How to Hire a Full-Stack Developer for a React.js Project: A Complete Guide

how to hire a full stack developer for a react js project a complete guide itechnolabs

In the year 2022, React JS has turned into one of the most commonly used front-end JavaScript libraries among developers. As per data analysis, in January 2022, React JS’ monthly downloads exceeded the limit of 58.99 million. There are several reasons for React JS’ meteoric rise, but a great level of flexibility and scalable solutions are undeniable among the best ones.

Because companies globally are adopting this technology and hiring React JS developers to make the best use of this technology.

Market leaders such as Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon utilize JavaScript for their mobile and web applications. The huge success of these companies has acted as a catalyst, enabling other companies to adopt React JS.

But there are many React JS developers who have an exceptional skill set for hiring challenges. How do you appoint professional and highly skilled React JS developers?

So, here is a step-by-step guide to enable you to hire a full-stack developer for your project. However, first let’s know the basis of React JS.

What is React JS?

React.js is an open-source, frontend and free JavaScript library well-maintained by Meta as well as a community of specific developers as well as businesses.

Also, React JS is a flexible and declarative JavaScript toolkit, helpful for developing UI components-based user interfaces. Developers build interactive as well as component-based user interfaces with the assistance of React JS.

Jordan Walke developed and even released React.js in 2011. Since then, the requirement for React.js development as well as apps developed with it has achieved an outstanding rate.

Benefits of Using React JS

benefits of using react js itechnolabs

React JS is famous due to its exceptional benefits. Here are some of them:

1. From the business’s perspective

The React JS framework offers a virtual DOM (Document Object Model) having every node tree’s characteristics. A Document Object Model is a proper representation of the HTML elements in a web application or web page.

React JS apps don’t utilize browsers due to a server directly renders them.

React JS is a pocket-friendly as well as SEO-friendly framework. 

2. From the developer’s perspective

The React JS platform’s public API remains unchanged, ensuring easy backward compatibility.

The open-source library for React JS is easily accessible to making teams working on several new features as well as fixing bugs. 

Debugging is a bit easier utilizing React JS’s special tools, which enable developers to debug their code straight in the browser. 

React JS is understandable and comprises a concurrent mode for faster construction of user-friendly programs. 

Applications That Can Be Developed With React.js

applications that can be developed with react js itechnolabs

1. E-commerce Applications

Require well-structured and user-friendly sites, unlike other companies. Yes, easygoing navigation is crucial if you want the users to buy from your platform. React.js provides with SectionList/FlatList components that make the retail platform really smooth to navigate.

2. Lifestyle Applications

It is no coincidence that social media apps are developed with the assistance of React. This platform is an ideal fit for apps where users save images, see videos, receive notifications on updates from different users as well as share their own updates.

3. Cross-platform Applications

If your objective is to develop an app compatible with both Android and iOS, choosing React native is the ideal choice. If you choose to appoint a React native developer, you will receive your application working on both of these platforms. With React, the app layout is based on flexbox, which works really well on Android, the web, and iOS.

Requirements And Responsibilities Of React JS Developers

requirements and responsibilities of react js developers itechnolabs

React JS comprises applications that enable professionals of every degree and experience to utilize it. However, there are many differences in the professional requirements for medium, junior, and senior React JS developers

Here is a closer look at each of them and their tasks.

01. Junior-level React JS developer

Junior-level React JS developer generally equipped with an experience of 1-2 years. They are acquainted with the basics of React. Also, they know HTML, CSS, Javascript, BootStrap, Git and RxJS.

Also, junior React JS developers have an intermediate or advanced level of spoken and written English knowledge.

02. Middle-level React JS developer

Generally, Middle-level React JS developers have over 2 years of React JS expertise. They have a vast understanding of Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Angular, JavaScript, Git and RxJS. Also, they are acquainted with Node.

These individuals know JavaScript (ES6) and TypeScript as well as Redux state management. Besides, most such developers have sufficient experience in building mobile apps with powerful API and UI endpoints.

03. Senior-level React JS developer

Senior React JS developers usually have over 5 years of experience. These developers can develop React-based UI using React JS and TypeScript. Also, senior developers are acquainted with Front-end environments like SASS, ES6, Unit Testing and WebPack.

Senior React JS developers know many development paradigms like MVC, IoC, MVVM, and can develop RESTful services/APIs. Many senior-level React JS developers can talk in English at an upper-intermediate or advanced level. Such developers have vast experience with different JavaScript frameworks such as Vue, jQuery, and Angular.

Essential Skills for a Full-Stack React.Js Developer

essential skills for a full stack react js developer itechnolabs

Efficient code and coding smoothly, collaborating with other proficient developers, and troubleshooting problems are a couple of examples of what a full-stack React.js developer must do. What relevant skills do these functions actually need?

Checkout the list of the main competencies:

  • Backend Technologies

You might have heard about several backend technologies as well as frameworks. However, when hiring a React.js developer, the primary thing you need to look for is huge expertise in this kind of development.

  • Front-end Technologies

Developing a responsive, functional and dynamic web product is impossible with no classic skill trio: CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Of course, expertise in the React.js library is a must for a React.js developer.

  • Version Control System (VCS)

Each full-stack developer must utilize a VCS like Git – an open-source VCS that enables tracking transformations in the source code at the time of software development.

  • Databases

All applications require a database for data storage, so an expert full-stack developer must be proficient in different SQL and NoSQL databases.

  • Communication Protocols

HTTP is an excellent transport protocol for communication between the application as well as the client. REST is a set of rules for developing API – a bridge between the backend and frontend. A full-stack developer should master both. Few projects likewise might need the knowledge of GraphQL, WebSockets, the communication between FE and BE and far beyond.

  • Soft Skills

A professional full-stack developer for hire requires beyond just high-tech mastery; they should additionally hold a perfect blend of soft and hard skills. An engineering curiosity, mindset, good time management, and focus on detail are crucial.

  • Web Architecture

Due to the main responsibility of a full-stack developer is to develop applications from scratch; they should know how to store data, structure code, categorize files, etc.

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Step-By-Step Guide to How to Hire a Full-Stack Developer for a React.js Project

step by step guide to how to hire a full stack developer for a react js project itechnolabs

Step 1: Tell about your project, needs, and budget

If you are planning to hire React.js developers, explain your expectations. Make sure you and your candidates know the requirements to be fulfilled.

Immediately sign an agreement that has every critical area of your future collaboration which includes deadlines, budget and fines in the contract.

Step 2: Conduct telephonic interviews followed by face-to-face interviews

To hire React JS developers, have an idea of which candidates will be the right fit for your project. For the same, shortlist the candidates utilizing ‘resume filter’ applications.

When you have suitable resumes in front of you. Pick their experience, skills and talents to formulate your interview questions for the telephonic interview round.

Step 3: Check the portfolio to hire React JS developers

At this stage, review the project your candidate has taken part in. Also, go through their responsibilities, project output, and employer recommendations. Profile evaluation is a non-compromisable step while hiring React.js developers.

Step 4: Evaluate technical skills to appoint React JS developers

Ask the questions mentioned below to evaluate the technical skills of React JS developers.

  • What is event-driven programming?
  • How does React.js work?
  • What does “favour object composition over class inheritance” mean?
  • What is the difference between object-oriented and functional programming?
  • How does middleware in Node.js work?
  • What is React.createClass?
  • What is asynchronous programming?
  • What is a message broker?
  • How is VirtualDOM more effective than dirty checking?
  • What is Redux?
  • What is the difference between a class and a functional component?
  • How do you give name to the components in React?
  • How JSX is converted into JS?
  • What happens when setState() function is called?
  • Does React use HTML?
  • What do you mean by the CSS box model?
  • Can having many inheritances in JS be possible?
  • What do you mean by null in javascript?
  • How is null different from undefined?
  • Define Higher-Order Components.
  • In JS, what is an event loop?

Salary of React JS Developers

To employ React JS developers, you should know their potential salary range. 

Certain factors highly influence the React developers like geography, living cost, projects, seniority level, experience, notable mentions, awards, projects, and a lot more.

Hire React JS Developers for Your Company

However, to hire a full-stack developer, you need to set up a clear hiring tactic as a company. To hire proficient developers, you are required to have the best hiring tactic in place.

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Do you want to Hire a Full-Stack Developer for a React.js Project?

do you want to hire a full stack developer for a react js project itechnolabs

But, given React developer popularity and demand, it can be really tough to find the suitable one for your next software project at an economical price.

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