Mobile App Or Website? 10 Reasons Why Apps Are Better

mobile app or website 10 reasons why apps are better itechnolabs

Having a digital presence for a business is of utmost importance these days. It becomes a way to interact with customers, sell services, and products, gather customer feedback, and also gain recognition, and reputation as a brand. These can be a channel for transitioning from business to a brand! But, even in this tech-savvy world, having a digital presence that pronounces your business is not easy! 

It can take years, and years of strategies, execution, planning, and tracking to gain the right advantage from online platforms. Though there are a lot of challenges in the way of leveraging online presence, the foremost concern is to choose between a Mobile app or a website. Let’s dive in! 

Mobile App or Website 

Mobile App or Website; these are platforms through which businesses can sell their services, or interact with customers. On one hand, websites can be an online store for your services, while on the other hand, mobile apps can provide your products, or services on handy devices of customers. 

While both of these need the right strategy to leverage optimally, it is often said that mobile apps are better. Want to know why? We’ve got you covered! 

Major Reasons Why Mobile Apps are Better 

major reasons why mobile apps are better itechnolabs

01. Mobiles are the Go-To Gadgets 

No matter whom you ask; a youngster, or a person in their late 40s, a working professional, or someone who handles home chores all day long, mobile devices are their buddies! Be it while traveling, or waiting for your meal to be cooked, mobile devices gulp up most of one’s day time. Not only this, even the solutions customers want, or products they want to consider, mobile apps become their go to platforms to get their queries answered.   

That’s where mobile apps become a business’s choice to interact with customers. These can be made available on their handy devices, so users don’t need to log in to their systems, type their business’s name, and then hop on their website. Mobile Apps; just because these can be made available to everyone’s mobiles, solves half the problem. 

02. Users Spend More Time on Apps

“Around 49% of people open an app 11+ times each day!” 

Apps are, no doubt, the winning game. Because users are already spending more time on apps, businesses do not need to fight for traffic, or traction. They can invest time in optimizing user experience on apps, and making app browsing experience better for users. This can help them gain traction, and also get some loyal customers with time. 

So, if you are perplexed whether you should invest in mobile apps or websites, apps can be your safer option! Further, as these generally are delivered to customers via play store, or app stores, the reach to customers becomes easy, and convenient. 

03. Better Personalization 

Mobile Apps gather a lot of data from the user’s device, and browsing patterns. These are gadget model number, location, basic interests, shopping behavior, and a lot more. All this information helps you offer services, or products your customers would love, and prefer. 

And, when you recommend exactly what they are interested in, you can get more conversions. This aids your business to serve customers better, elevate sales, and gain desired reputation. On the other hand, it also keeps users in a zone where they can get products they like just at their fingertips. And, talking about website personalization, these are comparatively difficult to customize for every user. So, the answer to whether mobile apps or websites are ideal for delivering personalized experiences to your customers; the answer is now obvious! 

04. Sending Notifications Become Easier

If you leverage mobile apps for your business, notifications can be your ultimate winning bet. While websites don’t allow businesses to send regular notifications, customer retention becomes challenging. Due to which, many customers tend to forget the brand, or business. Apps can fill these gaps. 

In a study, it was found that almost 65% of users return to apps after 30 days, when the push notification is leveraged!”

Mobile apps allow you to get the most out of push notification features. Businesses can send new product notifications, sales alerts, order tracking, and everything on notification tabs. These also are of great advantage when you want to remind customers to buy again from you. These push notifications can also increase customer retention rates up to 3 or 4 times. 

05. Use Mobile Device Features

Mobile devices have a plethora of features that can be leveraged in an app. These can be audio, camera features, and other video recording like features. These can help take user experience on an app to another level. 

For instance, if your business sells products like clothes, or fashion accessories, you can leverage these features to help customers try on accessories virtually. Or, if you are a fintech app company, you can use these features to do mobile KYC, and to configure apps with two-factor authentication. All these can help you optimize user engagement on the platform as well.

06. Designing Freedom

Websites limit designing creativity. Mobile apps on the other hand, provide designers freedom to design, and  curate apps of varied interfaces. This can also be accounted for by the freedom of devices, operating systems, and screen ratios mobile apps would be functional for. 

Further, when one thinks of UI, and UX options for mobile apps or websites, mobile apps always propound some extra options. Therefore, we recommend you hire the best mobile app development company to get your mobile apps designed so that you deliver top-notch user interface, and experience. 

07. New Branding 

In this new mobile friendly world, mobile apps are new brands for businesses. It is said that if your business does not have a mobile app, you miss a chance to get more customers on board. On the other hand, customers also tend to prefer businesses with an app due to a plethora of reasons like ease of usage, rapid availability, and click-on features. 

This makes them more aware of your services, and products, let them explore your offerings anytime, anywhere, and also help them engage with your brand 24*7 ! And, it is well-reflected even by numbers that how much customers prefer buying from a mobile app if your brand has one. 

In a study, out of 57% of people who looked for products online, 51% made a purchase decision through a mobile app !”

This pronounces why you should invest in getting a mobile app for your business today! 

08. Faster, and Easily Scalable 

Sometimes, business scalability propounds strenuous challenges. Making platforms compatible for scalability, optimizing performance, and functionality of platforms becomes a major concern. But, mobile apps are comparatively easier to scale, and optimize. 

So, out of mobile apps or websites, mobile apps are comparatively convenient to scale. And, also these exert less functionality issues, and remain stable, and fast even when business scales, and adds on more products, and services. All you need  is a well-developed, and planned mobile app for your business. You can get this from the best mobile app development company!

09. Engagement 

“In a study, it is found among mobile apps, or websites that are mobile responsive, mobile apps have higher engagement rates. That too around 100-300% higher!” 

One of the reasons to get your business a mobile app is you can get high user engagement. As users already spend a lot of time on apps, you can maintain user engagement in less effort. All you need is to optimize user experience on your app. Manage interface, performance, and utility metrics of your app. This can also help  you gain loyal customers if you win over UI & UX

10. Get Quick Conversions

Mobile apps are way easier to get users to execute the actions you want. As everything can be accessed with an easily navigated panel, you can get user’s complete actions on the platforms. Be it filling up forms, paying payments, or submitting feedback, everything can be easily presented, and managed by users. 

Businesses are leveraging this ability of mobile apps to provide quick conversions. You can also! Plan a platform that not only interacts, but also engages with your customers, and get the conversions you always wanted for your business! 

Do You Want to Build a Mobile Application for Your Business?

do you want to build a mobile application for your business itechnolabs

We know selecting between mobile apps, or websites can be tricky, and daunting. As both platforms have their own merits, and demerits, you now know 10 reasons why you should choose a mobile app for your business. 

Hop on the best mobile app development company, and give your business a mobile app that can do wonders for your business. One that can engage, interact, and even convert your one-time buyers to loyal customers. Sell your services to your potential to regular customers with utmost ease. 

Decided to get your business  a mobile app? We, at iTechnolabs can help you. We have a team of experts to help you with mobile app development you have always wanted for your business. Contact us now!

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