How and Where to Hire iOS App Developers for Startup in 2023? [Updated]

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How and Where to Hire iOS App Developers? Android continues to reign in the operating system market worldwide, with a 70.89% market share in 2023’s most recent quarter. Apple’s iOS takes the second largest market share at 28.36% market share. It follows behind Android with a huge 42.53% difference.

Infrequent regional markets, such as the United States, Canada, Norway, and France, iOS is the most popular platform. If you want to make, in other words, a lot of money by gratifying wealthy smartphone users, go with iOS and hire ios app developers for startup.

There are several technical arguments in favor of iOS development. Because the platform is more standardized than Android, developing an app takes less time (and money). Fewer Apple mobile device varieties make fantastic UI and UX designs for iOS apps easier.

Factors to Hire iOS App Developers!

  • Extensive experience
  • Practical knowledge
  • Portfolio 
  • Communication and other soft skills

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The first piece of advice for developing a highly efficient development team, regardless of the platform you’ll use, is to understand your project’s requirements. Then, identify your company and project goals before moving to a feature list and development priorities.

During the project planning stage, it will become evident whether developing an iOS app rather than an Android app is more cost-effective

The following are some of the factors that may impact your decision:

  • Your target audience’s dominant platform
  • A monetization model has been chosen.
  • Timelines and budgets
  • Characteristics of MVP

If you’re sure about your platform decision, go ahead and discover the differences between the many professional classes of iOS developers, as well as the core abilities that all iOS developers should possess. When analyzing applicant profiles, there are a few things to consider:

1. Extensive experience and practical knowledge

If you hire an iPhone App developer with all the necessary experience, you will have struck gold. Working on similar-sized projects, in your market location, or on the same type of product you need will give a mind-blowing product.

Junior, Middle, and Senior are the three expert tiers of iOS developers. An employee who has spent the number of years practicing their occupation is the fundamental distinction between the grades, among other things.

The number of projects, their complexity, and the growth of iOS developer skillsets should all be considered. So, you can Hire iOS app developers for startup for business growth.

Remote iOS developers may require specialized knowledge to be productive on your project. Expertise refers to the practical knowledge developed by an individual while working on specific tasks (such as eBanking or eHealth) or doing advanced tech jobs like AI algorithm integration.

2. Portfolio 

You can assess the proper level of a candidate’s abilities, expertise, and experience by looking at their portfolio. During the meeting, please inquire about the duty and errands of your possible iOS developer for hire’s earlier three projects, as well as their preferred work style and personal tech achievements.

Remember that you can use your iPhone to check out the candidate’s apps or look for reviews of their work on the Internet.

3. Communication and other soft skills

You’ll be successful if you find iOS engineers with similar cultural backgrounds, the same ideals, and a professional work attitude. This method will assist you in avoid management misconception and accelerating the growth process.

The capacity to organize tasks, operate in a team, be respectful and open-minded to coworkers, be proactive, and overcome problems are all examples of soft skill sets. According to 2019 data, excellent soft skills are preferred over traditional complex capabilities when hiring iPhone app developers.

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Grades of iOS App Developers

  • Junior
  • Middle
  • Senior

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Regardless of software engineer type, app developer grades are the same. The number of years of experience, the breadth of their skill set, and the difficulty and diversity of jobs solved define junior, middle, and senior iOS developers. Varying tiers to hire iOS app developers for startups have different hourly fees.

Junior – Fresher

Experience- Fewer than two years 

Junior iPhone app developers for hire are expected to operate under the supervision of a more senior developer and begin with more straightforward tasks. Within a year or fewer, these employees should be promoted to Mid-level specialists.

If you have one or more advanced level tech engineers on your team and a lot of monotonous chores to complete, junior recruiting is a good idea. That is a cost-cutting strategy.


Experience- From 2 to 5 years 

Hire iOS app developers for startup to complete both straightforward and complex tasks. Although full-time supervision is not required for this professional, advanced task progress assessments are always recommended.

Although mid-level developers can work on a project alone and independently, you can give them advanced assignments or ask them to lead a development team of their peers or more junior employees.


Experience- Five years or more 

Hire Senior iPhone developers to handle advanced, complex issues or oversee the entire development team. The skillsets of a Senior might be pretty varied.

Together with marketing analysts and marketing department workers, this grade of an employee could, for example, lead product testing, manage business procedures used inside the tech department, handle API integration, or participate in market research.

It’s also feasible that a senior developer learns to sell and regularly travels with the sales team.

As a minimum, your CTO (Chief Technology Officer) should have a Senior classification.


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What Skills Do iOS Developers Require?

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The cost of an iOS developer is determined by the specialist’s grade, knowledge area, and other project type experience. iOS developers are working on banking, eHealth, and Internet security projects, for example, command more excellent wages than those working on eCommerce initiatives.

Any iOS engineer must possess several hard skills. You can expect the professional to address fundamental issues and oversee the tech process, whichever you hire. Keep these must-have abilities in mind while hiring iPhone app developers:

  • Native iOS language skills in Objective-C or Swift
  • Awareness of Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines
  • Working knowledge with the Xcode IDE
  • Understanding of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) standards
  • Expertise with advanced code versioning tools
  • Hands-on experience with the Core Data Framework
  • Understanding of Metal and OpenGL
  • Knowledge of APIs and integration experience

Approachable, critical thinking, a feeling of deadline and responsibility, and the capacity to work in a team, leadership, negotiating and self-presentation abilities, tenacity, and thoroughness, are all essential soft skills.

What Hiring Options Do You Have?

what hiring options do you have itechnolabs

When it comes to digital production, there are always some reservations about the employment options. Although computer businesses did not pioneer outsourcing or outstaffing, the rising demand for digital technologies (and technology itself) propelled the outsourcing notion to a new level of prominence.

Outsourcing allows you to hire iOS app developers for startup in worldwide, rather than simply from your local area. On the other hand, in-house team members can be easier to manage and more adaptable. Working with them, at the very least, you won’t have any time zone-related project communication gaps.

Do You want to hire iOS app developers for startup?

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You can start looking for an app developer once you have a concept and research.

For example, you’ve usually identified a problem that your target market is experiencing at this step and developed an app concept to address that issue. Then you may have sketched out some ideas for the app and even created basic wireframes of how you want it to look.

You should probably start looking for a developer to collaborate with when you reach this point.

It’s challenging to find an app developer. However, as long as you thoroughly assess your applicants and keep your search structured, the process should be relatively straightforward.

Are you looking to hire iOS app developers for startup? The good news is that you no longer have to limit yourself to a local talent pool when looking for a suitable specialist. Everyone now has access to outsourcing vendors and reputable web platforms for hiring freelancers.

There’s also some bad news. Because software is now used in almost every business sector and there is a growing need for brand new solutions among everyday consumers, your competitors may employ the top developers if you are not quick and adaptable enough.

Even though iOS users are fewer than Android users, they are more prepared to spend, so native iOS development is vital.

Frequently Asked Questions to Hire iOS App Developers for Startup in 2023

  1. How to Hire Remote iPhone App Developers for your Startup?

Hire remote iOS and android developers in the 7 simple steps given below – 

  • Define the requirements for the development of your app
  • Determine if you want a freelancer or a dedicated developers team
  • Make a list of potential android and iOS developers from various talent sources
  • Verify the expertise, experience, portfolio, and development approach of the shortlisted companies
  • Do a detailed comparative analysis and cut short the list
  • Now take assessments and conduct interviews of the developers of the shortlisted companies
  • Select the one development company that meets your expectations

2. Where to find iOS developers?

Eleven sources to find good android and iOS developers – 

  • iTechnolabs
  • GitHub
  • Upwork
  • AngelList
  • Stack Overflow
  • Working Nomads
  • Toptal
  • Local recruitment agencies
  • Social networking
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