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As a leading VR development company, we help businesses digitally morph and redefine the way they interact with their customers. Through our custom VR app development services, we create tailored immersive solutions for your business needs to elevate your user experiences. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, we aim to deliver nothing less than the best. 

  • Engage customers deeply with immersive experiences
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Stay competitive with future-ready technology
  • Drive increased conversions and sales
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Faster Efficiency Achievement


Lower Operating Costs


Improved Safety


Enhanced Predictive Analytics

Top 10 Industries
Transformed By Virtual Reality


Auto engineers leverage VR for immersive prototyping, testing, safety, and assembling. This leads to faster innovation, reduced development costs, and improved efficiency in the automotive sector.
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VR has improved geological exploration, safety training, and remote operation of machinery. Miners, by using VR, can simulate hazardous conditions and improve preparedness. It also facilitates real-time collaborations with global mining experts.
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Real Estate

Potential buyers can take virtual tours & 360-degree views for property and neighborhood exploration. This saves time both for buyers & sellers. Customers can also visualize properties with different furnishings & finishes, aiding in decision-making.
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Real Estate


VR is increasingly used for pain management, performing complex neurological surgeries (and others too), physical rehabilitations, and as a tool for stress reduction. VR has enhanced medical training, enables remote consultations.
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VR allows businesses to build virtual shops to provide customers with pre-purchase immersive experiences. By virtually experiencing the products and services, customers can make better decisions.
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VR enables travelers to virtually explore destinations,which improves trip planning. Through virtual tours, VR brings far-off destinations to travelers, transforming the way they experience travel.
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From gaming to films to live events, customers can enjoy their favorite activities virtually. It has introduced immersive cinematic experiences, which allows viewers to feel like they are part of the action.
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Events & Conferencing

VR offers immersive environments for remote participation, promoting global accessibility and reducing logistical limitations. Attendees can experience real-like interactions, dynamic presentations, and virtual networking.
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Events And Conferencing


Manufacturing companies are embracing immersive environments for prototyping and designing. This reduces development time and costs. Virtual modern benefit maintenance tasks, helping in predictive maintenance. VR also improves training processes.
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Retailers, by employing VR for virtual shopping spaces, allow customers to explore products before purchasing. With immersive fitting rooms, interactive product displays and personalized shopping, customers’ shopping experiences have greatly improved.
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Virtual Reality Development

VR technology is nothing but using computer-generated (virtual) environments to imitate real-world experiences. Users can immerse themselves in a 3D space using sensor-based tools like headsets and controllers, where they can interact with environments and objects in an unimaginable way. VR technology is increasingly integrated into various business operations. It allows them to elevate customer engagement, reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and provide innovative solutions for operations and communication.  


Over 171 million users are using Virtual Reality (VR) actively. Moreover, 9 in 10 customers in the US and UK know about VR. These numbers are just going to increase in the coming years. So, if your business hasn’t yet embraced VR technology yet, now is the time!  

Step into the world of virtual reality with iTechnolabs and create real-world 3D environments for your users leveraging virtual simulations. With our VR app development services, we unfold a wide range of possibilities for industries to optimize operations and improve safety with outstanding features.

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Enhance the visual experiences for your users with our expert VR App Development Services

The key to achieving business growth and success is to welcome and adopt all that is new as innovation becomes the centerpiece for selling. As an established VR development company, we help industries and businesses harness the power of VR to captivate customers and amplify revenue. We can help you with VR for virtual shopping, VR game development, VR app consultation, support, and maintenance services. By leveraging the latest tech stack and tools, we make navigating to the 3D world interesting and easy for customers.

Augmented Reality Development

Augmented Reality (AR) is the ‘link’ between the real and the virtual world. This evolving technology enhances user experience by overlaying digital information, such as graphics, animations, or texts, onto the users’ view through devices like AR glasses or smartphones. It combines computer-generated content with the physical world, offering an interactive and immersive experience. AR has been adopted by almost every industry, especially gaming and education. This technology offers users a seamless mix of real and virtual elements for improved perception and interaction in their surroundings.


Begin your journey of infinite possibilities with AR development and redefine user engagement. With our AR development, you can leverage your apps to their utmost potential by enriching them with our innovative AR features.

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VR, AR, MR Solution

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VR- Virtual Reality

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AR-Augmented Reality

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MR-Mixed Reality

9 Industries Transformed By VR

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Entertainment & Media

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Banking & Finance

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Real Estate

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Advantages Of AR And VR Apps


Improving Production Processes Quality


Reducing Production And Service Costs


Improve Industrial Safety Standards


Optimizing The Product Assembly Process

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Accelerate Customer Engagement With Our Intuitive AR / VR Development Solutions

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VR App Development

Empower your users to break free from repetitive and tedious processes with our VR app development services. These allow users to immerse in an interactive environment that excels in hyper-functional features and offer trending solutions. 

AR App Development

Our skilled team can use facial recognition, augment images with contextual information, gestures, and add graphic elements derived from sensory information to build exceptional AR features and apps.

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Immersive Analytics & Data Visualization

We can transform complex data into interactive and visually enriched and intuitive insights, using scalable ideas and faster data flow to transform your concepts to life in the modern world.

Sensor Based AR & VR App Development

Harness real-time analytics for your business and make data accumulation and virtualization simple with our sensor based AR VR app development services.

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VR For Sales & Marketing

Using virtual reality, businesses can create virtual shops, showrooms and product demonstrations, enabling customers to experience them before buying. This immersive experience fosters trust and strong connections between customers and brands. This in turn helps businesses drive more customers and increase sales.

VR For Training

VR lately has emerged as a powerful tool benefitting both learners and educators. By transporting trainers to immersive hyper-realistic virtual environments, VR enables them to learn in a whole new way. It sparks curiosity and enhances focus in trainers while increasing engagement, productivity, and retention.  

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Our Development Process

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Application Design

We begin with planning and documenting the environment, characters, art, sound, story, interaction, UI, accessibility. controls, and analytics. 

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Based on the application designs, our specialists create a blockout prototype of the app, emphasizing interaction and functionality. 

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Graphics Design

With a dedicated focus on visualizations, our team will work on the 3D models, VR optimization, colors, and gadget materials. 

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At this stage, the graphical product is upgraded to a fully functional project using various technologies.

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We make sure the end product is well-functional, which is ensured by continuous testing for detecting and fixing of bugs, UX loopholes and verification.

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Finally, we deliver the end-product which is seamless and error-free. Setting up the device, application installation and management is also done during this stage. 

Our Tech Stack

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Adobe Creative Cloud

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Web VR

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Unreal Engine

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Why Choose Us As Your VR Development Company?

Our customized, highly responsive, and scalable AR VR services have the potential to advance your business to the next-level. From complete app development to virtual environment design, we offer 360 degree VR services. Our experts specialize in crafting future-ready VR applications with robust AI features to offer unmatched 3D world experiences to your users.  

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Answers to Your FAQs About VR App Development Services

A simple AR or VR app can take almost 3 to 6 months, which include the technical programming and complete development. To develop more advanced applications with ML and AI integrations, it can take 6 months or more depending on the complexity of features.

The cost of developing AR VR apps depends on several variables, such as complexity, tech stack, location, expertise, size, etc. However, the most simplest of an AR VR app may cost you between $10,000 and $50,000 and around $50K to $200K for a medium-sized one. But if you want to develop a feature-rich AR VR app with high complexity, it can cost you from $250K to $800K. 

To get a Free quote for your custom AR VR app, get in touch with us.

To choose a full-stack AR/VR development company, start by researching and picking out potential companies. Review their websites, check for client testimonials and ratings, and assess their expertise through their portfolio. Request proposals and quotes, considering your budget. Share your project requirements clearly and discuss timelines. Finalize the contract before making a decision.  

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Embracing VR into your business can be significant in many ways, including:

  • Enhancing customer engagement,
  • Providing advanced features for user convenience, like virtual tours,
  • Training employees, and educating customers, and partners on your products and services.
  • Showcasing products and services to customers in an interactive and engaging way. 
  • Increased conversion and sales. 

AR is a view of the real world with an overlay of digital elements. The best example of AR apps is Snapchat and Pokemon Go. Whereas, VR is a completely immersive experience. You can experience the VR world by using VR gadgets like VR glasses.  

 To understand how AR and VR differ from each other, read our detailed blog: https://itechnolabs.ca/ar-vs-vr-difference-between-augmented-vs-virtual-reality/

AR/VR App Development Insights

We educate & express

A mobile app development company can greatly enhance the user experience of websites like sweetwatermedicalcenter.com by creating a dedicated app that streamlines access to important information and services. By partnering with a reputable mobile app development company, sweetwatermedicalcenter.com can offer its patients an intuitive and user-friendly interface for booking appointments, accessing medical records, and communicating with healthcare professionals. Developing a mobile app for sweetwatermedicalcenter.com would allow the medical center to send targeted notifications and updates to its patients, keeping them informed about upcoming events, health tips, and other relevant news. A mobile app development company can help sweetwatermedicalcenter.com maintain a competitive edge in the healthcare industry by integrating innovative features and technologies, such as telemedicine and AI-driven chatbots, to provide a more comprehensive and accessible patient experience.

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