Startup Ideas for On-demand App Development

startup ideas for on demand app development in 2022

It is no secret how the IT industry is booming in today’s era with businesses of all sizes coming up with a multitude of mobile and web app ideas. But the real gold lies in zeroing on some of the most profitable and innovative domains.

On-demand apps seem to be the current trend in the market where an app can connect a customer to various kinds of service providers and vice-versa. A user can order any type of service which the app strives to deliver within minutes, for instance booking a ride with Uber. The main reason behind the growing success of On-demand App Development lies in the fact that these apps cater to a wide range of industries, directly or indirectly. Due to this, more and more people and businesses are willing to contribute their knowledge, skills, and resources to on-demand apps.

On-Demand Apps Statistics

on-demand apps statistics itechnolabs

Who would not want their daily use products and services available with just a few clicks on their smartphones from the comfort of their homes? On-demand apps have tapped into this idea of offering an extremely convenient way of fulfilling almost all human needs.

  • A Harvard business review has revealed that the on-demand economy attracts over 22.4 million consumers yearly.
  • Consumers of On-demand apps spend close to 57.6 billion USD annually.
  • The latest report by PwC (Price Waterhouse Cooper) says that the market of on-demand websites and apps will reach around 335 billion USD by the year 2025.

Why is On-demand App Development the Buzzword?

why is on-demand app development the buzzword itechnolabs

With a shift in consumers’ behavior towards instant satisfaction, on-demand apps have proved to be the buzzword in the market. More than 80% of companies are investing in On-demand App Development for their business. On-demand apps have been massively recognized and adopted by consumers owing to their affordable, convenient, and comfortable offerings. Let us look at some of the winning features of an on-demand app:

  • On-demand apps are the quickest solutions to users’ daily needs and they reach customers faster because of their efficiency.
  • They are the link between consumers and different kinds of businesses. On-demand apps cover many industrial sectors and provide users with multiple services and products that users wish to purchase. The services range from laundry to grocery, food deliveries, personal health, car rentals, and many more.
  • Secure and Scalable – On-demand apps are more scalable compared to other apps and businesses can ensure security and confidentiality of your data with on-demand apps.
  • Tracking facility – For consumers, a highly useful and convenient feature is to track their order which on-demand apps provide from the service provider’s side.
  • Cashless payment – Customers can make payments the way they wish to with many payment options available in on-demand apps.
  • Rate and review – Customers can rate the service provider either at the time they order something or once the order is completed. This allows businesses to build a reputation in the market with ratings and reviews by their customers. It helps in growing a company’s customer base.

The On-Demand Business Model

the on-demand business model itechnolabs

As the name suggests an on-demand app is the way services are delivered to the end-users. The business model of an on-demand market offers a unique proposition where spontaneity and convenience are the key differentiators. The business model of on-demand apps with respect to various business components can be described as outlined below:

  • Identify a pain area (in short demand) – Any business model is based on identifying a pain point of consumers and developing an efficient solution around that demand. Your chances of success and survival in your business depend on how uniquely your idea addresses the problem.
  • The decision between scheduled or instant service – You must determine whether your services are meant to be furnished instantly or can be scheduled. For example, users of a food delivery system would expect an instant service with a short wait time. On the other hand, a scheduled service could be provided for booking a flight ticket or hospitality services at a future point in time. Startups that choose instant services for their On-demand App Development must be braced with competent supply and capacity to cater to the growing demand.
  • Finding a reliable source of staff supply – A dependable source of staff and other supplies is one of the key factors in meeting the growing demand. Forming a steady staff would help startups immensely when they choose an On-demand App Development. One should have a mix of contractors as well as freelancers where contracted workers provide reliability and freelancers are more cost-effective. For startups, a more stable option would be to start with contractual workers on a small scale. As the startups grow they can incrementally add freelancers to scale to their business growth.
  • Focus on strengthening the core – The primary aspect of a strong core and stable business is technology. So spend some time deciding whether a mobile solution or a website (or both) is better suited to provide a channel for linking with your customers.

On-Demand Apps and Startups

on-demand apps and startups itechnolabs

Most businesses are moving to the On-Demand apps space so that they can cover a large portion of the market. A startup company in this era could find it challenging to stay at the top of the market and make its mark in such heavy competition. We have collated some of the most dynamic and powerful On-demand App Development ideas for startups that will help them move to the top of the market in 2022:

  • All-in-one apps – We are living in a fast-paced lifestyle where we do not find time to go out and purchase our daily needs or other stuff. So an on-demand app that can present all necessary things to mobile users (for instance, Amazon is a highly successful app that has grocery, fashion, electronics, jewelry, makeup, and many other products available in a single app) can be a huge success. With their advantageous features, an all-in-one app will provide high value to its users. The app should be like an online version of stores people visit where they can find all things that they need. The all-in-one apps prove to be extremely cost-effective and useful to both businesses and consumers.
  • Food order and delivery apps  – Apps that take order and delivery of food on time have seen tremendous success, especially in the corona times. The app should offer a variety of food from various restaurants and food joints. The user can easily browse for their favorite dishes or restaurant and order via this on-demand mobile app. The food delivery app has endless possibilities and long-lasting opportunities. This app is beneficial for all involved parties i.e.; the food business, the on-demand food delivery app service, and the end-user.
  • On-Demand Taxi Booking Services – Uber has shown how successful an on-demand taxi service can be. The traditional taxi business has gone off track by the convenience and safety provided by on-demand apps for taxi booking. If you want a sure-shot success in business then you must indulge your hard-earned money in On-demand App Development for taxi booking services.
  • Resume Updater – The market is inundated with tools and apps for editing but an elegant resume updater can be one of the top ideas for startups to invest in. Many times we all need to update our resume and send it to HR but a PC is not available to us. A feature-rich resume editor app can come in handy in such situations. The idea of On-demand App Development of a resume updater has not been taken up by many developers hence you can make this your niche. This untapped market is a perfect place to start for startups.
  • On-demand apps for local events – Many of us who go to a new place are looking for an easy way to figure out events happening in and around that area. An on-demand app that provides them a list of local pubs, events, and other open local festivals and events can be extremely useful to the users. For this, you would first need to build a database of all the local clubs, pubs, etc. in the area. In the next step, you could connect with them and request them to send you updates about which local artists or bands perform at their place each night. As a result of this, the customers’ inflow in these pubs would increase in a whopping way. Later you can start charging them for this service.
  • Healthcare app for tracking and setting reminders for medicines – A startup would find that On-demand App Development of medical reminder apps is a lucrative and untapped market. The app would take the medical information of the customer along with medications that they are currently on. It would then track their pill intake times and send reminders as push notifications or an alarm tone whenever it is the time to take the medicines. This app is especially useful for people who are taking a lot of medicines all through the day and get confused as to how much of each medicine or how many times those medicines are to be taken.
  • App for custom decoration – Celebrating small victories is a growing trend where people want to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and any other important event in their lives. The on-demand custom decoration app would provide the user the facility to ask for and order customization and personalization to the decor. The app would be something similar to event management where everything is managed by a third party, from the guest list to food to decor, cake, and anything that the customer wants. An app like this will get a lot of buzz and attention from social media platforms and you would be able to form impressive social media networks with an on-demand app for custom decoration.
  • On-demand apps for healthcare services – One of the largest industries in history is the healthcare industry. One sees frequent transformations and updates in the healthcare sector. But this industry also faces lots of challenges in terms of reaching needy people. If you do On-demand App Development for healthcare services, you would surely hit a jackpot. The app would respond to someone who is sick and needs immediate care by fixing consultations quickly, have the doctor visit at home, or have a video chat with the doctor for consultation.
  • On-demand or Freelance jobs – Around 50% of the workforce in the US has already moved to freelance. This goes to show that the future is bright for freelancers and on-demand jobs will see a demand increase. With on-demand job portals, the right employers and right job seekers can be connected easily, which will also shift the conventional workforce scenario. Since more and more short-term projects are coming up, employers now prefer to hire contractors than full-time developers as it cuts down their costs majorly. So as a start-up you can surely embark on On-demand App Development for freelance jobs and secure a place in this market.
  • On-demand app for a car wash – Car owners have a hard time keeping track of when their car was washed last and their cleaning routines. Some vehicles like automobiles require a thorough wash every week or two. Washing a car or taking a car to a car wash is quite a hassle for most car owners. So if you create an on-demand app for a car wash that enables its users to book car wash sessions right from their smartphone then you have a winning app in hand. If you keep the features of your car wash app up-to-date then you are guaranteed to have a big hit with your on-demand app.
  • Projects management app with contractors contacts – If you have any idea about the construction or electrical industry then you would know that these industries need a number of contractors to complete a job. So an on-demand app to manage contractors list is also a novel and potentially successful idea for startups. It is tough to manage all these contact and project details for the businesses and the on-demand app can act as their go-to CRM app for bridging relationships and managing projects between different companies, their clients, and the contractors who are working on different projects.

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Some of the Essential Features Needed in an On-demand App

essential features needed in an on-demand app itechnolabs

Now that you have gained an idea about what kind of On-demand App Development you should venture towards, there are a few salient features of an on-demand app that all companies must provide for a successful app.

  • Search and filter – Consumers would search for their favorite services and products on your on-demand app. To provide this facility to your customers you must have precise and refined search and filter options.
  • Push notifications – The opening rate of push notifications (above 90%) from an app is more than that of emails. Push notifications are a great way to engage with your customers, let them know about new product launches, deals, discounts, and other important announcements. 
  • Order Tracking – Order tracking is undoubtedly one of the most inevitable features of any on-demand app. It is one of the primary reasons why consumers prefer on-demand apps as it provides complete transparency. Using the geolocation features and power of the internet, users can know where the order is in terms of its progress and location in real-time.
  • In-app chatting – Human intervention is a much-needed feature for a personal touch in an on-demand app since it involves many stakeholders and everything is happening over the cloud.  With in-app chatting, you could provide solutions to queries and complaints of your customers.
  • Easy user registration –  We all know how tiring it is to register on diverse platforms and to remember all the associated passwords. So it is necessary that your app has a social sign-in feature so that users can get registered to your services with their social media accounts or email ids.

We mentioned most of the important features, but might be some of them skipped, you can read this article for more awareness On-Demand Laundry App Development with Features And Benefits

Do You have any Idea for On-Demand Service App Development?

any idea for on-demand service app development itechnolabs

Final Words

Startups can make a lot of money if they invest in the right kind of On-demand App Development. The past decade has seen a giant growth of the smartphone market which has spiked on-demand app’s value as well. But, we must understand that not all ideas are profitable and can give you a sustainable business. In this article, we have brought to you varied ideas for On-demand App Development which are practical and fruitful if executed with precision.

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