Top 25 Software Ideas for Startups to Build in 2024 [Updated]

top 25 software ideas for startups to build in 2023 itechnolabs

We all have ideas, all sorts of ideas. Most of the ideas dwindle in the brain. Some of them make it to the throat. However, only a few go as far as fetching million dollars for us. How do they manage to do so?

Simple. The million-dollar ideas ‘see’ a problem that has been overlooked for ages and offer a solution for it. In the current times, when technology performs more tasks than an average human does, the solution has to be a software solution. 

For all of you who are geeked up to build a startup-turned-unicorn, we are here for you with 30 intriguing software ideas for startups. Before you take a deep plunge into the software ideas, we would like to brief you on what software solutions exactly are. 

A software solution is a harmonious blend of two or more technical elements. The harmonious blend works towards creating an efficient and elegant solution in the form of software for a specific problem of a consumer. 

25 Best Software Ideas for Startups

  • CRM Software
  • Invoicing Software
  • Sentiment Analysis System
  • Project Management Software
  • Hotel Management Software
  • Medical Software
  • Presentation Software
  • ERP Software
  • E-Ticketing Software
  • Food Inventory Software
  • Business Communication Software
  • Fingerprint-Based ATM Software
  • Automated Payroll Software
  • Health Inspection Software
  • Audio to Text Converter
  • Plagiarism Checking Software
  • Language learning Software
  • Text Reader Software
  • Data Leakage Detection Software
  • Scan and Convert to PDF software
  • Time Tracking Software
  • Cropping Software
  • Horoscope Software
  • Voice Translation Software
  • Vehicle Servicing Software

25 best software ideas for startups itechnolabs

Let us jump right into the 25 different software ideas for startups that are built to rule. 

1. CRM Software

Where there is business, there are customers and a relentless itch to manage your relationship with them, so that the sales increase. 

All businesses, particularly startups, will immensely benefit from having a robust software solution to manage the vital activities that fall under the realm of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). An efficient CRM software tracks customer interactions and automates follow-ups.  

Developing CRM software with business-specific functionalities is an outstanding startup idea for you as it ensures constant revenue in the form of subscriptions from your customers.

2. Invoicing Software

What can be the scariest nightmare for a business? There is only one correct answer.

Yes, you are right. It is the case of missing invoices. If you are able to sell software that diligently solves invoice issues, your startup will be a super hit among businesses. Advanced invoicing software utilizes blockchain technology and offers much more than sorting the invoicing issues –

  • Produce invoices
  • Send custom invoices to customers
  • Notify about impending payments
  • Tracks inventory
  • Aids in sorting taxation

3. Sentiment Analysis System 

We are not exaggerating when we say that everything in the digital space is fragile, including a business’ online identity. 

You would do wonders if you could help a business build and maintain a robust digital presence. You could easily do so by developing sentiment analysis software for businesses. The software tracks the origin of negative sentiment and quickly douses it before it turns into something huge and unmanageable. 

It performs the following tasks –

  • Keeps a tab on online feedback and social media for any negative sentiment
  • Gauges the reasons for the negative feedback
  • Responds to the situation on a real-time basis

Having sentiment analysis software at your disposal will help in the expeditious management of social media. 

4. Project Management Software 

Have you ever witnessed mayhem? If not, just take a look at a business project being managed haphazardly. 

With remote working currently in vogue, it is easier for a project to turn into a disorder. Therefore, businesses are in desperate need of project management software that takes care that the planning, organising and execution of diverse tasks of the project take place smoothly. 

A project management software performs the following activities –

  • Helps to create schedules and ensures that everyone follows them
  • Curate a task list for each member of the project team
  • Ensure smooth conversation among team members
  • Enables effortless reporting of the tasks
  • Strengthens collaboration among the team members

By designing a streamlined project management software for businesses in alignment with their needs, you can earn immensely. 

5. Hotel Management Software 

Front office, housekeeping, food and beverage, security, maintenance, and whatnot! Managing a hotel is back-breaking, literally.

However, if you could provide hotel management software that helps to manage it all, it will not be any less than phenomenal. Using a customised app, a hotel owner or a manager can rationalise bookings and reservations and keep tabs on human resources.

The hotel manager can easily manage inventory and send automatic bills to the customers. The stats and reports of the activities of the hotel can help the manager to make intuitive managerial decisions. 

6. Medical Software

If you yearn to make piles of money, the health sector can be a huge market for you. 

Hospitals and clinics deal with countless patients every day who come to get cures for diverse ailments. Using medical software for booking appointments, generating invoices and updating a patient’s lab reports for the doctor are a few of the basic functions that such software can perform. 

Other than the tasks mentioned above, hospitals can also use medical software to perform the following activities –

  • Manage inventory in the hospital
  • Track the progress of the treatment and health of the patients
  • Enable doctors and patients to interact with each other through online modes
  • Helps patients to claim insurance benefits

7. Presentation Software

No one can stop a business from selling and growing if its pitch and presentation are perfect. 

Creating presentations can be hard if a lot depends on it. You can step in and create software for businesses that is cloud-based and helps make presentations that are compelling. A cloud-based presentation software can help  –

  • Create and edit presentations from anywhere on earth
  • Easy online collaboration of the team members
  • Use dynamic templates to make presentations appealing
  • Store presentations automatically

8. ERP Software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is software that no single business can do without. Hence, it opens a huge market for you to exploit. 

ERP software is a one-stop destination for any and every activity that takes place in a business. It should be any business’ first choice if a business wants to –

  • Regulate inventory
  • Keep an eye on the needs of the customers
  • Keep accounts of everything handy

Using ERP, anyone can make use of the insights generated by numbers and statistics on the software. 

9. E-Ticketing Software

If you have always been a resident of Earth, you must have come across and used software to book tickets and make necessary reservations. 

If you have used them, then you definitely are aware that the ticket and reservation software available in the market is outdated and is afflicted with many issues such as delays in loading time, software collapse, etc. 

If a particular software domain has ample room for improvement, it opens up diverse doors of opportunity for you. If you take it upon yourself to effectively and efficiently tackle the concerns of the current e-ticketing software, you can design an ideal ticketing software. 

If you do so, you are up for an incredible future. Believe us!

10. Food Inventory Software

Grocery stores hopelessly need software which can help them manage the heaps of food products systematically because manually doing it is so old-school!

There are umpteen grocery stores in the world, opening umpteen number doors of opportunity for your food inventory software. 

You can create tailor-made software for grocery stores taking into account their size and number of branches. Using such software can help grocery managers to order food products before their inventory goes nil. This strengthens customer satisfaction and loyalty and obviously the sales of the grocery store. 

11. Business Communication Software 

Seamless communication is critical for every business. If you design software that smoothens the interaction between various employees of an organisation and makes it super effective, your startup will be out of the ordinary. 

With most employees either working remotely or in different branches, communication software acts as a one-stop destination for all the employees to share information and plan projects. 

You can always customize the software to meet a business’ critical needs. Team chat groups feature can be integrated into the software where no one else than the team is allowed to interact. 

12. Fingerprint-Based ATM Software

Yes, you are reading it right! The age-old fantasy of fetching cash just via your fingerprint is no longer a foolish fantasy. Rather, it is an out-and-out reality. 

All a person has to do is put his finger on the biometric machine. Just like that, the machine identifies the person and logs into the person’s bank account. A person can do all he/she/they want to do without the need to use an ATM card or remember the puzzling pin code. 

No doubt, it is a mind-blowing software idea for a startup and will be an immediate success, if executed. 

13. Automated Payroll Software

If your job title has the word ‘Payroll’ in it, then you are likely to be aware of how tiresome payroll calculation can be. Even if you are highly skilled, dealing with payroll numbers can be pretty perplexing. 

If you know it, then you can not agree more that automated payroll software can be an indispensable asset for an organisation. It will keep a meticulous record of all sorts of leaves taken by the employees and also their respective performances and calculate their paychecks automatically. 

Any organisation with automated payroll software will not have to worry about paying any tax penalties as the software will make accurate calculations for it. 

14. Health Inspection Software

We bet that many of us do not make it to the doctor’s clinic on the exact same date she asked us to come in the earlier consultation. 

How about you create software which reminds us to go to our doctor for the check-up? We have full faith that it will do a terrific job. A health inspection software such as this can also make appointments and tell us whether we get it or not. 

When a person can delegate so much of their work to software, we can not find a reason why he/she/they would not. 

15. Audio to Text Converter

If transcription is a cakewalk for you, then you are for sure an angel because humans need software to do it fast and accurately. 

An audio-to-text converter is a smart choice of software idea for a startup for you. With an audio-to-text converter, a user can add subtitles to a video easily. Note-making can be new-found fun.  

All you have to do is to learn some advanced Machine Learning tools and the path to the success of your audio-to-text converter will be well paved. 

16. Plagiarism Checking Software

Plagiarism is a serious crime and it has the ability to open doors of havoc for anyone. 

It is a reason enough why there is so much plagiarism-checking software in the market for students, universities and websites. You can also build plagiarism software and add some interesting features to it that can be useful for your target audience. 

With better pricing and improved software, your plagiarism-checking software can be a big hit. 

17. Language learning Software

Language should not be a barrier if moving abroad is concerned. 

Why not create software that helps people learn to speak and even write a language faster? With a well-curated curriculum, language learning software can be a million-dollar idea. You can always cover languages that have not been taught by the other language-learning software. 

The software can be made exciting with a game format where a learner has to clear levels in order to achieve fluency in the language of his/her/their desire. 

18. Text Reader Software

Text-Reader software is anybody’s go-to choice if reading is an unthinkable task due to medical reasons or otherwise. 

With the help of text-reader software, a person can hear the text on the screen aloud in the voice and speed of their choice. You can also add a feature in the software where a user can also determine the accent. 

The text-reader software will be a highly practical application for people with full or partial visual impairment. 

19. Data Leakage Detection Software

Data is a critical asset for any organisation. Private or public, not a single organisation can afford to lose its confidential data.  

With such high stakes, the importance of data leakage detection software is unquestionable. It is software that hinders undesirable elements from entering the system of an organisation. By doing so, it eliminates the significant risk of data leakage and strengthens the credibility of an organisation. 

If you want, you can create robust data leakage protection software because it is doing wonders these times. 

20. Scan and Convert to PDF software

Our phones have become no less than a thunderbolt. All thanks to all sorts of amazing software that makes it possible for us to use our phones for any and every purpose. 

It will be no less amusing, but at the same time more than amazing, if you can create software that allows its users to scan documents without a scanner machine. Not just scan, the user can just convert it into a PDF or any format of liking with just a click. 

Just realise how mighty such software can be and go, make it.

21. Time Tracking Software

Time flies. We all know it. However, it will not fly with accurate time-tracking software. 

A time tracking software is a simple yet fantastic software idea for a startup. The software will keep a close tab on the activities of its employees and calculate their productivity. With a clear insight into their productivity, the software will help the organisation to conduct training sessions for its employees and make better decisions for appraisals. 

22. Cropping Software

We understand how annoying it is when you can not find a picture which is not photo-bombed. 

If you know where we are going with this, then you already have the idea of cropping software in your mind. The cropping software helps you to edit your picture by cropping out the undesirable elements in it. 

You can increase the usability of your application by offering other editing tools for the users. 

23. Horoscope Software

Most of us open the newspaper only to throw a glance at our horoscope for that day. But, what if we do not have to do that too?

You can create horoscope software that gives you a daily update on your horoscope. Horoscopes are an amusing field. Therefore, you can make your software intriguing by adding features such as daily cosmic advice, planetary games, etc. 

24. Voice Translation Software

We can not just learn a whole new language for a few days of vacation. It will be quite a waste of time. 

But if you can develop software that just translates what you have said into the language of the country you are visiting? It will be incredible, won’t it? All a user has to do is speak in the language they speak and let the software do its work. 

With the aid of such software, travelling will be a lot more fun than it already is. 

25. Vehicle Servicing Software

No, you do not have to push your vehicle to the nearby vehicle service care centre if you are stranded in the middle of the jungle with your broken vehicle.

All because you have created vehicle servicing software that connects the owners of the broken vehicles to their nearest vehicle care centres. Obviously, it will have a pick-and-drop facility that will make things pretty convenient for the vehicle owners. 

What better software idea for a money-making startup?

We are completely convinced that you have chosen the software you want to create for your startup. If not, do it now because you already have the best ideas with you. Do not let the dust collect on those ideas. Just make it real. 

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