A Comprehensive Guide to Develop an eCommerce Website using PHP 2024 [Updated]

a comprehensive guide to develop an ecommerce website using php itechnolabs

eCommerce is the need for today’s shoppers. Be it for their basic needs or getting answers for their weekend shopping cravings, today’s shopper wants to get everything over e-commerce stores. But, customers only like to buy from their “favorite” e-commerce store. That explains why this market is so competitive and not every e-commerce store gets the limelight. And, we all know how difficult it is for businesses to become their customer’s “favorite” online store! 

That’s where the importance of developing an e-commerce website or store that is well-designed, optimally planned, and meets the expectations of customers is highlighted. But, What makes an e-commerce store well-developed? 

It is said that features such as mobile responsive, easy to use, safe, secure, scalable, and easy to navigate e-commerce stores gather customers’ attention. Further, the store with a wide range of products, and an extensive network of sellers emerge as one of the best e-commerce stores. As later is a matter of business development, the feature set, scalability and stability can be ensured with the right development. 

Though there can be a lot of programming languages, and developing principles to amalgamate everything best for your e-commerce store while developing, PHP is often talked about! 

Why Can PHP be Ideal to Develop an eCommerce Website?

why can php be ideal to develop an ecommerce website itechnolabs

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a server-side programming language. It is open source. PHP is widely used in making web applications, and online portals and is preferred even by novice as well as experienced developers. 

In PHP, the code is processed by an interpreter, and then executed and displays results that the server sends back! It is widely leveraged by developers and programmers worldwide to execute their ideas and bring into reality ideal e-commerce websites. Here are a few reasons why PHP can be a good choice for developing your next e-commerce website- 

1. Plenty of Frameworks 

While developing an e-commerce website, frameworks play a major role. And, this is one reason why PHP is favored by many programmers. It has a range of stable frameworks like Laravel, the slim framework, Symfony, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, and so forth. 

This makes PHP right for e-commerce as a range of frameworks makes e-commerce website development via PHP an easy and efficient drill for programmers. This also makes features incorporation, security, and scalability an easy and doable job! 

2. Analytics

PHP is a stable and secure language. It has a set of frameworks that can provide analytics tools for sales and business development teams. These can also help relay messages from clients about their preferences to online retailers. This can fill gaps regarding strategies, effective integrations, and so forth! In this way, the analytics features of the PHP framework help manage growth and sales volume in the case of e-commerce websites. 

It also helps businesses gather the right information and user data which can assist them in taking their e-commerce website a level up. This can elevate e-commerce profitability way more for businesses of all scales! 

3. Enhanced and Robust Security 

PHP is well known for the security it can provide to websites. And, the e-commerce of the modern world needs exactly that! 

To begin with, e-commerce websites tackle plenty of financial transactions every day. And, to keep these safe, secure, and encrypted while keeping users’ data away from hackers and cyber attacks, it is paramount to establish a system that handles security. And, PHP serves the purpose. The frameworks of PHP help safeguard and protect any information that flows on the e-commerce platform. Be it payment gateways, real-time data, preferences, and whatnot! 

4. Costs in Line

If you are running tight on budget, PHP can be your pick. 

It is an open-source language and therefore you can save money that goes on hefty subscriptions. Further, as PHP is widely used, even if you hire a PHP expert developer to get your e-commerce developed with PHP, this would not push your budget over the rails. So, overall you can manage things in your budget! 

5. Rich eCommerce Solutions

There are specific functions needed in e-commerce websites. These features have the power to make any e-commerce solution favorite of customers. And, PHP frameworks deliver what is needed to achieve this! 

These frameworks help make e-commerce websites that are scalable, creative, engaging as well as responsive, just like today’s users need! 

6. Plugins! 

PHP has plugins that can make a difference. With plugins able to deliver reliable, consistent, and optimum user experience, these plugins assist in making e-commerce websites deliver consistent and precise UX to customers. 

These plugins also assist in making e-commerce product inventories, online payment gateways, currency integrations, languages, and so forth! 

7. Mobile Responsive

Having a website that is not mobile-responsive is a waste of money, and resources in these modern times. And, PHP has all amenities that can help develop mobile-friendly responsive websites. But, this never compromises on the feature complexity and stability of an e-commerce online platform! 

8. Support

As PHP is widely used, it has a large community of developers and programmers. This makes support and codes easily available. It can be a great way for a novice or new developer to get familiar with PHP, the scope of this programming language, and e-commerce stores in general! 

All these reasons make PHP the right choice for e-commerce development. It can help teams conquer a lot of challenges with utmost ease. But, How to develop an e-commerce website with PHP? Let’s discuss it!

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Develop an eCommerce Website using PHP

There can be varied approaches to getting your e-commerce developed through PHP. But, let’s talk about a basic and general chronological order. 

  • To begin with, frame the scope of your project or decide what all you need to accommodate in your e-commerce store
  • Before starting the initial phases of programming, create a complete project in a staging or testing environment. 
  • Once you develop your project in a testing environment, take it further and look for the ideal and preferable free eCommerce bootstrap template in HTML. These readymade templates can make your development easy and simple! These can also help you optimize your programming and design efforts to the next level. 
  • The next step in developing your PHP-based e-commerce website is selecting a PHP-based MVC framework. You can consider widely available options like Zend, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, laravel, etc.
  • Begin with MySQL database. In this step, create simple pages like product addition, categories, show product, cart, index page for the front end, search and find product, and so forth. This would be enough to start an eCommerce store development
  • Payment gateways are the backbone of e-commerce stores. And, once you have designed the basic pages, get payment gateways integrated into this step. Integrate PayPal or stripe, or any secure payment gateway of your choice. 
  • Development is never enough in the case of e-commerce stores. Testing plays a pivotal role. And once the payment gateway is integrated, intense testing is needed. Test along with the staging servers after uploading test data. This would give you an idea about the basic functionality, performance, and efficiency of your e-commerce site! 
  • After testing, deploy your website on a line server and implement the UAT! 
  • This completes your development phase, But, making your website optimized for search engines, and customer searches’ is also essential. And, this completes your development of an e-commerce website with a PHP process. 

This brings us to the end of our discussion of how to develop an e-commerce website with PHP! 

What things you consider in Company to Develop an eCommerce Website

what things you consider in company to develop an ecommerce website itechnolabs

If you are an e-commerce business or are looking for the right resources to enter the e-commerce niche, it is your sign you should start it now! Gather resources, plan your e-commerce store, and start developing it with PHP

But, if you are a novice and are looking for the right developers or an agency to assist you throughout, you happen to be at the right place. iTechnolabs is here for you- 

1. Years of Experience 

We are not new in this industry and we have delivered a range of e-commerce stores in our years of renowned industry experience. We have a team of developers, and specialized PHP experts to help you make your e-commerce store with PHP a reality!

We can assist right from planning and ideation to testing and launching your e-commerce store! 

2. Value to Money Solutions

We know your business’s goals, investments, and budget constraints. That’s why we have made our solutions fit for your pocket and value for money!

3. Unique Approach 

We don’t follow the industry’s old approach of developing e-commerce stores. We comprehend the need for an evolved and modern world. We, therefore have developed a unique approach to assisting our clients that can help their e-commerce store become their customers’ immediate favorite.

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Do You Want to Develop an eCommerce Website from iTechnolabs?

do you want to develop an ecommerce website from itechnolabs

All these reasons make iTechnolabs one of the best agencies to get your e-commerce store developed and launched. Hop on to have a discussion with our experts today! We would be happy to provide you one to one consultation!

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