Website vs Web app: Which Technology is Fit for your Organization

website vs web app which technology is fit for your organization itechnolabs

The world of today is compressed in our mobile, and computer screens. Be it any quick service, or a facility we leverage once in a while, we tend to find, book, and also call it through online channels. And, businesses leverage this. But, the internet is vast, especially for businesses!  

Due to the internet, businesses have a range of viable pathways to reach customers, and serve them their products, and services. Mobile apps, websites, web apps, and subscription platforms are some of the common ways! 

Due to a plethora of options, perplexion arises. And, the most debatable comparison is often Website vs Web App. So, which is best for your organization? Where should you invest? Which pathway should you choose to reach your potential customer? We’ve got answers to all your queries. Read this till the end!

Let’s Start From the Basics! 

What is a Website? 

Website is a collection of web pages collected under a domain name served by an IP address. It is an online presence of businesses. Via a well-managed business website, businesses can present their products, services, and information about their business to customers. It can also have the latest updates, new product launches, and the business’s vision, and mission. In these tech enabled times, a website is considered a must for businesses. 

But, a simple website is a thing of the past. These times websites have payment systems integrated, lead forms, order placing facilities, and so forth. These can be dynamic, and responsive, and can also have graphics like advanced features.  

As websites can take your business global and can present your product, and services to customers, many businesses leverage these to interact, engage, and sell to customers. 

What is a Web App? 

A Software that runs on a browser is a web App. It is stored on a secure, and safe server. Generally, web apps need not be downloaded, and can be accessed via a link. Most web apps are dynamic and often go functional via server-side processing. 

Businesses go for web apps when they want their customers to access their products, or services through a computer. These are also preferred by some businesses when they know they have major customers of computer users. And, because web apps don’t require any storage space on computers, these are said to be way more convenient for customers. 

But, before slicing air on websites vs web apps, let’s comprehend what are the similarities between these two platforms! 

Similarities: Websites vs Web Apps

similarities websites vs web apps itechnolabs

1. Browser

Be it a website, or a web app, both platforms can be accessed through a browser. While websites can be accessed through a URL, or by searching through a business’s name, web apps can be reached via a link.  

2. Responsive

When talking about website vs web app, both of these platforms are responsive. 

3. Integrations

Due to the modern tech advancements, websites can be integrated with payment options and other external sources. Likewise, web apps can also be integrated depending on what all features need to go active on the platform. 

4. Internet Connectivity

Both of these platforms, websites or web apps, need an active internet connection to access. So, whenever you go to access a website, or a web app make sure your device has a stable internet connection.  

These are the similarities between websites vs web apps. But, these platforms are way too different from each other on a range of factors. So, let’s move on to understand the differences between websites, and web apps two in detail. 

Differences: Website vs Web App

differences website vs web app itechnolabs

01. Purpose 

These two platforms differ in terms of purpose they serve. Generally, a business website is developed with an aim to showcase products, services, and solutions for users. Web Apps, on the other hand, are developed with the aim to let users do a certain task. These tasks can be social interaction, banking process, or any other action. 

02. Development Cycle 

This is where website vs web apps get real because the development process for these platforms is the polar opposite. 

Websites are developed via a different process. These are planned and executed through web pages, which then get launched under a common domain name.  Web Apps on the other hand are developed through processes that include SDKs, and sometimes APIs. These are also built on robust security principles. 

03. Needed Resources 

Believe it or not, websites vs web apps becomes a cumbersome challenge when it comes to arranging credible resources. Websites need resources such as architecture plans, content structure, UI & UX planning and so forth. Web apps, on the other hand, depend on resources like what all functionalities need to be incorporated in a web app. 

A complete structure, interface, APIs that need to be included, etc. are some of the resources needed for web app development.  

04. Hosting Platforms

Websites are hosted on hosting servers. These can be bought from different hosting service providers. Web apps, on the other hand, are different in this manner. 

But, it should be noted that hosting web apps can be a bit expensive due to the extra components required. These can be back-end solutions, databases, and also CPU power, RAM capabilities, and storage.  

05. User Interface/User Experience 

UI & UX are two factors where websites vs web apps become rigorous. Both these platforms are way different in UI & UX

For websites, UI & UX plays a role if your website has action pages. These can be paying for a product, or service, browsing products, and whatnot! If your website is a basic platform just for delivering your business’s information, UI, and UX doesn’t play a significant role, but for utility, and action websites, the scenario differs. 

Web Apps on the other hand need to have an optimum UI & UX. This is because customers generally interact with your web app directly. 

These were the differences between websites and web apps. Though the distinction between these two is noteworthy, the dilemma of whether to choose a website or web app for your business remains alive. Let’s clear some air! 

Time to Choose: Website vs WebApp 

time to choose website vs webapp itechnolabs

Businesses, when deciding which platform to choose to interact with and engage with customers, often feel perplexed between websites, and web apps. But, after considering, and evaluating some factors, it can be surfaced which platform is right for you! 

If you are into businesses where you just need to inform your customers and showcase how, and why they should consider your business over your competitors, you can leverage an interactive website. But, if you want to automate a certain task for customers, a web app can be preferred. Further, you can also decide on the basis of the business goal you have. Your target audience, and your plans for scalability, and progression. 

And last but not the least, development costs! 

Cost can be a deciding factor for putting an end to the website vs web app dilemma. As web apps can be quite more expensive than websites, you can opt for a website if you have budget constraints. Otherwise, you can get a detailed cost estimation via the web app or website development company you hire. And, depending on that you can reach the most budget-friendly as well as actionable solution for your business. 

But, before you make a final decision on website vs web app conflict, here are some advantages for you to consider. 

Merits: Website vs Web App

While finalizing on website vs web app, merits should be considered. This can help you make a better decision on why you should choose one over another. Here are the advantages of both of platforms for you to make a decision- 

Advantages of Having a Website 

  • You can inform your customers globally about your products, and services. 
  • Businesses can build strategies for easy online promotion that too globally as well.
  • You can gather critical insights by integrating various tools with your websites. These insights can be beneficial for business scaling, and other progress plans. 

Advantages of Web Apps 

  • You can leverage web apps to automate tasks for your customers. 
  • It can be friendly for a range of operating systems, and multiple platforms. 
  • Easily accessible without downloading it on a device. 

Depending on these pros of websites, and web apps you can now make a decision on whether you would want to leverage a website or a web app for your business. Whatever you decide, make sure you hire the best development agency. This will keep all your doubts at bay! 

Are you still Confused about Website vs Web app For Your Business?

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