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In the 1970s when cell phones were developed and used for communication purposes and greatly advanced technologies, nobody thought that the use of the Mobile phone will become so common and necessary that the survival of human life like businesses, and studies will depend on it.

Nowadays if businesses want to survive in a competitive market businesses must have to concentrate on Mobile applications to connect to this customer by providing valuable information. Sectors like sports, fitness, and mobile provide their goods and services.

With the rapid technological change, Mobile Applications to are changing by using various technologies like AI, VR, AR, and blockchain, which shows that the place of the mobile application will not slow in near future.

How Development of Mobile Apps Changed Overtime?

The first handheld Mobile phone was developed in 1973, but the pocket-friendly cell phone was developed after 20 years of handheld Mobiphonesone using modern technology. IBM’s Simon 1993 unveiled the first cell phone which was a touch screen with integrated apps, like a contact book and calendar.

Java, the main programming language used to create Android-based Apps, was also used in Blackberry 5810 in 2001. Their only Java language is used for the creation of Mobile Apps by integrating apps like wireless email.

In 2008 Google and Apple also introduced their online App shops and Apple’s App store hit one billion downloads within 9 months of its debut.

Trends and Technologies always changes from time to time but some of the trend and technologies we discuss are as follows:-

Some of the latest trends and technologies

some of the latest trends and technologies itechnolabs

  • Wearable

Wearables are the trends started in recent years. People started to use wearables as part of fashion which makes the company launch wearables like the Apple Watch and AirPods. Nowadays every brand has its line of wearables like a smartwatch, earphones, etc. This helps people to make their work easy like:- Making phone calls when the phone is not around or guiding them to their destination.

  • Mobile Wallet

Online payment becomes radiant, especially after the arrival of the pandemic. People started to make payments online through a digital medium like a Mobile wallet to avoid physical touch. Nowadays everything can be done online by either ordering goods or paying it online.

But one main concern that has arrived with the use of Mobile wallets is the security concern which service providers must take care to improve so that people can embrace online payment. After the creation of Social isolation, a new norm people started to contactless payments through Apple pay, Google pay, etc. Ease of payment with security has become a new trend in Mobile applications and will continue to grow in the future as well.

With the advent of 5g technology, the speed of the Internet changed at an unimaginable speed. With the enhancing speed, this technology also changes the 3D gaming AR/VR, data security, etc.

This benefits the various vertical Industry and different Apps like- IoT, supply chains, Smart cities, AR/VR, etc.

  • Blockchain

Blockchain Revenue will increase by $39 Billion by 2025 estimated by the same forecast.

Blockchain Integration Solution changes and ways it was created and used. Initially, blockchain technology was used in the operation of all ‘crypto currencies’ but is now used as a database for most apps in various categories like banking, retail, etc.

  • Self-Communication

Mood-tracking apps can help with various mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and more. They help people talk about their feelings when they are in a negative mood.

It is a decentralized form of the ledger that keeps records of contracts and transactions made by different parties and provides them to their stakeholders. It promotes transparency and security by preventing fraudulent transactions and avoiding any changes after stakeholders are aware of it.

  • AR & VR Move Beyond Gaming

AR (Augmented Reality) focuses on artificial images and objects based on real life. Like people may play Pokemon Go while wandering through their neighbors. VR (Virtual Reality) is based on the setting. For example users of Meta’s Oculus Quest 2 will be able to attend concerts constructed in a hypnotic world, travel to a new place, etc. But AR & VR are now not limited to the world of video games; rather they entered retail, real estate, and various other markets.

Augmented Reality technology got a boom in the real estate sector due to covid-19, and people avoided attending home in person which ultimately benefited the App Development Company.

  • Security

Consumers’ concern over security has increased as their personal information is being exposed online on various platforms Consumer Information is updated regularly to improve matters of concern to them on security.

A recent study found 63% of well-known Apps have various security flaws which breach consumer trust regarding their personal information being exposed in public.

To avoid security breach biometric technology has emerged which verify the user through fingerprint, voice, face, or any other biometric data.

AI is a continuous trend after 2021 because it creates more personalized App experiences that fulfill consumers, essential for developing Apps. Global revenue of the AI software Industry will reach $ 70.94 Billion by 2023.

According to estimation, the use of AI-based Applications will be created more for a more individualized experience by using tools like predictive analytics and machine learning.

Various features like- Speech recognition, Face detection, text classification, and other features will be included in Apps with AI Capabilities.

Cross-Platform App mainly attracts attention from organizations or businesses.

Instead of developing your own iOS or Android App separately which cost higher work on the security aspect of your Mobile Application and try to reach a larger audience when you launch your App before competition hit your business.

Cross-platform Mobile App is the best way to reach an audience no matter what. Cross-platform Mobile App is the best way to reach an audience no matter platform or device used you will be able to reach them.

  • Instant Apps

To safeguard their phone’s memory and security people tend to download the App whenever they find a requirement regarding that which reduces your App users and profit too.

With the creation of Instant Apps, people will get the information without even downloading it. In the Development, process developer uses deep linking that records motion without damaging their phone’s memory and security.

Platforms Require Low-Code or No-Code Development

platforms require low code or no code development itechnolabs

For making minor adjustments in your existing App or pproducingMPV you don’t require an App Developer. When your concept regarding MPV has been authorized you can partner with someone else. App development in the near future will not depend on coding, rather they are governed by the no-code platform as they provide speedy collaboration and drag and drop-creation which do not require prior knowledge or a computer.

Some of the Development Platforms which require less coding:-

  • Back4App
  • Zoho
  • Mendix
  • Buildfire
  • Appian
  • Genexus
  • Outsystems
  • Kiskflow

Instances of No Code App Builders

1. Coda

In this platform, you can build any kind of App you require like commerce, survey, etc.

2. Studio Reilo

This platform is used to create autoresponders, appointment reminders, etc with drag and drop interface.

Using historical surveys and examples predicated the Mobile App development industry which is booming currently the same way well-established tech companies had boomed in the past.

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With an increase in the competition, iTechnolabs estimated that Mobile App Development will radically change with the technology, which also helps development companies and developers to improve their applications by providing the best solution with security. Today, iTechnolabs is the leading Mobile App Development Company that works with the objective of achieving the unreachable. We are a team of highly skilled professionals who will make your dream of android app development come true.

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