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iTechnolabs a top-rated mobile app development company in Canada, offers best mobile app development Canada services for Android & iOS. With a perfect blend of expertise and experience, the mobile app developers at iTechnolabs strive to create extraordinary app solutions that instantly conquer the hearts of your users. 

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Extensive Mobile App Development Canada Services

You have come to the right place if you are seeking first-rate and extensive mobile app development services.

iPhone App Development itechnolabs

Android App Development

iTechnolabs is an Android app development company in Canada, USA that offers Android app development Canada solutions for Android devices like smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and TVs. Our android app developers are adequately capable to do so.

Custom iOS App Development itechnolabs

iOS App Development

iTechnolabs is an iOS app development company Canada, offers complete iOS app development Canada solutions. Our team of mobile app developers Canada creates next-gen iOS apps. To date, we have published over 850+ native iOS apps.


Flutter App Development

Our Flutter app development Company Canada holds the ability to take your business to the another level, if put to good use. The flutter app developers Canada at iTechnolabs possess exquisite Flutter experience to deliver you with high-rate cross-platform app development Canada solutions.


React Native App Development

React native App development Canada is a hard nut to crack. However, iTechnolabs has decoded its intricacies impeccably and can produce or migrate efficient apps with their react native app developers canada having extraordinary skills.


IoT App Development

Your app may be good. However, if it does not leverage sophisticated IoT integrations for world-class functionality, then it may lag behind. Do not worry. Hire our IoT app development Canada services today for best IoT integrations.


Fuchsia App Development

Our premium Fuchsia app development Canada services are simply flawless. Our Fuchsia mobile app developers Canada have created structured and scalable mobile app solutions for diverse clientele across Canada.

Looking for Mobile App Development Company Canada To Turn Your App Idea into Reality?

Your brilliant app idea does not deserve to rot away in your mind. It deserves to be transformed into a one-of-a-kind app using iTechnolabs’ one-of-a-kind mobile app development Canada  services. So, do not wait. Hire our Mobile  app developers Canada today.  

Our Mobile App Development Process

Our mobile app development Canada process is highly structured and has been created in a way to catalyse the development of your mobile app. 


No other app can outsmart your mobile app if the latter is founded on extensive and diligent research


Mind you, your app thrives only and only if its development roadmap is comprehensive and well-thought-out


We make it certain that your app is exquisite to look at, easy to navigate, and delightful to experience

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We, at iTechnolabs, are committed to making use of agile development approach to create powerful apps


Manual or automated - iTechnolabs resort to all sorts of testing to make sure that your performs flawlessly


We take care that your app complies with the relevant guidelines of concerned platforms and have a successful launch

Our Mobile App Development Portfolio for industries across Canada

As a premier mobile app development company Canada, there is not a single major industry that iTechnolabs has not served exceptionally well. 

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dubai food delivery itechnolabs
dubai healthcare itechnolabs
dubai home service itechnolabs
dubai beauty service itechnolabs
dubai car wash itechnolabs
dubai pickup delivery itechnolabs
dubai laundry service itechnolabs
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Our Progressive Mobile Application Development Canada Services

You said ultra-modern, we heard iTechnolabs. We possess tech infrastructure that is world-class mobile app developers Canada who know how to use it well. 

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Wearable App Development

With wearable technology so much in trend, it is a very smart move to develop apps that share compatibility with wearable devices too. By doing so, you instantly increase your consumer base.

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App Development for AR/VR

If dynamic app experience is what you aim to offer to your clients, then look no further as iTechnolabs is here with its prolific expertise in creating powerful apps with augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR).

Group 12816

IoT App Development

To be at par with the fast-moving world, it becomes quintessential to integrate your mobile apps with strategic IoT solutions so that business decisions are made with precision, efficiency, and ease.

Group 12817

Geo-Location App Development

Use iTechnolabs’ incredible app development Canada services and make your apps logistically smart by successful integration with diverse mapping APIs that aims to add another layer of awe to the user experience

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Biometric Sensors

Take the functionality of your enterprise apps a notch higher by equipping them with latest biometric sensor technology and track the performance of employees from anywhere in the world

Group 12819

Location Sensing Apps

Get advanced locational services integrated with your app by hiring iTechnolabs mobile app development agency Canada , making user experience strategic and sophisticated with a tinge of AR/VR technology

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Committed to Delivering Brilliance

As one of the leading mobile app developers Canada, iTechnolabs always strives for excellence when developing mobile apps. iTechnolabs possesses well-acclaimed developers, ultra modern tech stack and an undying urge to serve its clients the best. Its strong portfolio is a glimpse into its vast experience and diverse clientele.

Android, iOS, react native, flutter – the mobile app developers Canada at iTechnolabs have huge knowledge in all of the arenas of mobile app development. As a mobile app development company Canada, iTechnolabs is a perfect fit for your mobile app. Get connected with our consultants today!

Why is iTechnolabs your best mobile app development company Canada?

As an elite mobile app development company Canada, iTechnolab has never ever failed to impress its diverse clientele with its one-of-a-kind mobile app development Canada services.

Agile Development

By using an agile approach of development, we are committed towards delivering unique app solutions to you before the deadline. We assure high quality app performance via constant feedback and improvement.

Utmost Satisfaction

Our mobile app developers Canada thrive to create apps that reflect your aspirations and needs. We take extensive care that we pay full attention to your app vision, so that when you see the app, you see the mirror image of your dreams.

Technical Expertise

The mobile app developers Canada at iTechnolabs have earned A-rate certifications in the mobile app development domain. They are well-versed with the usage of advanced technologies for dynamic app development.

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Our Premier Web Development Services Canada

With that immense experience, iTechnolabs has the capability to offer sophisticated, stellar and sleek solutions for all your app development needs.
As a very popular Software development company Canada, iTechnolabs has amazed its clients across the globe with its full-scale software development solutions Canada. Our software developers integrate softwares with advanced technological trends and create powerful apps that meet your business needs and satisfy your users. 
What We Offer?
Software Integration Services
Enterprise Software Development Services
Custom CRM Development Services
Software Consulting Services
Software Product Development Services
Custom Software Development Services

Web Development Company Canada

As far as dynamic and diligent web development is concerned, iTechnolabs is the master. As one of the best app developers Canada, iTechnolabs has an incredible web development portfolio as it has served clients from diverse industry assortment. Its skilled developers offer you timely delivery of high-performing web experience.
What We Offer?
Web Development Solutions
Web Consulting Services
Website Design & Development
Web Portal Development
Custom App Development
Maintenance and Support

E-Commerce App Development Company Canada

iTechnolabs is simply the front runner in the domain of e-commerce app development Canada. Through its immense expertise, it can instantly transform your business into a dynamic digital marketplace that serves its consumers seamless shopping experience. Our developers know all the intricacies of e-commerce app space to take your business to the next level. 
What We Offer?
App Development
Payment Gateway Integrations
Web Development
Maintenance & Support

Android POS Development Services in Canada

iTechnolabs is just going skyward as far as android POS development services Canada are concerned. We listen to your POS needs attentively and devise customised android POS solutions that streamline the management of inventory, consumers, employees of your business in a seamless manner. 
What We Offer?
Multi-Functional Payment Terminal
Premier Dashboard Applications
Extended Interface
Fiscal Compliance
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Answers to Your FAQs About Mobile App Development Canada

Before we give you an average cost estimation of mobile app development Canada services, we want to state that there are a number of diverse factors that affect the mobile app development cost in Canada. They are as under –

  • Size and complexity of the mobile app
  • Number of features and functionalities
  • UI/UX design of the mobile app
  • Number of third-party integrations
  • Hidden costs such as maintenance of the app
  • Size of the mobile app development company
  • Tech stack to be used for app development
  • Time duration for mobile app development

On the basis of size and complexity of the mobile app, we have presented below the cost estimation of the mobile app development Canada-

  • Simple App – $12000
  • Moderately Complex App – $25000
  • Highly complex App – $65000
  • Enterprise App – more than $90000

Through the flexible pricing models of iTechnolabs, you can considerably cut short your mobile app development cost so that it remains within your budget.

Just keep in mind the following guidelines before you choose the best fit for the mobile app development agency Canada:-

  • Prepare a proper app statement, including its vision, objective, and features
  • Do not forget to prepare a budgetary statement for your app development
  • Exhaust all resources – Google, Upwork, Clutch and IT directories
  • Do a comparative analysis with regard to experience and expertise
  • Check out the portfolio and look out for the related industry-related experience
  • Test the developers and interview them to assess their personality traits
  • Ask for the cost estimation statement for the mobile app development
  • Do see if the app development company Canada signs the non-disclosure agreement
  • Seal the deal if the app development company Canada  meets all the guidelines

There are various factors that affect the time duration to build a mobile app in Canada. They are as under – 

  • Size of the app
  • Complexity of its features
  • Category of the app
  • Size of the development team

On the basis of the size of the app, we have estimated the average time duration needed to build a mobile app. Take a look – 

  • Small app – 3 months
  • Medium-sized app – 6 months
  • Large app – more than 9 months

Of course, hiring an app development company in Canada is extraordinarily beneficial because of the obvious advantages it holds. They are as under –

  • There is no doubt that the app development company possesses highly certified developers with expert knowledge base
  • As the only business concern of an app development company Canada are apps, there is obviously no dearth of commitment on their part with regard to your app
  • An app development company Canada definitely has the best tools and equipment. Therefore, you get the best without spending exorbitant amount
  • Other than infrastructural costs, hiring an app development company Canada also saves you from high recruitment, training, and salary expenditure
  • An app development company Canada takes care of continuous maintenance and regular updates in order to build a long term relationship with their clients

When it comes to mobile app development, iTechnolabs is one of the leading mobile app developers in Canada. The reason behind it is our seamless mobile app development services which are listed as under – 

  • Professional consultation
  • Well-structured strategy
  • Proficient wireframing
  • Innovative UI/UX design
  • Agile development
  • Multiple testing
  • Efficient deployment
  • Successful migration
  • Strategic marketing
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Continuous upgrade

Get in touch with the top consultants of iTechnolabs and begin the development process of your mobile app instantly. 

  • iTechnolabs is one of the elite mobile app developers in Canada. Therefore, it takes every single measure to ensure the integrity of your app
  • Of course, the best resort to strengthen the confidentiality of your app is via a full-fledged Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • For the safety and convenience of our clients, we readily sign the Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you and dedicatedly adhere to it
  • We make sure that no information with regard to your mobile app gets shared with any third party

 We have stated below the certain perks that outsource mobile app development Canada holds –

  • The first and the foremost advantage is that you save a lot of money by outsourcing mobile app development Canada and not hiring an in-house team for the same
  • Obviously, you save a lot of time via outsourcing mobile app development as you do not have to squander away months into recruiting and training of your in-house mobile app development team
  • Also, as the development of your app is in the hands of app experts, the mobile app development Canada will obviously take place speedily and hit the market in lesser duration of time
  • As development of your mobile app is no longer your main area of concern, you can focus on the business domain of your app and devise strategic revenue-generating and marketing tactics
  • With experts handling the development of your app, the resultant mobile app will obviously do better in terms of performance, functionality, and UI/UX design

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