire application from scratch (that’s the kind of thing you’ll be looking at).

In this blog, iTechnolabs will look at the top Flutter applications you can employ to speed up and boost the efficiency of your (or any) Flutter-based development.

List of Top Dart and Flutter  Packages

list of top dart and flutter packages itechnolabs

1. Path_provider

The file structure on various devices differs depending on the operating system they are running; for instance, Android’s file structure differs from Windows’s, iOS’s as well as Linux’s. Thus downloaded files and temporary files and application documents are saved in various locations. This is where the Path_provider plugin is useful. The Flutter plugin supports iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and macOS and helps locate the locations of both public and private files on the file system.

2. Image_picker

This package allows access to your mobile device’s camera and gallery, allowing various images to be selected within Flutter’s application. Image_picker supports iOS as well as Android.

3. Google_maps_flutter

Every app must incorporate a map to ensure that users don’t need to exit the app when they need navigation, such as to keep track of the order or to provide accurate addresses. Therefore, this Flutter package lets you easily incorporate Google Maps into your Flutter Android and iOS application.

4. SQFLite

SQFLite is an independent, reliable, and embedded extension for SQLite and functions in the role of a data engine that is compatible with iOS as well as Android. It lets you keep data in your local database and execute CRUD operations such as creating, deleting, updating, and more.

5. Fl_chart

FL_Chart is a vast chart library with a high degree of customization which allows you to display the amount of data you have in simple and digestible charts. It also makes it easier the process of predicting future and current trends. This is an essential package to create highly intensive apps that require data. It supports Bar charts Pie charts, Line charts, charts with Radar, and many more.

6. Firbase_auth

It’s a Flutter-based plugin that allows OAuth sign-in processes that use FirebaseAuth. Apart from supporting Apple Sign-In with Firebase, The plugin is compatible with Android, iOS, and the Web. When authentication via App is selected it opens a pop-up over the application, which allows the user to sign in. If sign-in through Apple is selected the native flow is employed.

7. Flutter_webview_plugin

If you want your users to visit web pages without leaving your app, Flutter_webview_plugin is for you. The Flutter plugin offers native WebView on top of Flutter’s view for Android and iOS and lets you show WebView on both kinds of devices.

8. Device_info

If you’re looking to get information about the device’s current status The device_info package can provide you with the specific Android and iOS details of the device including make identification, identifier, version name, etc. The application is helpful in situations where you do not care about the OS version however you need to be aware of the specifics of streaming devices.

9. Location

This plugin makes handling real-time locations on Android as well as iOS devices simpler by allowing you to know the current geolocation information of your mobile device. Additionally, you can use the information about the location to display maps, find which direction your phone is in, determine distance, and many more.

10. Url_launcher

It’s a Flutter-based plugin for launching URLs and is compatible with phone mobile, the web, SMS emails, and SMS schemes. Utilizing url_launcher you can allow your application to start the web browser as well as dialer, mail maps, applications for dialing, and many others.

11. Flame

Making the most of all that Flutter can offer, Flame is an out-of-the-way game engine that can simplify the code that developers have to write. The Flame package is easy to use game-building solutions that draw the potential of Flutter’s robust infrastructure.

12. Hive

Hive is a light and lightning-fast key-value NoSQL database that is compatible with Flutter as well as Dart applications. It is written in the pure language of Dart language, the application can be used to store the data in offline mode (on locally-owned devices) and manipulate data on the device of your choice without the need for multiple relationships.

13. Cloud_firestore

Cloud_firestore is a flex cloud-based database plugin that allows users to access The Firebase Cloud Firestore. It is a great tool to develop mobile, web, and server application development. Furthermore, it permits your application to read and write and respond to changes made in Firestore at a time slice.

With the help of real-time listeners, it ensures that your data is updated across all your applications and provides offline support. To allow you to build applications that work regardless of the connection to the network or latency.

14. Firebase_auth

Firebase Auth is a plugging that allows authentication for iOS as well as Android applications by using phone numbers, passwords, and identity providers including Google, Twitter, and Facebook. It also offers a variety of methods and tools, allowing users to incorporate secure and secure authentication into new or existing Flutter-based applications.

15. Flutter_bloc

It’s a state management feature for Flutter applications, which allows users to use an implementation of the BLoC (Business of Logic Component) style pattern within Flutter. It is a way to separate business logic from UI. Thus, using flutter_bloc the state of your application is broken down into smaller, well-defined state machines that transform events into one, zero, or more states.

16. Coverage

With Code coverage, you can produce a report detailing the extent to which your tests are covered by aggregating the data of every local package into an all-encompassing data set. Additionally, the dart program assures that every line of code has been tested and functions as expected. It also lets you gather, format, and alter coverage data. It is possible to collect coverage data using the Dart VM and then format the data to attractively printed and LCOV format.

17. Flutter_gen

For loading assets (images animations, fonts, images configuration files, etc.) in Flutter generally, you need to use path strings. This is the riskiest way to go. As an assertion error may occur if you make a mistake in writing an incorrect path for the asset.

The Flutter_gen package will help you get free of APIs that use strings. The package functions as an asset generator that generates code such as fonts, colors, and fonts. With this package, you can easily generate compile-safe asset references, without having to worry about assertion errors.

18. Connectivity

With the Flutter Connectivity plugin, apps are able and configure networks even when they aren’t associated with the Internet. It also differentiates between wireless and WiFi networks that are available on the device.

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Do You Want to Know the Dart and Flutter  Packages For Your Mobile App

do you want to know the dart and flutter packages for your mobile app itechnolabs

Flutter apps are a fast and simple way to create applications. Utilizing these packages allows designers to use Flutter to save time and money when creating their products. Flutter lets developers not just publish their work, but also help in further development for other applications. Due to the popularity of Flutter packages, a thriving Flutter community has been established which is beneficial for both the developers and the companies who use this framework.

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