How to Hire App Developers near me – A Complete Guide [Updated]

how to hire app developers near me - a complete guide itechnolabs

Stop. Stop right there! Are you going to outsource the development of your promising app to a remote app development company just because it promised to deliver the app at a desirable price? Or, is it because your dear friend suggested you do so? Hiring a remote developer can be a fancy choice to make. However, it has turned out to be risky a few times for people all across the world.

‘Risk is everywhere’ – we know that you are tempted to say so. But, keep in mind that no amount of risk is greater than your app. So why do you have to take risks at all when you can absolutely avoid it via hiring app developers locally. 

Mind you, the hiring process of a local developer is not as easy as doing Google search ‘How to hire app developers near me?’. But it is not extremely complex because we have made it simpler for you. Read this blog thoroughly and you will know what we are talking about and why. 

What are the main Reasons Why ‘Hire App Developers Near Me’?

  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Market Knowledge
  • Local Economy

what are the main reasons why ‘hire app developers near me itechnolabs

We are aware how pivotal this app is for you. Therefore, we want you to take each decision after a careful and critical analysis of all the variables involved. We present below the reasons why hiring a local app developer may be a wise decision for your app –

  • Trust –

You decide. What feels more real and natural – a virtual meeting or a face-to-face meeting? We bet that you can not agree more how a meeting with virtual in its name can feel real.

When you hire an app developer locally, you meet them in person which generates trust, unlike the virtual set up. You get to see the premises of the company and its work culture. You can conduct an elaborate background check on the company before you make a hiring decision. Post hiring, you can personally track the progress of the development of your app.

  • Communication –

Trust us when we say that a gap in the timezone between you and your app developer can cause an exponential delay in the execution of your app development project, if not handled with diligence. On the other hand, there is no such timezone gap in case of local developers which may render communication efficient.

Also, there is not any language barrier because the local developer more or less speaks and understands your tongue. Hence, nothing gets lost in translation because there is no translation.

  • Market Knowledge –

App developers do not just create apps. They build powerful experiences that deeply satisfies the target audience of the apps.

A local developer will have a more insightful knowledge of the local audience for very natural reasons. If it happens that he/she/they may have an app development experience in the same industry segment as yours, it would strengthen his/her/their usability for your app.

  • Local Economy –

Will it not be truly rewarding if your investment in the development of your app has a multiplier effect for your local economy? Your investment in a local app developer can generate a cycle of jobs which in turn will benefit you by expanding your user base.

In addition to that, the decision to hire a local app developer is an excellent strategy from a marketing point of view. The local audience will offer you their sincere support just because you are supporting them.

What are the prominent platforms to hire app developers near you?

  • Ask your family, friends, colleagues
  • LinkedIn
  • IT Directories
  • Upwork

What are the prominent platforms to hire app developers near you itechnolabs

Finding a local app developer may sound easy. Afterall, local app developers are all around you and very easily available. But… Yes, there is a ‘but’. But finding the one that exactly complements your app is a complicated job. 

You need not stress. We created this blog only to untangle the app development process for you. For starters, let’s start with the inevitable question – where can you find app developers locally?

We have presented below in somewhat detail the myriad sources through which you can find app developers locally. Take a glance.

  • Ask your family, friends, colleagues 

…acquaintances, facebook friends, Linkedin connections, friends of friends. Ultimately, what are friends for? 

If someone you know recommends to you a local app development company, it is seriously a huge relief. It saves your eyes from squandering long hours on Google search where you end up making a long list of developers about whom you do not know a single thing.  Also, recommendations for a single app developer from many people can act as a strong reference. 

  • LinkedIn –

Why use LinkedIn to ask for recommendations for a local app developer, when you can use it to conduct a comprehensive search for local app developers for your own selves?

With a professionally dynamic platform such as LinkedIn at your disposal, you can always successfully hunt for local app developers using a plethora of filters available for your use. Sifting through the LinkedIn profiles of the app development company could lend substantial information with respect to its clients, projects and potential.

  • IT Directories – 

It can happen that friends or LinkedIn may not provide information in as much detail as is required to make a major decision. What can help you then? The answer is straightforward – IT directories. 

IT directories, such as GoodFirms or Clutch, offer all kinds of information  you need about the local app developer in order to make a hiring decision. It offers you info on the following grounds – 

  • Summary about the company, including its location and organisational structure
  • Company’s expertise with particular focus on industrial segment, client type, platform type, etc  
  • The portfolio of the company that is a measure of company’s diverse background
  • Most importantly, the reviews of the previous clients of the company
  • Upwork – 

Hiring a local developer from Upwork is a pretty cool option especially when hiring is not for the whole process of app development, but some of the tasks involved in it. 

Upwork opens a whole new community of freelancers for you to hire from. You can always look for local developers on Upwork and get connected with them to kick off your app development process. 

A Complete Guide to “Hire App Developers near me”

  • Prepare a fundamental outline
  • Inspect the Company’s Portfolio
  • Assess the Technological Expertise
  • Investigate the Communication Channels
  • Get some more info
  • Estimate the Cost

a complete guide to “hire app developers near me” term itechnolabs

No, we are not letting you go like this. We promised you a complete guide to hire app developers locally and we will deliver you exactly that. Join us and get nearer to the local app developer that is perfect for your app.

  • Prepare a fundamental outline –

Before you go all out with hiring an app development company near you, simply stop, take a deep breath and read ahead. The first and the foremost task that you need to accomplish is to obtain a sense of clarity in your mind with regards to your app. When you do so, you will automatically get in touch with your expectations from the app development company.

Given below are the pointers to think about in order to frame a basic understanding of your app –

  • Purpose of your app
  • Your app’s potential user base
  • Working mechanism of your app
  • Industrial domain that your business falls into
  • Size of your app
  • Your app’s features and level of complexity
  • Framework of your app – Native or Cross-platform
  • Platform for launch
  • Your app’s competitors 

After collecting information around the aforementioned fronts, you will develop a clear vision concerning the app development company you are most likely to hire.

  • Inspect the Company’s Portfolio –

The next step is to enlist the names of all the app development companies in and around your city –

  • about which you got to know via the sources we mentioned in the previous section, and
  • which can supposedly meet your expectations for your app

The next task is as crucial as the previous tasks were and the upcoming tasks are going to be. You have to exhaust all resources available to you. Nothing other than painstaking research will get you the apt app developer you want for your app. Peruse the company’s portfolio. Learn about the apps it has developed and look into them. Look out for testimonials from the previous clients.

An app development company provides all sorts of services. Take a cue from the first step, know what exact service you want from an app developer, and accordingly screen your list of local app developers. For your reference, we have illustrated all kinds of services there in app development 

1. Full-cycle app development

Planning, design, development, testing, deployment, marketing, maintenance – if none of these tasks have been covered yet, then you are looking for an app development company which has an experience to do it all.

Look out for end-to-end app development projects in the previous projects of the company before you enlist them.

2. Design

If the design of your existing app is something you want to totally revamp, then look out for a design agency. Such agencies have premier UI/UX designers who also have prior work experience in design-only app projects. 

3. Development

It can happen that you have the app product ready with a stellar UI/UX design, but the programming is yet to be worked upon. In such cases, a full-stack app development company should be your go-to choice.

  • Assess the Technological Expertise

We are totally empathetic to the fact that you have certain aspirations for your app. Sizzling user experience, robust UI, and fancy features can be some of the key characteristics you definitely want in your app. 

You must know that with great features and functionalities comes a greater requirement of high-level technical expertise. You obviously can not choose an app development company which can not meet the technical and technological requirements of your app. 

Therefore, it becomes quintessential for you to have a broad understanding of the technical needs of your app on the fronts given below –

1. Frameworks –

Frameworks can be defined as the bare skeleton of your app to which features and functionalities will be added to make it a complete app. 

Frameworks can be native, hybrid, or cross-platform. Define your app before you choose the framework. 

Examples – Flutter. React Native, Xamarin, Laravel, Spring, etc

2. Libraries – 

In the context of app development, a library is a space where you get all the needed resources to build your app. The resources include resource files, source codes, etc. 

Examples – Hero, Gson, Android Jetpack, Corona SDK, AppsBuilder, etc. 

3. Databases –

Databases are essential to store large chunks of app data that includes the code and app-generated user data. 

Examples – MySQL Database, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, etc. 

4. Integrated Development Environment (IDE) –

It is none other than a software application that facilitates multiple developers to build an app with optimal efficacy. 

Examples – Microsoft Visual Studio, NetBeans, Eclipse, Adobe Flex Builder, Android Studio, etc.

5. App Development Tools – 

As the name suggests, these are softwares that aid a developer in building an app with multiple features and functionalities. 

Examples – Jamf, HeadSpin, Appypie, AppCode, Appcelerator, etc.

  • Investigate the Communication Channels – 

If we were you, hindered communication on the part of the app development company would have been an utter source of nuisance for us. A reason why we recommend you to get an understanding of the take of the app development company over communication and what measures do it take to establish effective communication channels.

What you have to look out for when assessing an app development company on the communication front is mentioned below –

  • Get an idea about the various channels of communication that the app development company uses to communicate with their clients
  • Also, assess the promptness of app development company in responding to your mails and queries
  • Enquire about the app development company’s use of various project management and communication softwares for enhancing the quality of communication between various team members
  • Get some more info –

There is an axiom in the app development arena – the more the information with regard to your app development company before hiring, the better. We are kidding. There is no such axiom, but should there not be one?

When you are not able to say ‘yes’ to the company straight from the gut, the trick is to collect more information.

  • Get in touch with the previous clients of the company. Collect as much information about the company from them as you can, concerning experience, communication, deadlines, quality, etc.
  • Run over the certifications of the developers of the company in order to gauge the years of experience they have in the domain of app development.
  • An idea of the strength of the developers in the company may also give you an idea work experience of the company and the number of projects it has handled and executed
  • Estimate the Cost – 

We have saved the best for the last. Even if you have sufficient availability of funds, cost must be a guiding factor for you, but obviously not the only one.

Before you know the cost estimation of the app development team, you must discuss your budgetary limitations with them in detail. Keeping that in mind, the app development company may prepare a cost sheet that will give you an approximation of the resources needed to build your app.

An essential pointer to keep in mind while estimating costs for the development of your app –

  • you should never compromise with any groundbreaking feature or quality of your app just because you need to step over your budget.
  • Do have a fair understanding of additional costs that the app development company will charge for marketing of your app. Allocate the marketing  to the company if it has the expertise to deliver the expected results at a fair price.
  • Mind you, maintenance and update are of utmost importance when it comes to app development. Study the maintenance policy of the app development company and get to know whether or not the company asks for any extra charges.

What is left to worry about if the app development company ultimately satisfies all your queries? Just sign the document and seal the deal and get ahead with the development process of your app.

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Are you still searching on Google ‘How to hire app developers near me’?

are you still searching on google ‘how to hire app developers near me itechnolabs

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Hiring is a ducksoup at iTechnolabs. Connect with us, share your queries, and we will make sure that you get in touch with industry’s leading consultants for highly professional guidance. We will allocate you the proficient developers who fulfil the technical requirements of your app. You can vigorously screen and test them before you make a crucial hiring decision. You need not wait longer to see the development process of your app start when you are with iTechnolabs. Reach out to us today!

Frequently Asked Questions to Hire App Developers near me

  1. What are the top iOS developers near me?

After conducting an elaborate research, we have come up with the top iOS development companies to which you can outsource the development of your apps. They are as under

  • iTechnolabs
  • Simform
  • Groovy Web
  • Utility
  • Tech Exactly
  • Intellectsoft
  • App Studio

Before making any hiring decision, check out the expertise and experience of the companies concerned.

2. What are some of the useful tips on how to hire app developers?

Given below are the important tips for hiring app developers. Take a look –

  • Explore well and make a list of eligible developers for your app
  • Make sure that the app development company holds long experience 
  • Check out the technological infrastructure of the app development company
  • Make sure that the tech stack the developers have is compatible with your app
  • Ensure that the the company has a smooth, two-way communication
  • Look out for the reviews of the previous clients of the company
  • If possible, test the working of the apps developed by the company in the relevant industry
  • Ask the developers what strategies they use for ensuring the security of your app
  • Also, enquire if the company signs the non disclosure agreement (NDA) and other relevant legal documents
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