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iTechnolabs a leading mobile app development company in Edmonton, offers a wide range of app development services. We are known to build user-friendly apps, with seamless functionality and innovative features, enhancing customer experience. 

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  • Our Mobile App Development Edmonton Team Specializations

    iOS App Development

    We build top-notch apps for your iPhones using advanced technologies with stunning interfaces and feature sets. Our experts work with the latest technologies, including XCODE 7, Cocoa Touch, Choreographics API, etc, to build exceptional iOS apps.

    Android App Development

    With years of successful deliveries of hundreds of Android apps, we have become the top Android app development company in Edmonton. We specialize in advanced technologies, such as XAMARIN, Flutter, React Native, Corona SDK, and Iconic to build cutting-edge Android apps.

    Mobile Backend Engineering

    Our engineers focus on developing scalable, and secure backend systems capable of handling the demands of mobile apps. We leverage technologies like PHP, ASP.NET, Python, Ruby, and Java to develop the server side of apps.

    Quality Assurance And Testing

    To ensure your mobile apps are functioning well, we use different frameworks such as XCUI and XCTest to test your apps thoroughly. Our team excels in various automated and manual testing procedures for mobile app checks.

    Native App Development

    As a leading mobile app development Edmonton company, we offer comprehensive native app development services according to your needs and budget. We make the most out of native technologies to build secure and user-friendly apps for you.

    Hybrid App Development

    If you want to cater to a wider customer base, our Hybrid app development services are what you should choose. Hybrid apps that we build will handle all your cross-platform app development challenges and will help you reap the benefits of multiple platforms.

    iOS Application Development

    Simply put, it is the process of developing applications for Apple’s operating system. It involves building device applications for iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. The software is written primarily in two programming languages, i.e. Swift and Objective-C. Once developed, the application is then deployed to the App Store for use.

    What makes iOS application development noticeable is that it’s not open-source, unlike Android. However, iOS apps need to be lighter as they reside on phones and iPads. This makes them easily installable on hardware or devices that aren’t as powerful as desktop computers. A lighter iOS application consumes less power and storage, making it ideal for iPhones and iPads.

  • iOs is a mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc.
  • It is a variant of Mac OS X – the OS for Apple computers. It is based on Unix.
  • You cannot install third-party applications or software on iOS devices. However, it is possible using Jailbreak.
  • While iOS is a private and exclusive OS, Apple often releases SDK so that it can be improved by developers.
  • Technology Stack We Use For iOS App Development

    Technology Stack We Use For iOS App Development


    It is the best option for building MacOS and iOS apps. While it’s a 20-year-old programming language, it’s adapted to our current needs.

    Objective C

    This programming language is a superset of C and is known for being less forgiving of errors. Objective C features a complex syntax that can be challenging for programmers belonging to different programming languages. Despite these challenges, the primary libraries for iOS are written in Objective-C.

    React Native

    It is one of the most trending technologies at present. Developing an app in React Native delivers the same code for both iOS and Android. However, you need to handle the code well to prevent it from ruining the entire development process.


    This language has a single codebase utilized for building apps for various platforms, such as web, mobile, and desktop. While a primary method to create apps for Fuschia, Flutter is an open-source platform.


    It is Apple’s IDE (Integrated Development Environment) used to build applications in several languages. Among other capabilities, Xcode allows the development of apps for iOS mobile devices, an area in which iTechnolabs specializes in.


    Developed in 1991 and published in 1995, Java is an object-oriented programming language. It was developed by SUN Microsystem with the intention of “write once, run on any device”.

    Android Application Development

    It is the process of building applications specifically for devices that run on the Android operating system.
    Google is the creator of Android and is an open-source operating system. Since it can be used to adapt to different needs, there are a lot of Android developers and documentation available for professionals.

    Android Studio is the official IDE for native Android. Starting in 2003, Android has become the most popular mobile operating system today. There are more than four million Android apps and nearly two million Android devices today. The kernel of the Android operating system is based on Linux. Android OS promotes real multitasking of applications.

  • Adaptable to the infinite number of terminals available out there.
  • Its web browser is based on WebKit included.
  • Supports HTML, HTML5, Adobe Flash Player, and more.
  • Comprises tools for memory debugging and analysis of performance, device emulator, etc.
  • Use SQLite for data storage.
  • Technology Stack We Use For Android App Development

    Here are the technologies and frameworks that we often use as a mobile app development Edmonton to build Android apps as per your needs:

    Android Studio

    It is a set of tools allowing developers to create Android apps rapidly. Android Studio automates certain functions, allowing developers to focus on the purest design of the Android apps.


    Since Flutter allows using the single codebase to build multi-platform apps, we truly leverage this platform to create iOS as well as Android.

    Material Design

    It is a design language developed by Google for Android. It enhances on-screen touch interactions with rich visual cues and natural motions stimulating real-world objects. Designers improve user experiences by adding 3D effects and animated elements into graphical user interfaces.

    Android Kit

    It is the Android SDK kit that unites a set of tools for programming mobile apps.


    Developed in 1991, it is an object-oriented coding language that allows developers to write the code once and execute it on any hardware device.


    It is the virtual machine or statically typed coding language that infers the types of the variables. Hence, it doesn’t have to be specified. Since Kotlin runs under the JVM (Java Virtual Machine), it renders the same performance as Java.

    Mobile Backend Engineering

    Backend development involves managing server-side logic and database and linking them with frontend interfaces using languages, like PHP or frameworks such as RoR. At iTechnolabs, we possess a team of talented backend developers experienced in MongoDB, MySQL, SQL Server, Postgres, and programming languages, like Node.js, PHP, RoR, .NET, JSP, and Django.

    Technology Stack We Use For Mobile Backend Development

    Here are the technologies and frameworks that we often use to build the backend of your Android apps:


    Utilized by major entities, like Yahoo and Facebook, is a renowned open-source language ideal for web development. PHP can be seamlessly integrated with HTML, enabling the creation of numerous web pages and portals, contributing to its widespread popularity in the field.

    Node JS

    It is an open-source JavaScript runtime designed for developing highly optimized applications. It utilizes the V8 engine to provide a server-side runtime environment, compiling and executing code with exceptional skills.

    QA and Testing

    iTechnolabs, being a top mobile app development company Edmonton offers a comprehensive quality assurance and testing practice for complex, cross-platform applications. Our approach focuses on ensuring software accuracy, integrity, and high quality, aligning with modern agile environments and ambitious project requirements. By leveraging our services, businesses can accelerate time to market, deliver high-quality software that meets customer expectations, and achieve significant cost savings.


  • Espresso UI Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Selinium
  • Appium
  • White and black box testing
  • Our App Development Approach

    Native Applications

    Such apps are developed using the Software Development Kit (SDK) provided by each operating system, such as iOS. Android, and Windows phones. These apps are designed and programmed specifically for each platform, utilizing the language supported by the SDK. They are downloaded and installed from application stores, with some exceptions for Android.

    Native apps can take advantage of the promotion and marketing tools offered by each platform. They are updated frequently, requiring users to download the latest version for bug fixes or enhancements. A key feature of native apps is their ability to use operating system notifications to display important messages, even when the app is not in use.

    Hybrid Applications

    These mobile apps blend elements of both native and web apps. Development mirrors web applications, using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. After development, the application is compiled or packaged to resemble a native app. This approach allows developers to create multiple applications, such as for iOS and Android, using mostly the same codebase, which can then be distributed through the respective app stores.

    Unlike web pages, hybrids can access the phone’s capabilities through libraries, akin to native apps. However, their visual design is not tied to any specific operating system. To better align with each platform’s aesthetics, hybrid apps can employ native controls and buttons.

    Your Ideas Into Products


    iTechnolabs emphasizes the significance of a well-designed mobile-centric strategy for businesses, particularly in competitive environments. We specialize in integrating consumer habits and product knowledge to develop and refine effective mobile strategies that are continuously updated to meet evolving market demands.

    UX Design

    iTechnolabs emphasizes design excellence, providing accessible design teams to ensure mobile apps are both visually appealing and user-friendly, recognizing that design is critical for an app’s success.


    Enterprise applications are business-focused tools that aim to improve performance and increase revenue. They require specialized skills and sector-specific knowledge. iTechnolabs excels in developing these applications with enthusiasm and expertise.


    We focus on quality assurance for our mobile apps, conducting thorough tests before the final launch to ensure they are bug-free and meet our standards.


    iTechnolabs offers extensive support for launching mobile apps, guiding clients through the process to make it easy and understandable.


    We offer 24/7 exclusive support for your business development needs. Our dedicated team works solely on your projects, ensuring your plans receive focused attention. Additionally, we provide long-term support and maintenance for your peace of mind.

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    Mobile App Development Services

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    Being a leading mobile app development company, we offer a range of digital solutions.  Our mobile app development services include iOS and Android app development and web app development.

    Our Mobile App Development Solutions Cater To Diverse Industries And Businesses

    At iTechnolabs, we build mobile apps for almost every genre and industry. 

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    Android App

    We refine your Android app development strategies, offering services to build cutting-edge Android apps. 

    IOS App

    We create advanced iOS apps for global startups and businesses using the latest techniques in app development. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes. Investing in a mobile app development company can be a significant investment for several reasons, including:

    • Caters to diverse needs to create native or cross-platform app development.
    • Offers hassle-free, cost and time-effective services
    • 24/7 availability for support
    • Trusted resources with expert and skilled technical team
    • Use different and latest technologies and tools to keep the app updated
    • Regular app monitoring and tracking 

    If you want to leverage the benefits of hiring a mobile app development company in Edmonton, get in touch with iTechnolabs today. 

    A simple mobile app with basic features might cost you between $10000 to $55000. To create a complex app, you might need to invest about $55000 to $150000 and $150000 to $400000 for a highly complex app. Overall, the cost of app development depends on the size, features, complexity, developers’ fees, and other factors. 

    To know more, read our detailed guide on mobile app development costs. And to get an exact quote for your app requirements for FREE, contact us

    On average, developing a basic mobile app, like a to-do list app will take 2-4 months, 4-7 months to develop a complex app like a fitness tracker, and 7-12+ months to build a highly complex app like a  banking app or a social media platform. 

    It is recommended that you discuss the timeframe with your app development partner team before taking any decision. 

    Choosing the right mobile app development company is important for the success of your app and business. To choose a mobile app development Edmonton team, follow these steps: 

    • Specify your mobile app needs.
    • Research thoroughly a few reputed companies. Look for references. 
    • Verify their expertise, track record, and market reputation, 
    • Conduct interviews
    • Discuss the timeframe and budget
    • Document the deal and start the project

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