What is the Future Scope of React Native in Mobile App Development?

what is the future scope of react native in mobile app development itechnolabs

What is the future scope of React Native in mobile app development?  This is a question that arises in the minds of many people including businesses, developers, and students. Everyone is concerned so much because in the past several frameworks that were so popular became obsolete in a few years. Will this be the same with React Native app development too? Is it worth learning? Many new frameworks like Flutter are gaining popularity. This is also another reason why some think that React Native will lose its popularity.

However, many people are not convinced. They want to know whether it is worth learning React Native. Is it worth being a Best React Native developer? Is it worth having a React Native app? Let’s find the answers to these questions.

Why is React Native popular? 

why is react native popular itechnolabs

  • The reach is extensive

As React Native is a cross-platform framework the reach is more. The more the reach the more will be the sales and the more will be the revenue. Moreover, the popularity of your brand will also increase. Brand presence is a big plus in the business world. 

  • Cross-platform compatibility 

You can build your app for both platforms using the same code. Moreover, as it uses a single code for iOS and android, considerable time and money are saved. This is one of the main reasons for its popularity. 

  • Hot reloading feature

This feature allows the developers to update new features during run-time. The process  A developer has to make a lot of edits and updates during app development and wait until the changes are loaded. This is time-consuming and annoying too. It is not so with React Native. The Hot Reloading feature allows the app to reload instantly as soon as the changes are made. 

  • Reusability of codes

When you develop an app, a few steps are repetitive. Real Native allows you to reuse the codes. Reusing codes helps to save time, increase productivity, and also to improve efficiency. Many codes can be used for multiple platforms. 

  • Speed of development 

Reusability of code ensures fast development. In the competitive business world, faster development will give an edge over the competitors. Moreover, decreased marketing time is one of the main reasons for the popularity of React Native. 

  • Strong community support

As it was developed by Facebook, React Native assures strong community support. There are many experts on Facebook supporting the framework. Moreover, many users and experts are there to help you. Your questions will be answered and your doubts will be cleared by the community. 

  • Data collection and analysis

Data is the king that rules the market these days. Apps help in data collection from the users. Moreover, the feedback of the users helps in data analysis. When you launch a cross-platform app, you get access to more data in a short time. 

  • Third-party plugins

Attractive functionalities and extra features are essential to beat the competition. Third-party plugins allow the developers to add functionalities and feature-rich components.

Benefits of React Native 

benefits of react native itechnolabs

  • Best performance 

You are assured of optimal performance of your app when you use React Native. 

  • Predeveloped components 

The open-source library has lots of predeveloped components that can be used by all. This helps in faster development. 

  • Cost-saving 

Reusable codes, predeveloped components, single code for both platforms, and employing a few developers are responsible for the cost-effectiveness of the framework.

  • Easy to learn and use

JavaScript is a commonly used language. Most of the developers are familiar with it. React Native uses JavaScript. Therefore, it is easy to learn and use. 

  • Has native look

It is difficult to distinguish between a native app and a React Native app. This is because React Native development has the look of a native app. 

Top Companies using React Native

top companies using react native itechnolabs

  • Facebook
  • Bloomberg
  • Discord
  • Airbnb
  • Instagram
  • Uber Eats
  • Skype
  • Pinterest 
  • Walmart etc. 

Future Scope of React Native 

React Native app development is very popular because of its multiple benefits. Moreover, many top companies in the world are using React Native. 

  • GitHub statistics reveal that more than 2000 contributors have committed about 16000 times with more than 300 releases. This is impressive data. 
  • Moreover, a survey was made in 2018 among the developers. It concluded that 62.5% of the developers preferred to work with React Native. 

So, there can be no doubts about the future of React Native. The framework is here to stay. It is not only alive but still thriving. The factors responsible for the assured growth of React Native are as follows. 

Why will React Native Stay?

why will react native stay itechnolabs

  • Use in existing apps

You can incorporate React Native into your existing app. This is a favorable factor that will make the framework stay in the future. 

  • Backed by a strong community

The framework is not only supported by Facebook but a large team of developers and other technical experts. The community support will make sure it will keep on growing.

  • Extend web apps to mobile

Mobile apps are inevitable as more and more people are using smartphones. You can use React Native not only to create web apps for your business but also to extend your existing web apps to the mobile app world. 

  • Most loved

It is loved the most because of its extensive libraries, useful tools, ease of development, speed of development, and many more reasons. Anything that is loved will not be neglected. 

  • Developer-friendly 

Developers love the unique UI and simplified components of React Native. As the developers love it, React Native will not become obsolete in the future. 

  • Updated version

The release of the new version of React Native has made it more effective and efficient. Moreover, it is compatible with Android 12 and iOS 15. 

Plans for React Native app development 

  • It has planned to empower the community further.
  • The experts are working to make it more flexible and stable. 
  • Facebook’s next project, Fabric, will surely take React Native to the next level. It will enable your apps to run faster and will also help to decrease the load on the app architecture. 
  • Moreover, it plans to introduce JavaScript Interface that will fix a few performance issues. 

So, it is clear that React Native has a better future than all other frameworks.

Are You Looking for Web Development Company in USA?

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React Native has been exceptionally good not only for big companies but also for startups. Moreover, Facebook has a lot of exciting plans for the future. Over the past few years React Native app development has been growing at a tremendous rate. It also has emerged as the most preferred framework. Every factor points towards the bright future of React Native. Because of their incomparable contribution to the app market, there is no looking back for React Native but just moving forward. 

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