Tips For Non-Tech Founders To Hire Developers For a Start-Up

tips for non tech founders to hire developers for a start up itechnolabs

What are the essentials for a start-up to succeed? 

Do you know how to develop robust mobile applications that reflect your brand’s voice? 

Or is it about technical expertise that will allow you to dominate the technology ecosystem? 

Most of the time non-tech entrepreneurs wrestle with these issues. These questions are posed even in the present, a certain segment of society does not believe that non-tech entrepreneurs could create a similarly impressive technology product, if not greater than their technical-backed counterparts.

CEOs and founders who aren’t tech-savvy have shaped the technology world in the present, even without a technological background. Whatever their academic background or prior experience in the field of technology they pave the way to success by spending a lot of time learning how to improve their skills and upskilling and finding the best talent.

Let’s say for example: Beginning a long and successful journey since its start as a hospitality company, Airbnb is run and developed by non-tech-savvy founders. Three co-founders and none had any background in computer science. Brian Chesky, a great visionary who realized his goals and was named to the top of the list of 100 most influential individuals by Time magazine, used to play hockey and bodybuilder before launching Airbnb together with Co-Founders Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharczyk.

There are numerous instances in which non-tech-savvy founders have created amazing products and were at the forefront of technological innovation. In the past, such as Pandora, Alibaba, StyleSeat, and TeeSpring in addition to Tinder, Vayable, and others, non-tech-savvy founders have been able to even surpass the inventive heights reached by entrepreneurs with backgrounds in technology.

In addition to the insight and knowledge of the founders, it was a factor that was essential to the success of these remarkable organizations. That is the kind of talent needed for understanding, creating, and executing the ideas of these very successful entrepreneurs.

However, hiring developers for startups is a lot easier task to do than said. This article by iTechnolabs will help you learn how to find developers for your startup. We will discuss how you can find developers who are the perfect fit for your company and will assist you in navigating the entrepreneurial landscape.

The challenges in finding the best talent to run your business

Although it’s nearly impossible to overcome all obstacles, entrepreneurs can lessen the burden by employing the best talent or outsourcing services to help their start-ups. The key is to build a solid team from scratch which can take your concept and transform it into a functional business.

The biggest challenge when finding the best talent for your business is finding the most suitable candidate within the shortest amount of time. Startups with no tech founders must recruit developers that will be a good fit because they can help manage business processes and ensure that the actions are in line with the goals of the business. Additionally, entrepreneurs must locate app developers for their startups who can serve as the ideal team behind the project. They assist you in understanding the technology workflows and offer ways to collaborate efficiently.

This blog aims to provide tips for hiring developers for new ventures or joining an agency, and the many factors that impact the hiring process. iTechnolabs will also provide the steps to find and attract the most qualified developers, and how to reduce the obstacles for a novice business owner who is launching into the world.

Before getting into the details of hiring developers for startups or hiring a suitable development agency for a new startup we need to know what is better for your company, hiring a developer, or joining an agency.

What’s better for a founder who is not tech-savvy? 

To employ in-house, or take on an agency?

While having in-house developers is preferred over other options, however, for a non-tech entrepreneur, this could become a major obstacle due to the absence of technical know-how.

The challenges faced when hiring developers in-house:

  • High cost
  • Experience and skills are not sufficient.
  • Limited scalability
  • Insufficient ability to manage massive or complex projects.

The Drawbacks to employ in-house developers

the drawbacks to employ in house developers itechnolabs

1. Very expensive

The hiring of in-house developers for an early-stage startup cost a lot, literally. The cost for the company is only one of the items that you’ll need to spend money on. Installation, infrastructure office space, office equipment, and software are the top of the line in the cost of overheads associated with hiring an in-house developer.

2. Skills and experience are limited and not a lot 

Unless you employ numerous app developers at a startup to increase your cost, the in-house designer will probably have a specialization in one of two languages. This could, in turn, restrict your product’s potential depending on the developer’s skill set.

In contrast, an outsourcing firm can provide you with an experienced web developer for your startup, in addition to project managers, graphic designers, quality analysts, project managers, and other specialists that will assist in the development of your app project and increase the effectiveness and capacity for the project. In addition, they offer a range of developers operating in various areas.

3. Limited scalability

With a small number of in-house developers, you are unable to work on multiple projects at once which can slow down the development process even in shorter sprints.

Capacity to handle massive projects or complications 

In-house developers are not equipped with the appropriate mindset or exposure to overseeing large-scale projects as compared with those working for an agency that is specialized in development.

These problems can be eliminated by bringing on an agency for software development to meet your requirements. To learn more about the reason why a non-technical founder is advised to consider outsourcing their requirements, check out our blog post on the benefits of hiring a mobile application development firm.

But, if you think that hiring an in-house developer is a better option rather than outsourcing a mobile app development firm, here’s the best way to employ in-house developers for a start-up.

You should look for someone who has an extensive skillset that can comprehend the primary code base of your application and a thorough understanding of the ways that specific technologies work with your product. Take into account their perspective on development as they conduct the interviews.

Also, you need to decide if they are specialized in back-end or front-end development, or both. Additionally, you must be competent in assessing the strengths as well as weaknesses for explaining your business plan to proceed along the same path for solid product development.

However, as we’ve mentioned previously outsourcing your development needs can be economical and profitable for your business. Here’s a detailed guide to help you choose the right development company.

Easy guide to choosing the most suitable agency for your needs

easy guide to choosing the most suitable agency for your needs itechnolabs

If you’re looking to locate an agency for software development to outsource your developers for your company, look over a few crucial factors that can help you identify the experience and expertise of the firm.

1. Robust Portfolio

To figure out if the agency is the right one for your venture, check out their portfolio of projects they’ve worked on as well as the clients they’ve worked with. If you’re looking to employ the most proficient full-stack developer available for your startup, looking through their portfolio can help you identify their key skills. Also, studying the results of a product developed by an agency offering special software development services specifically for startups can help you assess their abilities in general.

2. Domain Expertise

Some agencies are specialized in cutting-edge techniques and technologies (such as iTechnolabs). Thus, determine the specific area where the agency has the expertise and is known for. When you have an understanding of the area of focus for the company, it’s possible to choose the one that best fits the type of product you’re looking to create.

Skills to assess the skills that mobile apps developers have in startups:

  • Find out if they hold an undisputed grip on their programming languages. Here’s an overview of the most popular programming languages that you must be aware of.
  • Examine their database knowledge to determine to see if they can handle an update to the system.
  • Find out if they have solid foundations in data structures as well as other algorithms.
  • Check if they can use different tools and technologies to test and debug the project before you decide to deploy the project

3. Success Stories

The testimonials of clients that the agency you’ve selected has worked with are crucial in identifying the company. For finding software developers who can work with startups, You must determine what kind of work the company provides and this is further substantiated by the assistance of customer success stories. These testimonials can provide an abundance of details about the essential elements of developing software, for example, respecting timelines, budgets, and deadlines.

4. Customization

Another factor to think about when you are looking to hire developers for your start-up is to see whether they can provide an item that meets the specific requirements of your business. It is simple to select software off the shelf however, finding an agency that can create an individual strategy according to your company’s needs is a challenge. A dedicated agency for app development such as iTechnolabs has experts who can meet your needs and requirements as well as provide customized products while also paving ways for your app to be able to quickly gain traction in the marketplace.

5. Assistance with ideas and after-launch maintenance

If you are looking to recruit developers for startups that are ideal for the job, make sure that the outsourcing company offers support throughout the development process. They should be able to collaborate during the initial phase of ideation to provide post-deployment support for the software. The team needs to provide continuous updates to the development process and incorporate modern technology in line with ever-changing market requirements. This is essential for your product’s success overall.

6. Sprint Breakdown

The agency you’ve chosen should be able to divide the different tasks of developing into a sequence of sprints. This will allow you to determine whether this offshore group is responsible, and can deliver the sprint on time.

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