How much does it Cost for Gojek clone app Development?

how much does it cost for gojek clone app development itechnolabs

Want to make an app like GoJek or a copy of GoJek? This blog will help you find the best company to help you build the app you want. Find out why it’s a good idea to make a Go-Jek clone app that combines different services on a single platform. A new company called Gojek clone app Development will change how people get rides in Asia. It is a new company based in Jakarta, Indonesia, focusing on ride-hailing and logistics. It is the first company to become worth a billion dollars and is the only company from South East Asia in Fortune’s list of the 50 best companies.

What makes the Gojek clone the best choice for a business that needs more than one service?

what makes the gojek clone the best choice for a business that needs more than one service itechnolabs

As we all know, mobile apps, such as social media and utility apps, have become essential to our daily lives. Technological revolutions have started, and every business has its website and mobile app. Young business owners and new companies always look for ways to make money.

People all over the world want on-demand services a lot. For a startup that wants to offer multiple on-demand services to its customers, making a separate app for each operation is expensive and takes a lot of time. So, a company that makes apps made an innovative app called Gojek Clone to save money on these costs while still offering various on-demand services. It looks like the original Gojek app, but it isn’t. These mobile apps are meant to connect the rider with the service provider.

So, if you want to be a successful business owner, it’s time to make an app like Gojek to make more money.

1. Multiple Revenue Streams

Go-Jek clone can offer a wide range of services and products from one mobile app. So, it will have more than one way to make money. If one source cannot generate enough revenue, another one will make up for it.

2. Everything on one app

Also, a single destination for all purposes will attract a huge user base. People will prefer to install just one app instead of several to save space on their phones and mobile data. Android app development and iOS app development are different, but the way users think is pretty much the same, so both iOS and Android users will be excited to use the Go-Jek clone.

3. Integration Of Loyalty Program

If the company that makes your Go-Jek clone can add a loyalty programme, like reward points, people will be hooked on your Go-Jek clone.

4. More helpful to merchants as well

Right now, a merchant who wants to sign up for an On Demand Product Delivery portal or an On Demand Service Delivery portal can only go in one direction. If you make something like Go-Jek, it will be a platform that can be used in many ways. So merchants who sign up for your forum will have a lot of options for making their business more diverse. It will eventually bring in more shops, bringing in more money for everyone.

5. Gojek clone app cost

The cost of building a Gojek clone app depends on many factors. These can be anything, from the technology stack to the complexity of the platform to the app’s many features. It will cost between $20,000 and $70,000 to make a multi-service delivery app like GoJek that has essential elements.

The integration of high-end features, functionality of app, number of iterations of Quality Testing, UX/UI design and third-party API integrations will decide the overall cost of GoJek clone app development.

Also, the price of the most popular multi-service on-demand GoJek clone app development will depend on a company’s business models, technology stack, location, team size, and hourly rate.

What Are The Top Features Of A Ready-Made Gojek clone app Development?

what are the top features of a ready-made gojek clone app development itechnolabs

GoJek Clone App is a mobile app created to provide the same services as Gojek. It has the same functions and features as Gojek and has a user interface that looks like Gojek.

With the Gojek clone script, you can use a single app to offer rides, food delivery, and a wide range of other on-demand services. With the mobile app solution, it’s easy to get a lot of users if you offer services that people can use whenever they want. This app is partly popular because it has many features that are hard to find in other apps.

You can copy the GoJek app by adding the same services and features to your app.

The GoJek app has many really cool features and services in one place. Users can choose any service based on their wants and feelings.

For getting a ride, call GO-RIDE, GO-CAR, or GO-BLUEBIRD. For food delivery: GO-FOOD \s• » Shopping for food: GO-MART or GO-SHOP? GO-MED is for medical needs. GO-TIX is for booking movie or event tickets. GO-SEND or GO-BOX is for logistics. GO-PULSA is for buying phone credit or mobile data packages. Paying bills: GO-BILLS • » Pay for everything:

Other available features and services are GO-MASSAGE, GO-CLEAN, GO-AUTO, and GO-GLAM, which are now available in one app.

You can also add rental services, carpooling, booking tourist taxis, corporate rides, letting your family and friends track your rides, real-time chat support, and real-time exchange rates.

App features for users

app features for users itechnolabs

1. User profile

People can easily add or change information about themselves, such as their name, age, profile picture, payment method, and contact information.

A simple way to get to many services: From the app’s home screen, users can look at and choose from the services you offer.

2. Schedule booking

No matter what service a user chooses, they can always schedule the booking to avoid hassles at the last minute.

3. Live to track and estimated arrival time

Real-time tracking lets users know the location of service providers and ETA. It helps riders and drivers know where each other is, so they don’t have to wander all over the place.

4. Rating

It’s important that both users and service providers can rate each other so that everything is clear.

5. Multiple ways to pay

We build an easy-to-use and affordable payment gateway into the app, which lets users pay using a variety of channels.

6. Rate estimator

A user can see an estimate of how much he will have to pay for a service before he books it.

7. Notifications

The user receives information for all critical events. But he can turn it off if he doesn’t want to be told.

Promo codes can be used as a tool for marketing. It lets users book a service at a discounted price.

8. Booking History

With just one click, a user can see the concrete documented history of his booking, including details about the service provider, how much he/she has paid, and the status of his payment.

The app for a service provider has

the app for a service provider has itechnolabs

1. Profile of the service provider

A service provider can add all of his information, like his licence and other essential documents like a police check or character check, just like a user can.

2. Accept or turn down a request

The service provider only needs to click once to accept or turn down the request.

3. Navigation and request maker’s details

If a service provider accepts the service request, he can know the user’s details, and the app navigates him to the user’s location.

A weekly or monthly summary of earnings shows how much the service provider made that week or month.

Admin panel features

admin panel features itechnolabs

1. Heat Map

A heat map shows the current and past demand for a service in a particular place so that the admin can better manage the supply.

2. Payment report

An admin can keep track of payments coming in and going out with the help of a dedicated module that gives full details of failed transactions.

3. Progress report

The progress report is a graph that shows past and current sales. It uses business intelligence technology to analyse big data and present a broader picture of your business.

4. User management

Admin can change a user’s profile or delete it immediately. He can also delete the shape of the service provider.

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How to develop a Gojek clone app Development?

This is the last step before you put your Gojek copy on the Play Store and the App Store.

Step 1: Choose a Platform. You can make a mobile app on any of the three platforms.

  • Local App

These are for a single operating system, such as Android, Windows, or iOS. These apps have programming languages and tools for making them.

  • Cross-Platform App (or Hybrid App) (or Hybrid App)

Here, only one app is made with HTML5, and it is then made to work best on different platforms. Hybrid apps can also be downloaded from the app store, just like native apps.

  • Web App

Here, a website is created and fully optimised for mobile. These apps for the mobile devices look almost the same as native or hybrid apps but work in browsers.

Their UI and UX are not as good as native or hybrid apps.

Step 2: Choose which ones you want.

Even though there are many options for the number and types of features you can add, here are the ones that are a must-have for a Gojek clone app.

  • Social Media Integration

It makes it easy and quick for users to sign up for and log into the app.

  • GPS

This feature lets users track service providers and find out where they are RIGHT NOW.

  • Multi-Language Support

The Gojek copy must be able to work in more than one language so that users can choose the language they want to use. Also, this feature will help you reach a large group of people.

  • Send push messages

With this feature, you can let users know when orders have been sent, when orders are about to arrive, when orders have been received and much more.

  • Integration of a payment gateway

A payment gateway connects your website to a card network or payment provider. It lets people pay online and handles the payments.

By integrating the payment gateway, the last step of the purchase—making the transaction—will be easy for everyone involved.

  • Making a reservation

Allow the users to schedule their bookings well in advance so they can commute regularly.

Booking ahead is also good for users because, due to high demand or bad weather, not all drivers could be available at all times.

Step 3: Tech Stack

For an app to have more than one function, the technology used to make it must be strong enough to handle all of these functions without a hitch.

  • The tech package must include: 
  1. Android Wear SDK
  2. Comodo SSL
  3. Bootstrap
  4. Fabric
  5. Crashlytics
  6. Google
  7. Laravel
  8. HTML5
  9. Realm
  10. Nginx
  11. Select2
  12. New Relic
  • Languages: \s1. Java
  1. Swift \s3. JRuby \s4. Golang \s5. Frameworks/Tools
  2. Rails
  3. Kafka
  4. Spring
  • Processes (XP)
  1. Integration that never stops
  2. TDD must be strict on OO codebases
  3. Releases every two weeks
  • Other Resources
  1. MailChimp, Mandrill, and Mailgun are three email marketing tools
  2. Google & Yahoo Analytics are all analytics tools.
  3. Productivity and operations: G products like Tag Manager, Drive
  4. Finance: Google Wallet & Square

Step 4: Design and Development

Once you know the goals, target audience, and features of your Gojek clone mobile app, it’s time to start building the architecture.

Get the wireframes made because they will help you better understand how your app works.

You can see how your mobile app will be put together with wireframes. Before starting to write the actual backend code, wireframes are made.

Once the wireframe is done, it’s time to tell the developers to start working on the front-end and backend coding.

Make sure you choose a top-notch super app development company that can bring your ideas to life and help you make a great app that stands out.

Step 5: Test and go LIVE

Before your super app goes LIVE, ensure it works well and has no bugs.

Even though your development team will do the alpha testing, you should always test the app with real users. This is done through beta testing.

Through beta testing, you can get feedback from users about how well your app works and how they like using it.

Now that you’ve fixed all the bugs and problems that users have told you about, it’s time to put your super app on the market finally.

What will happen to a great app like Gojek?

In other words, what will happen to your Gojek clone app in the future?

As the digital and real worlds become increasingly intertwined, super apps have become a relief. They help us in our personal and professional lives in many ways every day.

Super apps that have been around for a while, like Gojek, have already carved out a place for themselves in the Asian market. But a big part of the global market, especially the North American and European markets, still wants new competitors.

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How much does it cost for Gojek clone app Development?

how much does it cost for gojek clone app development

Wrapping up a copy of Go-Jek is suitable for everyone. If you decide to make a Go-Jek clone, you can make a lot of money. The company you hire to create mobile apps will be happy to take on this demanding job. When there are more users and more opportunities, merchants will be happy. And users won’t have to download a bunch of different apps. And the drivers will be glad to make more money than ever before. What would you want more of?

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