A Comprehensive Guide on Sports Betting App Development – 2024

A-Comprehensive-Guide-on-Sports-Betting-App-DevelopmentSports, hmm! Do you remember when you last played one? Do you remember when you last picked up a cricket bat to smash a powerful pull shot to your frenemy’s short ball? Do you remember the last time you were soaked in sweat while you vigorously smashed the shuttlecock to your opponent’s side to earn a match point? Do you remember the last time you joyously kicked the football to the goalpost?

We know how hard it is for you to remember any of the above-mentioned, when it had happened so long ago that you no longer have a memory of it. Nah, we are not going to encourage you to play more or be physically active. We are not going there with all of this. Rather, we have one last question that we would like you to answer. Do you remember the last time you placed a straight up bet on a sports betting app?

“Just a moment ago!”, many of you would like to reply. We are not shocked. Afterall, not just the sports, sports betting apps have also gained monstrous popularity in the past few years as it has emerged as a great source of money-making and a simultaneous entertainment medium for people all over the world. The vastness of the sports betting industry can be inferred from the estimated growth of more than $ 110 billion it may gain in the next five years. 

Hence, if you are someone looking for sports betting app development, we are here for you. In this blog, we would lead you to the various aspects of the sports betting app development – definition, features, top players, and app development cost. We would guide you with regard to everything so that you could embark on the execution of the development of your sports betting app with full preparation. So, let us get started. 

Why Sports Betting App Development?

If you have decided to read this blog, you are already partially convinced that a sports betting app is a pretty profitable venture to undertake. We also understand that what you need now from us are some solid reasons (some of which you already know) to be fully convinced that a sports betting app is the thing to go for. 

So, here are some reasons why you should go for the development of a sports betting app – 

  • Exponential Growth – 

Statista says that the online sports betting industry will undergo an annual revenue growth of 9.74 percent which would render the industry a networth of more than $ 60 billion. Is this vast scope of revenue and profitability not enough reason to develop a sports betting app?

  • Dynamic Experience – 

This point is more of a ‘website vs. app’ debate. Obviously, you cannot expect the same level of dynamism with regard to betting and gaming experience from a sports betting website that you can from a sports betting app. A sports betting app’s quick responsiveness and compatibility across platforms makes a solid case for app development. 

  • Round the Clock Betting – 

What if we say that your users can both play and bet from work, from home, or from an igloo with a fine internet connection in day, at night, at twilight, or during solar eclipse? Not only will your users be super happy, but also there would be free flow of money and hence, happiness for you too. 

  • Strengthened Privacy – 

Sports betting may have the capacity to lure many. However, the harm it poses to a person’s privacy is one of the biggest reasons why people are repulsed to use it. Sports betting apps have successfully attempted to tackle the privacy concern and make sure that the privacy of every user remains sacrosanct. 

  • Diversified Gaming Accessibility – 

Is it not a winning argument in itself in favour of a sports betting app if it allows its users an access to a diversified range of games and sports to play and place bets upon the way they like? There is nothing better than a single dashboard to place a variety of bets on a variety of sports you are interested in. 

And hence, we rest our case. We have given all the right reasons for you to go ahead with sports betting app development. Now, it is time for us to move forward to our next section. 

What are some Remarkable Features of a Sports Betting App?

Now that you have decided to build a sports betting app, you must know about the diverse range of features and functionalities that constitute a dynamic sports betting app. 

Mainly, any sports betting app has two panels – a user panel and an admin panel. For the sake of convenience, we would categorise the features and functionalities of a sports betting app accordingly – 

  • Users Panel – 

As the name suggests, the users panel specifically serves the needs of the users of a sports betting app. Hence, it would have features that fulfil the needs of the users and take the app experience for them a notch higher. 

  • Register/Login –

The one trick to make any app successful, be it a sports betting app or not, is to make the registration or log-in process effortless. 

Therefore, make sure that you allow your users to sign-in easily via their email IDs, phone numbers, or social media accounts. Whichever way they choose, make sure that all their necessary details (like banking) are covered extensively. 

  • Live Betting –

Betting is obviously fun when it is done on a sporting event that is going on live. The thrill of betting is at optimum on such occasions. 

So, give your users an experience that is both exhilarating and rewarding by offering them an option to do live betting. You have to make sure that you render all timely updates to your users regarding the live event so that they could place a wise bet. 

  • Diverse Betting – 

When you offer your user a wide range of options, they will feel powerful and hence, satisfied with their choice. 

Therefore, while you build your sports betting app, it is necessary that you give a variety of betting options to your users. When users have a wide range of choices with regard to betting, events, sports, etc., they can make an informed and satisfactory choice. 

Convenience is what your users will be looking for when they will choose to use your sports betting app. 

Therefore, it becomes quintessential for you to integrate various payment gateways into your sports betting app so that your users do not find any sort of hassle with regard to placing their bets. 

  • Notifications – 

It is really important to keep your users engaged with your sports betting app. To do so, push notifications can become your biggest saviours. 

By deploying push notifications in your sports betting app, you can inform your users with regard to the new sporting events they can place bets upon, the results of the bets they have placed previously, the successful money transfer to their designated bank accounts, etc. 

  • Customer Support – 

Do not even expect your app to reach newer heights if it does not have a responsive customer support service.

Make sure that your users can get access to your customer support service around the clock. The accessibility to the service should be provided via an efficient in-spp chat and calling platform. Doing so will help you deliver a timely service to your users whenever they face a hassle while using your app. 

  • Privacy and Safety – 

Safety and privacy will be the two values that should guide the development of your sports betting app. 

It is important to ensure that your sports betting app respects the privacy of its users and does not reveal their identity or divulge their personal or financial details to a third party in any case at all. There is no chance that your app will not flourish if you make confidentiality and security as the key pillars of your sports betting app. 

  • Admin Panel – 

The admin panel of your sports betting app will be the backbone it quintessentially needs. The admin panel will host features and functionalities that allows you to keep a tab on all the activities happening on your sports betting app and ease the user experience. 

  • Users Management – 

It is important for you to be able to keep a tab on the activities of all your users. Therefore, make sure that your admin panel renders you a dashboard for the same and allows you to keep an eagle’s eye on all the activities taking place on your sports betting app. 

User management feature of your app is also essential because it allows you to restrict those users who are indulging in malign activities. 

  • Payment Management – 

This is a sports betting app and payment management is one of the most crucial features. 

The admin panel of your mobile app must have an efficient dashboard that allows you to manage receipt and payment of the bet money on your sports betting app. 

  • Marketing Management – 

What if your admin panel furnishes you with dynamic marketing tools that help you take your mobile app to newer heights?

It would be more than fantastic as then you can receive the analysis from the app data and accordingly use existing tools of marketing and content creation to make sure that you market your app right. 

  • Analysis and Reports – 

Harness all the powers of data science and integrate into your sports betting app development. 

When you empower your admin panel with data science-enabled technological tools, you get detailed analysis with regard to user activities, app revenue and growth, and related data. With data science, the admin panel offers you useful strategic suggestions. 

How to Develop a Sports Betting App?

Now you know the features that should essentially be the part of your sports betting app, we would like to tell you in brief the process of a sports betting app development. The process is discussed as under – 

  • Research, Research, Research – 

Developing an app is a crucial process and like every crucial process, it begins with a thorough research. The research must delve deep into the online sports betting industry, the existing players who have garnered immense name and fame, and the crucial and current consumer needs. 

  • Devise a Strategy – 

You know everything related to the market, consumers, and competitors thoroughlY. It is now time to build a strategy that is resourceful and lays down the roadmap to the development of your sports betting app in as short span of time as possible, keeping the top-notch quality and essential features. 

  • Let the Designing Begin – 

Done with strategising? Now allow your hired professional to embark upon the UI/UX designing process of your sports betting app. Take care that the design of your app is in line with the brand identity that you have strategized to build and reflect the values of your app directly. 

  • Development is the Key – 

Make sure that the developers you have hired work in tandem with the strategy built. Every feature, that has been the part of the app on paper, must be efficiently developed and integrated. Just keep in touch with your developers, give them your feedback, and regularly check upon the development work that has been taking place. 

  • Test, Test, Test –

Keep testing, whether manually or otherwise. It is important that your app is working smoothly and its payment integrations are working properly. It is important that the app quality is optimum as anything less than that can leave a bitter taste in the mouths of your users. 

  • Deploy and Market –

You have to now deploy your powerful sports betting app on the platforms you have chosen. Adhere to the relevant guidelines to avoid any sort of delay. It is also important to devise a marketing strategy before deployment, so that as and when the app enters the market, it is timely marketed to the users in the best way possible.

How much does It Cost to Build a Premier Sports Betting App?

Usually, the cost of sports betting app development may range between $ 18000 to $ 50000. However, this is a very general estimate and may vary with influence from a variety of features that directly or indirectly affect the cost of sports betting app development. 

The factors that influence the cost of your sports betting app development have been listed below –

  • Size and complexity of the app
  • Number of features and functionalities
  • Number of third-party integrations
  • Complexity of the design of the app
  • Size and location of the development team
  • Native vs. cross-platform app development

On the basis of the size and complexity of your sports betting app, we have listed below the cost of sports betting app development – 

  • Simple app – $ 18000 to $ 22000
  • Medium Complex App – $ 22000 to $ 40000
  • Highly Complex App – $ 40000 to $ 50000 and above

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