How Much Does It Cost to Create an App Like IKEA? [Updated]

how much does it cost to create an app like ikea itechnolabs

Businesses are constantly evolving as modern assets in order to gain an edge in the fast-growing digital age. Marketing strategies and products, as well as their advertising methods, and even their customer-oriented methods, are all being redesigned to adapt to the new digital age.

Particularly, the retail and e-commerce sectors are always willing to adopt the latest mobile technology to stay competitive in the market. As long as they don’t provide mobile application services that are available, it will be difficult for them to connect with customers across their various service areas.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)-like revolutionizing technologies make retail applications more engaging and personal.

Therefore, the creation of web-based shopping applications for Android as well as iOS for 2023 is the most beneficial choice for businesses. In this post, we’d like to take through the cost of development of an IKEA-like multi-national home furnishing application and the aspects that impact the cost of creating an AR app that is similar to IKEA.

Why Has IKEA Entered Into Digital Space?

why has ikea entered into digital space itechnolabs

With the aim of expanding its brand’s credibility in emerging global markets and combatting the decline caused by the COVID pandemic, the multinational retailer has released its shopping apps on mobile devices designed for iOS and Android customers.

Presently, IKEA offers online services through four apps that are significant and include IKEA Place App, IKEA Home Smart App, IKEA India, and IKEA Safer Home, a mobile application.

In addition to other apps, the IKEA Place App is drawing thousands of mobile users thanks to its advanced Augmented Reality features.

IKEA Place App is an AR-powered mobile app that is available to Android as well as iOS users. It lets users browse, choose and then place the product they wish to place within their home in virtual reality. The 3D renderings of IKEA products displayed in the customer’s spaces will assist customers in making faster choices and buying products that have the ideal size and style.

Here are some of the most important characteristics that are part of IKEA mobile apps that have caught the attention of more than 10 hundred million mobile users.

Why Are IKEA Apps Gaining Popularity?

It’s a reality with user-friendly features and accessible functions that are contributing to the high success rate of IKEA’s well-known AR app for retail.

In terms of features simple sign-in process, hassle-free searching-explore-shopping experiences, a cart list that you can click for speedy and efficient checkout, and multi-payment mode flexibility as well as exclusive discounts and deals have been gaining popularity. The IKEA Place-like amazing augmented reality-powered shopping application.

Additionally, the ability to switch between AR mode 360deg view of the product and wide-angle views and room dimension scanners tools for adjusting space and perfect positioning of items are a few other benefits of this e-Commerce app that is gaining popularity with AR.

Furthermore, attractive interfaces for apps and social media sharing flexibility and smooth navigation within the app API integrations and multilingual compatibility mobile device portability, pleasing colors, and breathtaking images with high resolution are all components of the popularity of the IKEA Place Shopping App. IKEA Place Shop App.

Therefore, AR functionality in online shopping apps shows furniture or items and transports the user completely into a virtual space in real-time. This can help shoppers make a quicker decision on purchasing items and also increase sales.

All of these add credit to the IKEA Place app.

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Benefits Of AR-powered eCommerce App Development Like IKEA App

benefits of ar-powered ecommerce app development like ikea app itechnolabs

E-commerce players are able to stand ahead of the constantly changing digital market by offering mobile application services. Here are some advantages of shopping apps that are AR-enabled:

1. Increases Brand Value

Apps that resemble IKEA’s AR for eCommerce have been gaining a larger number of users and have reached the milestone of a million downloads. Mobile apps that use AR with modern and stylish features can enhance the shopping experience of shoppers and increase the credibility of your brand. It aids online retailers and e-commerce companies in creating brand value in the rapidly growing online retail industry.

2. Let Your Customers Make Faster Decisions

Yes. It’s one of the greatest benefits that come with AR applications for mobile purchase development. IKEA Place-like, one of the top-rated AR shopping apps in the USA as well as India will offer 3D renderings of product images and will help customers place their items on their floors. This will assist your customers in making quick purchasing decisions and will increase your product sales.

3. Offers Unique Real-world Shopping Experiences

Yes. AR mobile apps can provide offline shopping experiences for your customers. While customers are able to view the products from a distance and in a wide-angle position, the features of AR apps offer in-store buying experiences for your customers. This is among the greatest benefits that come with AR mobile apps for E-commerce.

4. Helps You Implement Top-notch Marketing Services

AR apps are the ideal option for retailers. The integration of AR features into brand-new and existing apps for shopping can assist you in implementing top-quality marketing strategies. AR applications let you advertise your product and its contents in the most attractive and simple-to-understand way. Simply put, AR apps explain your products’ features and functions exactly like human sales reps can.

5. Improves Customer Personalization and Satisfaction

Through providing real-time experiences, online retailers are able to ensure high levels of satisfaction for their customers via AR applications. On the other hand, the virtual image of items in the consumer’s home can enhance their personalization and enhance the likelihood of purchasing. Therefore, AR-enabled shopping apps provide personalized services and help brands build a brand image within the digital market.

6. Increases Conversions and Ensures Sales

The main goal for any company that uses internet-based services is to make more revenue and conversions. No matter if it’s online or offline, companies work towards this common objective. In contrast to regular shopping apps AR-powered shopping apps offer an exclusive shopping experience for consumers, assist users to make quicker decisions, improve conversions, and guarantee a long-term profitable business.

How Much Does IT Cost For IKEA Like Trending AR-Based Mobile Shopping Apps?

how much does it cost for ikea like trending ar-based mobile shopping apps itechnolabs

If you’re looking forward to the development of AR apps then you can use the internet to see the cost of an AR app similar to what IKEA is expected to cost.


The price of AR-powered shopping apps such as IKEA Place is likely to be more costly in comparison to the development costs for regular applications for mobile devices. The exact price of creating an IKEA-style AR shopping application is difficult for any developer of a mobile app firm as it differs based on features lists, platforms, type, style as well as experience of the developer, and many other variables.

1. Hourly Rate Of Mobile App Developers

The costs for developing AR applications will also be contingent on the location of the developer of the mobile apps. For example:

  • The hourly cost for Android, as well as iOS app creators within North America, is $125-$150
  • The rate per hour of an Android/iPhone agency for app development located in South America is $40-$55
  • The cost per hour of a mobile application development firm within the UK is between $65 and $74.
  • The average hourly rate for firms that specialize in custom software development in Europe is $33 to $40.
  • The rate per hour for firms that develop custom mobile apps in India is between $28 and $35.
  • App Design Costs

In the same way, the complex nature of user interfaces (UIs) will affect the cost of development for mobile apps. The development of IKEA Place-like advanced mobile apps that use AR must be coupled with 3D graphics in order to offer realistic image views to customers.

Being the most reputable mobile application development firm in the USA and Canada. In our experience, we think that the design stage that creates an AR application will cost between $15,000 to $28,000. Keep in mind that it is only an estimate. It may vary based on the complexity of your app’s design.

2. Costs Related To Module or Feature Development

Therefore, choosing the appropriate combination of tools, programming languages, and UI frameworks can be crucial to the creation of the most advanced AR-powered mobile apps.

To build apps such as IKEA Place, along with native languages and native UI frameworks or hybrid tech stacks App development companies should utilize Google Tango (for Android app development) and ARKit (for iOS apps development). On average, the price of creating AR components or modules for apps is between $30,000 and $60,000.

3. Development Costs For App Testing

Tests of an AR mobile app such as IKEA Place can be a difficult task for testers. Invoking coding bugs or errors in performance can take between 10 and 14 hours for developers. The testing phase requires a $10,000-$13,000 investment to ensure that applications are bug-free.

Based on the above aspects, we can determine the estimated cost of creating an AR-powered mobile app for an individual platform with basic AR-mode features to range from $55,000 to $ 120,000 plus (excluding the costs of maintenance and support).

How much does iTechnolabs Charge to Create an App Like IKEA?

how much do itechnolabs charge to create an app like ikea itechnolabs

According to market research studies, more than 50% of shoppers online were keen on using AR apps for better visualization of items in all directions and sizes. AR apps can also enable users to change the size and color of the products.

It will provide an increase in user engagement as well as exceptional experiences on the app for your users. As mentioned previously, the IKEA Place app is one of the most powerful AR-powered online shopping applications that has captured the hearts of many customers.

If you are interested in developing a similar app to IKEA, contact iTechnolabs.

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