Top 10 Tips to Find Android App Development Company in Dubai [Updated]

top 10 tips to find android app development company in dubai itechnolabs

The increasing trend in digitalization has moved past the era of computers or desktops resulting in increased use of mobile devices and smartphones. Which ultimately rose the demand for android mobile applications drastically in recent years. According to statistics, mobile apps are expected to generate more revenue than $935 billion by 2023.

It can be difficult to find a trustworthy mobile app development company in Dubai, with so many options available. We will help you to simplify the hiring process so you can get the right answer. How do you choose the best android app development company in Dubai for your project?

10 Tips to Find an Android App Development Company in Dubai

10 tips to find an android app development company in dubai itechnolabs1. Complete understanding of your App requirements 

The initial step in curating your dream app is to comprehend your necessities for the app. It is essential that you have a clear understanding of your app requirements as a business owner. Before you contact any mobile application development company in Dubai to discuss your business goals, it is important to have a clear understanding of what type of app you are looking for and what features you would like to add. It will all depend on what service or product you offer. Make sure you have a clear vision of the app first.

2. A glimpse of the Company’s Portfolio

Although there are many mobile app developers in Dubai, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. You can always look at the portfolio of the company first. A company’s portfolio is a good indicator of its technical expertise and is usually available on its website.

If they don’t have their portfolio on their website, you can request to see it. You can see their portfolio to learn more about their work capabilities and what they can do to make your project unique. You will also find out whether the mobile app developers have the right expertise to help you develop your app. You can do basic research on the company’s past projects. Further research can be done to determine if the company has the experience necessary to build your application.

3. Strength of the Organization

The strength of the people working in the organization is also one of the major factors to check before shortlisting an android app development company in Dubai. A well-respected giant company will have enough developers to help you with your project. If it’s a small company, there will be fewer developers and a greater workload. This could lead to delays in completing the project on the time promised and can also affect the quality of the app.

looking for android app development company itechnolabs

4. Examine the Online Reviews

It is a general habit of checking the online reviews of any product before buying. Then why not check the online reviews of the developers and the company you are going to hire from?

Today, the internet has made it quite easy to check the reviews and reliability of any product or service. Therefore, before choosing the right Android App Development Company in Dubai for your business, give a thorough review check of their services, their dealing method with their clients, their delivery criteria, technologies used, and most importantly their competency and efficiency. 

5. Efficiency as per Technical Knowledge

Latest and advanced technologies are bombarding our digital tech world every day. And with every new technology, the efficiency of curating your mobile app increases 10 times more. When you hire Android App Developers in Dubai you need to make sure they are knowledgeable about the latest technologies and have relevant experience in them.

If you require any additional training for your mobile app, please check our website. To create a mobile app that is attractive and effective, your business must have the technical skills to do so. It is not essential for management to have technical knowledge, but it is a plus. This will make risk management easier, and sales would go smoothly if they set realistic expectations. 

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6. Tech Support and Maintenance 

Tech Support and Maintenance is a crucial must-have for any Web App Development Company. The app may encounter some problems when it goes live on Google Play and the App store. This is something that the developer must address. The app might need to be relaunched if user feedback is received. After app design and development, technical support and maintenance play an important role. 

7. Communication Skills

The key to success in android app development is communication. To avoid unnecessary problems down the road, it is important to check the communication skills of any developer before you hire them.

Remember that a great android app development company will keep you informed at every stage of development and not hide any information. If they are friendly enough to you, you will not hesitate to tell them what you need in your app.

8. In-house potential of the Company 

Small-sized businesses may not have the resources to develop apps in-house. They rely on outsourcing for small parts of the work.

This type of case requires that you find a company that will communicate well with your existing team to make things clear. You must also ensure that everything is open and transparent. This will make it easier to communicate with external teams when necessary.

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9. Accessible Pricing and Timely delivery

To get a quote, send your queries to several companies before you decide on a mobile app development company. Before you choose the most affordable company that delivers your app within the timeframe required, compare the prices of different firms.

There are many mobile apps on the market, so you want your app to be launched as soon as possible. The competition in today’s market is fierce. Every business should have its app on Google Play Store or other App Stores. The Play Store has nearly 2.87 million mobile applications. 

It is important to find a company that will deliver your app on time. Before you hire any mobile app developers, ensure that they are offering their services at an affordable price. It is important to choose a company that balances app requirements with budget restrictions.

10. App Security

The downsides of modern technology are constantly being exposed in today’s world. Every day, hackers and cyber attackers is increasing. To avoid data theft and other security breaches, mobile apps must be protected using the most recent technologies.

You should hire a mobile app developer in Dubai to ensure your business is protected from hackers. You can also ask them if they can create a secure app that will benefit your company.

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Are You Looking for an Android App Development Company in Dubai?

are you looking for an android app development company in dubai itechnolabs

These are the main points to consider when you’re looking for the right mobile app development company in Dubai. A good app development agency will know exactly what you need to create an app that is unique and won’t compromise on quality. Don’t rush to find the best app development company for you. 

If you still have difficulty finding the right Android app development companies in Dubai, contact iTechnolabs for we are the leading android app development company in Dubai that delivers quality apps and software solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions For Android App Development Company in Dubai

  1. How to find an android developer near me in Dubai?

If you want to find an android app developer in Dubai, follow the steps given below –

  • Before you start, know your app really well, including its business vision and technological needs
  • Sift through the diverse freelance marketspaces, listing sites, and IT directories
  • Eliminate the names from the list that don’t have sufficient years of experience in the app development domain
  • Scrutinise the portfolio of the android app development companies and make sure that the developer has experience in concerned business area
  • Read the testimonies of the clients and contact them, if possible, for more insightful judgement
  • Test the app developers for language proficiency and conduct a panel interview to ascertain their personality
  • Make sure that the development approach of the app developer in in alignment with your android mobile app
  • Know whether the communication channel is free and two way between you and your app development team
  • Sign the deal and take extensive care that the app development company follows legalities to ensure the confidentiality of your app codebase


2. What are the various app development services offered by an android app development agency?

An android app development company in Dubai offers a variety of services in the domain of mobile app development. We have listed the below –

  • Professional consultancy services to kick start the android app development
  • Creation of structured app development roadmap for your android app
  • Proficient development of an android app prototype 
  • Development of seamless, simple, and sophisticated UI/UX app design
  • Structured and agile coding and development of android application
  • Manual and automated testing sessions of android application
  • Systematic and successful deployment of android mobile app
  • Regular maintenance and update of the android application
  • Methodical migration of android app to iOS application


3. What factors influence the cost of iOS and android app design in UAE?

Design of a mobile app, iOS or Android, is its essence. Therefore, it is essential to have an insightful front end design for the mobile application. 

The factors that influence the overall cost of iOS and Android app design in UAE have been stated below –

  • Blend of diverse colours
  • App branding strategy
  • Perfect placement of visual elements
  • Text font size, style, and colour
  • Mode of presentation
  • Animation and illustration


4. Which companies offer the best android app development services?

There are endless number of android app development companies that offer the best android app development UAE –

  • iTechnolabs
  • App Maisters Inc.
  • TekRevol
  • Zazz
  • Liquid Technologies
  • Branex LLC
  • OpenXcell
  • Cubix
  • RipenApps

Research the experience and portfolio of the above-stated android app development companies and hire the one that meets requirements of your mobile app

5. What factors to keep in mind while hiring a company for blockchain android application development Dubai?

If you are planning to hire blockchain development company for  android app development Dubai, keep in mind the following factors –

  • Technical qualifications of the Android app developers
  • Number of years of experience of the android app developers
  • Android app development portfolio of the company
  • Technological infrastructure of the mobile application
  • Communication skills of the mobile app developers
  • Budgetary expectations of the development of your app
  • Timeline for the android app development process
  • Maintenance and update guarantee by the app developer
  • Adherence to legality by developer for app confidentiality
  • App designs developed by the mobile app developer
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